Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Follow your gut


Many times in your lifetime had been hearing a voice of your gut telling you what to do so as you can overcome life challenges but didn’t listen to it as a result you started groaning of missing your chance.

I am always wondering the way our mind is active, it works all the time even when we are relaxing and don’t like to think of anything, your mind will inform you immediately as something wrong happens to you. For instance: remember the times when you had to lose something  and your gut alarmed you that what you want to do is not safe then you didn’t take care of such voice and you ultimately lost it.

Last week I went to get lunch in a hotel and after using my mobile phone I decided not to put it in my pocket instead putting it on a chair, as I was doing so my gut told me fast, “Erick dot put it here because you will forget it” and I didn’t care, I decided I will remember but at the end of the day I forgot it on that chair. I started complaining but my gut came to me again very fast and told me, “don’t complain Erick didn’t I tell you not to put on the chair because you will forget?” then I had to keep quiet and just learning from it.
Our gut is there all the time speaking to us in everything and every moment, it reminds and advice us whenever a positive thing is coming to our life, it strongly reminds us whenever dangerous attack comes to us if we dare to care what it tells us we always win.

Our gut always alarm us when we want to try something; for instance in examinations it can tell you, “be careful with this answer is not the right one”, if you are employing people in your business, company or organization it will tell you, “this person is not OK don’t employ him”, and vice versa is true, your gut will always tell you, “this deal you want to engage in is very suitable for you just go on” our gut speaks to us every moment, God made it to help us be secured protected from unwanted and unnecessary killers of our businesses. 

BUT for your gut to work positively and protect your life from killers will depend on your thinking pattern which lead you always. It depends on your attitude towards your life, if you have negative attitude then its health towards alarming you in a positive manner might be weak though it will manage to tell you, the problem will be that you will be so critical to accept it because you have negative attitude and thought, this is true for you who have positive attitude towards thinking about your life and businesses, the gut will have high energy to alarm you what you have to do to overcome any challenge and discover any good opportunity.
Gut is such a feeling you get in your mind about something in front of you, this feeling comes in a manner of voice telling you what is about to happen and what you are supposed to do. 

I am advising you to take care of your gut and follow it but only the positive gut is what you have to real take care of. Your positive gut will never tell you, “go and steal then people will like you” instead it will tell you, “remember stealing may make you harmed”, your gut depends on the kind of information which you have in your mind if most of them are negative then it will be very weak to tell you the right things to do and if you have positive information then it will be so health to tell you the right things to do. So is better you become positive in your thinking and attitude about your life so that you can benefit from your GUT VOICE.

Always become a positive thinker to make yourself a positive doer as a result benefiting from a positive gut voice in you.

By Erick Chrispin

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A rich Tanzanian Part 1

Takes an advantage of our cultural setbacks

This guy tells us how people from Tanzania the said least developed country and many other countries of this category in the world mostly African countries, can get rich and delete the history of poverty in their life and society level.

He himself won poverty in Tanzania where most of us believe that we are poor and poverty is becoming our culture which we believe we can’t run away from it. Even our government leaders, our president and almost all the ministers believe in poverty that’s why most of them are always flying to the said developed countries in Europe and America begging to be given some money to make their countries survive.  

A rich Tanzanian discovered the problem behind it and came out with a number of factors which real work as a root cause of us being poor in our personal life and society, then he took an advantage of those causes to make himself very rich and he keeps on taking advantage by discovering more factors and doing something different to win them and use them to get more rich.

In his research, a rich Tanzanian discovered CULTURAL SETBACKS and mostly our language ‘SAYINGS’ from which most Tanzanians use daily and believe in them makes us poor and more poor. Today he is introducing you these cultural sayings (setbacks) and how he takes an advantage of them to get rich.

1.      Our country is poor: this is most popular saying which most Tanzanians believes in it. The leaders believe in poverty, the students from kindergarten to university level are taught that our country is poor and least developed one, poverty is now our culture we believe in it, because it has a strong foundation to many of us since we got to know ourselves. Our parents use to tell us that we are poor because we are living in a poor country, the teachers, and leaders tell us the same thing, the pastors encourage us that we are in better position by being poor because reach people will never enter heaven we are strongly programmed in our life. The result of all these attitudes we are planted in our mind, is we are becoming comfortable with poverty while crying and lamenting having difficulties to survive.

A rich Tanzanian discovered that our leaders are taking an advantage of us believing in poverty to accumulate our money in a fraud manner and keep on telling us we are poor. Having discovered this big setback to most of us, a rich Tanzanian decided to believe the other way round, he decided to believe that being poor is not his right but being rich is his choice and a good life he want also he can make it if he want.

He said by himself, “as long as many Tanzanians do not believe that they can be rich then let me be rich and use little money they have to enrich myself. They are going to be my clients of a service I am going to offer them and goods I am going to sell them, this is my opportunity.” He discovered that he is a human being with all the abilities which rich people in the said developed countries have, he can think, he change and control his life, he can influence whatever he likes to happen the only thing he decided to do is to stop thinking like poor people instead spending all his time thinking like rich people.

Concentrating in this kind of thinking made him focused in finding richness, he became so committed as all his energy were used in finding richness, he started feeling motivated all the time to work hard and plan smart strategies to win what he wanted to be. As time went on he started forgetting the poverty concept and being rich thinking started to become his habit because as he was repeating all the time thinking in the same line then those thoughts started to build themselves in his mind replacing the old thoughts of poverty.

Most of his time a rich Tanzanian used to declare himself a rich person to his friends and relatives this made him committed to his business because he feared to disappoint people whom he had declared if he could fail. He always kept on attracting richness and forgetting poverty altitude he always told people, “let us change this culture of poverty which makes us rigid like stones, we are human being with an ability to think the other way round and change our life in whatever angle, poverty is not our right and richness & success in life is our good choice which we deserve. Our country is not poor but we are poor because we believe in poverty so you will ultimately be rich and successful if you will only apply the same formula by believing in richness and success”.

Let me end up here today but please don’t plan to miss the next factor and language SAYING which makes most Tanzanians poor and taken as an advantage by A RICH TANZANIAN to make him very rich.

“Confront your cultural setbacks to bring any positive change you want in your life”.

By: Erick Chrispin

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Friday, January 20, 2012

A secret behind generating your business idea


According to our global dramatic social change in which capitalism way of life is growing fast business is becoming an alternative to many people almost all over the world. Many people are thinking of establishing their own business apart from employment. The reason behind is first: Unemployment rate which is high and it is growing more every day, this leads to many people who graduate in colleges and universities miss jobs and second the salary of those who are employed is normally small and unsatisfactory comparing to life expenses which fluctuate every day. This is real becoming a challenge to many people.

Coming to an alternative of doing business then it remains a big challenge because people and may be you are among them, fail to know which kind of business they want to do, they are general in their wish, they just want to do business and missing a kind of business to do as a results find themselves doing the same business which is challenging other people as a result they get loss, get discouraged and then quit.

This is a very big challenge, business is becoming another new problem, it upsets people especially educated one, what they decide again is to go back to school for masters and PHDs and when they turn back to a job market it keeps looking the same as before “no employment” the end result of these people is getting frustrated and start searching for any job which can make them survive, this is real horrible.


The failure to generate business idea which is a trick  that makes many people fail in business and very few people who knows the secret behind it are those who wins and succeed in business.

I have been struggling to know this secret and discovered that people who have many different information in their mind have a big chance to find business opportunities from which they generate brilliant business ideas that means as much as you seek for different information around you determines the chance of you identifying many business opportunities from which you can create business idea.

If you meet any successful business person you must discover that he/she is very updated of what is going on around his nature of business and social structure, he must know many things. These kinds of people are engaging in a number of information events, they read a lot of news papers, attend seminars and meetings, listen to radios and watching important news in TV and may be internet they use to attend in most of public talks in town. What I mean here is that it depends on their context and the ability to access information available is used much by these kinds of people.

This behavior enables them to meet with much business opportunistic information. For instance after reading a number of Tanzania news papers Eric Shigongo the founder of Global Publishers Co. discovered that there is no any of them which is fully entertainment based news paper, almost all of them were political based news papers so he got an idea of starting entertainment kind of news paper which are now leading the market in Tanzania. Have you learnt something here? It is due to Eric’s access to information which made him come up with this business idea and think of changing it to business.

This is a secret behind: “increasing your level of access to information everyday”, keep on networking with different important people you will end up finding an opportunity.

This secret is working more to people who have a general wish and desire to start or do business.


For a person who knows many different things and is updated with what is going on in the society and may be the world then it is very easy for him/her to generate a very brilliant business idea by following the following steps.

1.      Defining a problem: always business idea comes from solving problems. The world is full of problems which brings business because they need to be solved to make it a better place for us to live. When you decide to solve any social problem you are serving people this means business is for serving people, it is your ability to make a good strategy which will enable you to sell your service (a service in terms of goods or intangible service) to people which makes your business.

So you need to sit down and see what are problems exist in the society and makes trouble to people living, some problems are very hidden then you have to think and discover them, but whatever service is coming whether it is a result of creativity or is a need of a society the truth remains that business is an alternative to problem available.

2.      Brainstorming: This is a very powerful way to identify problems and coming up with business ideas. Only a person who have a lot of information in his/her mind is able to brainstorm much good ideas, but during the brainstorm you just write down any business idea which is coming in your mind on spot, make a list regardless its length and poor or good quality it is worth for you. By doing so you will be amazed to see the big extent of business ideas you have around you from your subconscious, you will be amazed with a richness you have in terms of ideas.

3.      Pick out an idea which you love engaging in it: this is very important in doing business, only those who do what they love are succeeding because love to something which increases your commitment and passion to your business, so there is 100% sure that if you do what you love you must succeed as long as you a burning desire to get it. You will be ready to suffer and get pains for it to succeed. Never do a mistake to choose a business idea which you hate because it will end up frustrating you and you will give up. So do categorizations in your brainstorm list because some ideas will be correlating to each other so you just put them into one group and come up with a very powerful business idea.

4.      Make a strategy by answering a HOW question:  having a good idea is not enough you need to think of how you are going to execute it or how such an idea is going to work out. So you need to make a strategy, what you can start with is just answering a question HOW THIS BUSINESS IS GOING TO BE DONE as you try to answer this question you will be getting a lot of solutions to such a problem/idea, your thinking will be telling you a lot of solutions and way to past through, it will tell you who you should meet to support you, how you should start and so on. An important point you won’t have to miss is for you to write down whatever your gut accepts you to do because that is very right, remember it will be a result of your passion and your passion gives you energy and commitment to whatever you do.

5.      Start hanging out with VIPs of your business idea: remember reaching this stage, your business idea is running towards its reality in the real world, during your strategy planning above you will be getting a lot of setbacks and discouraging voice from within you and may be outside from your close friends and relatives whom you have shared with your idea, they will be planting fear of failure in you and not being careful you will quit. To overcome this you need to choose very important and successful people in such a line of business and hang out with them because they will always encourage you and motivate you to continue and move on in your idea, they will show you a right way to pass. Some of highly successful people might not easily be accessible to you, may be they are far in a foreign county but you can meet them through reading their books, downloading their speeches in Youtube etc. all these will motivate you a lot and you will find yourself moving on and on and automatically forgetting your previous discouraging friends together with your negative inner voices. 

6.      Look at each task as a challenge: the whole process of establishing your business goes together with discouraging challenges, sometime your business keep on failing and facing a lot of setbacks, what you have to do is to keep on being focused on it and stay at it without giving up because always when things are getting tough that means very few steps to win has remained is a matter of your persistence. To make it easy you have to look at each task you give yourself as a challenge because normally challenges have an alternative and solution but not problems. So is better you look at them in such perspective so that you can be struggling to find them a solution and by doing so you will be executing your business idea.

7.      Keep on dreaming all the time: the magic of your subconscious mind is that it always works even when you are not aware, when you are in a deep sleep your mind is working that is why you find yourself in dreaming, it never stop working for you. So even when you’re walking in day time your mind is still dreaming that is why some time as you walk it reminds you some past stories or telling you a very new information you never heard about it before. The goodness of our subconscious mind is that if you concentrate your thinking in something almost all the time, it will be telling you and attracting to you the same relating stories and information, so be focused in your new business idea and take care of each relating information you are provided by your subconscious mind, keep them because they are motivations and strategies to your winning. Keep on dreaming day and night and take an advantage of all your dreams to win your business idea.

8.     Go with your notebook: it is very easy to forget if you do not write down your potential rising thoughts, and if you won’t forget then it will be too general and difficult to configure and state it, so it is very important you walk out with your very small note book and a pen so that whenever you get an idea like day dreams you write it down in your notebook fast before it goes. At the end of the day you will expand your business idea executing strategy and make it more winning.

9.    Please change your routines: normally your routines influence your habit, if you always like staying at home with your family most of the time then it is not easy for you to get the right information you need for your business ideas, not only that but also your thinking level become similar always which is then a habit, it will be difficult for you to become creative in your business idea if your habit is not changing. therefore you need to many times change the environment and routines to make your habit flexible. You can change your working environment for a while, take a travel from one place to another in town and meet different people so that you can get new ideas and information, join some sport clubs you like etc. this will broaden your thinking ability in the line of your business idea and its execution.

All in all when you are doing this remember to have love and passion to your business and persistence with hard work will bring you lucky in your business and you must succeed. This is a secret behind generating business idea, please use it.

I wish you good luck as you are enjoying generating your business idea.

Erick Chrispin.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Discovering your personal vision by meditation


How do you define vision in your life? Are you living without having a vision in your life? It is very easy for you to get lost if you are just going somewhere you do not have an idea how it look like, it is more worse because you will 0% be sure to reach there and more bad enough you might die on your way because there is 100% sure of you passing a wrong way with killers. 

I want to relate it to your journey towards success in your life, you might have been struggling a lot to win your life or get the life you want but you are wondering why you are not succeeding, you have been trying a lot of different activities, businesses and projects but you never achieve the end result you wish to get. You always start and may be getting discouraged on the way by different kind of challenges and stop thinking and deciding to start another different kind of business which you are also not sure that you might end up achieving it
I want to pour you a might be great factor which works like a root cause to many people fail in their life and business. This is LACK OF VISION and those who have vision then it might not be CLEAR. It is necessary we have a clear vision of where we want to go and be in our life, as long as you are independent then you need to choose a better life you want to live as you are still in the world, the only and great ability God/nature gave you is an ability to imagine such kind of life before you achieve it, it doesn’t cost you anything to imagine you are living somewhere amazing where you are recently not there, nobody will charge you if you will imagine living like a celebrity (STAR) in the world, living president’s kind of life, living a rich people and royal family kind of life or living any ideal kind of life. This is very free is up to you to choose and use an opportunity.

Vision and imagination goes together you must imagine first and then when you do so you will be configuring your vision, where your positive imagination brings you is where you want to go that is the point of your destination and that will determine the whole road you are going to pass through and how you are going to walk so as to reach there, then you will surely be knowing where you are going, you won’t lost on your way, you must reach a destination if you real like and need to reach there, it is quite different from just going somewhere you do not know or you’re not clear of.

CAN YOU BUY FROM YOUR FUTURE NOW? Jim Rohn one among the greatest motivational speakers in the world emphasized this. You can just buy from your future to live it today what you do is just imagine where you want to be in future and plan the way you can reach and achieve it today. What do you want in your life? The fact is: it is there waiting for you to take it and use, just do a small exercise of creatively imagining and start following it with positive attitude until you reach and acquire it the way you want.

HOW CAN YOU VISUALIZE AND REALIZE YOUR PERSONAL VISION? As I said before it is by creative imagination. My aim today is to share with you how meditation can help you discover your great vision. May be myself story will inspire you and guide you well.

Last year I went to one of the Indian Ocean beach in Dar es salaam city Tanzania, stayed there for 24hours doing personal evaluation and year plan as I shared with you in the previous post on PERSONAL PLANNING, then in the late afternoon when very few people were around the beach I found a very cool and calm place where I could only hear the blowing of sea waves by wind and sat there, it was very relaxing moment in my life, at least I was away from my fellow human beings and enjoyed staying with nature, to make a story short I closed my eyes and started to imagine moving around the empty world above the sea, I was forcing being there until I found myself out of that beach mentally, I was no longer feeling like seating along the beach I was somewhere else, in the world I never experienced before. 

Then a lot of ideas and pictures were coming in my mind, I started meeting with lovely friends, my relatives and in shock I found myself wearing an executive suit in front of a big crowed of people listening to me in a stadium, they were soooo impressed and inspired with what I was speaking to them O my God! This was a new world and experience to me, It was like “WHAT! Me?” I abruptly opened my eyes not believing what I was seeing there “NO! still seating along the beach!” then I said loudly “I need to go where I was again, I closed my eyes again to see again the crowed, real I saw it for the second time then I said “I REAL NEED TO LIVE SUCH KIND OF LIFE AND PROVIDE SUCH SERVICE TO PEOPLE, I MUST LIVE AND REACH THERE”. I ran to my room and take a note book write the whole story, the whole picture I saw. That is my vision it leads me now, I find myself motivated to set strategies to reach there every time I remember such a picture in me, I believe in it, it real determines many activities which I recently do I am very comfortable, committed and confident when I do personal development activities to people because it is determined by my discovered vision through meditation.

The aim of sharing with you this story is to let you know the power of meditation which you can do for free, it doesn’t have any tax in it and how it is done. Seating along the beach is one among many locations you can use to do meditation, some years ago I used to go to mountains and forests and seat there but the right place is where there is real coolness and calmness, a place where you can feel being alone with nature then you just leave and go to an empty world and enjoy new experience you never saw it before like the way I did.

You can do meditation in a very private room in your home; you can do it in your bedroom in midnight before the street and home noise start. Most of rich and successful people use to do meditation so as to get new ideas and discover new opportunities THIS IS THEIR SECRET. You can also use it and start living the life you real want and dream to have. It is your choice but the journey starts from creating a vision of your success then what next is how to make sure you achieve such a vision.

In the next article I will share with you how you can live your discovered vision, please keep in touch, I will share with you how I now sustain and live my vision. That is an important information you real need to have because you can discover your vision (very nice) but realizing it in a real world is a difficult part most of us fail because it takes our energy and persistence, there is something to do for it to be sustainable.

Please make sure you do a meditation to discover your personal life vision now because this is a big step towards achieving the true life and success you want. This step is what we call extra thinking; it is compulsory and unavoidable for you to succeed in your life. I assure you after doing this you will start feeling a different and valuable person of you and as an emphasis as you get such a vision just run and write it in your note book very soon before you start thinking other embarrassing stuffs. Just write it as a story, it works a lot and it sinks more in your subconscious mind, you will never forget and it will be motivating you every time you see it. Please do the way I suggest you to do and you will realize something wonderful in your life. 

I wish you good luck when you are enjoying meditating and discovering your new personal vision for success.

Erick Chrispin

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are entrepreneurs born or made?


This was an interesting question I was asked by one person of my audience when I was speaking on entrepreneurship to many members of VIWANGO micro-finance institution at Tanzania Bureau of standards (TBS) Saturday last week. My presentation was all about how one can develop his or her entrepreneurship conscious and start business? I also spoke on the way you can make your established business sustainable, therefore I called my presentation ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONSCIOUS DEVELOPMENT CLASS.

It was real a powerful presentation with a lot of motivating tips towards the audience this is according to my view towards their response and also the feedback I got from them after I finished my presentation, I also learnt a lot during the presentation especially the burning desire of many people to establish their own business and do it successful which is very important when you want to undergo or do anything successfully, you need to first have a burning desire which is mixed up with passion on such an activity/ business or whatever project you want to accomplish.

Briefing about the presentation I basically spoke on the following lines:
  •    Understanding the meaning of entrepreneurship & business as a concept
  •   Why do you need to be an entrepreneur
  •  Values of entrepreneurship
  •  Who is an entrepreneur
  •  Behaviors of an entrepreneur
  •   How to generate business idea and start a business 
  •   Challenges and how to overcome them as an entrepreneur
  •    How to make your business sustainable
  •   Case study of a practical Tanzanian entrepreneur
I promise to post you the description of all these topics later just keep on visiting this site to learn for your personal dream fulfilling.


My aim today is to let you know what was my answer to a question thrown to me by one of the participants, ARE ENTREPRENEURS BORN OR MADE?” it was real interesting question though I didn’t think it could happen, I was seated then I took off my chair and faced again the crowd of more than fifty people, I was smiling expecting them to understand me because I believed they were then believing on me that I m going to give them a right answer on that, my passion was to encourage all of them but also making them enthusiastic to start their entrepreneurship ventures.

I started by telling them “entrepreneurs are born and also made” I looked at them they were like surprised and I increased the level of their desire to listen and understand more on this. Then I continued: “each one of you here is different from another in terms of personality, each one was created and born with unique characters and abilities which cannot be resembled to anyone’s else, what I mean is everyone here is unique, I am unique I have some abilities and talents which you will never have and you are unique with talents and abilities which I will never reach you because that is how God differentiated us, the only setback most of us have is to identify and use those abilities, talents and uniqueness to win failure, a thing which 2% out of 100% people does and they become successful and entrepreneurs.

Coming back to a question in relation to those personal unique abilities there are people who have personal characters which correlate directly with entrepreneurship values and make them fast winners in a venture, for instance there are people who are good at convincing and influencing people to accept what they say the ability which enables to negotiate with customers if it is in doing any business, these kind of people as they get an opportunity to do business or get a business idea then they win as a result people start believing that they were born entrepreneurs.

There are other people whom God gave them an ability to sharply see and discover new things, they have sharp eyes and quick cognitive mind to uncover the hidden opportunities and other have natural ability to force things, persist until they realize what they intend to find then these people when enter in an entrepreneurship venture win massively. I told the audience that I categorize these kind of people as born entrepreneurs because whether we like or not they could become entrepreneurs no way out though there are people who have these natural character but still are not entrepreneurs and are poor people, for their case they must be lacking some personal motivations and may be they have been living in a de-motivating environment but mind you when they get a chance they do great.

Side two I told them that entrepreneurs are also made. Everyone has a great ability and authority to dictate anything he or she wants to achieve as long as is his/ her passion i.e. he or she loves it. You can just learn and understand it and then pursue it as a result you must win. Many big entrepreneurs in the world didn’t think that they would become the way they are now they just got an idea to do business due to different factors around them, some were just life challenges and some were friends they usually spend time with are entrepreneurs, relatives etc then when they made a decision to start their business with their burning desire it worked as they started learning about such fields or kind of business in different ways: attending workshops, to people who do a kind of their business but mainly from their mistakes during business undertaking so in a long run they were/ are making themselves entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a kind of behavior which is built up with different values like

  •   Being visionary
  • Having Integrity
  • Servicing above self
  • Tenacity  (confidence and believing in yourself)
  • Persistence
  • Be disciplined etc.
If you just practice and learn what these values mean to you and how they work when doing any profit making business then you will be consumed by entrepreneurship behavior and as you keep your momentum and become addicted with this values then your business will be sustainable as a result you will become among the 2% successful entrepreneurs in the world

You can make yourself an entrepreneur by finding a business idea of your passion, a business which you love to do then learning important skills about it and importantly start doing by whatever you have in hand and on the way you will get all which are important to have in your business.

I concluded my brief presentation, answering a question by telling the participants that ENTREPRENEURS ARE BORN BUT ALSO ARE MADE, they are born in the sense that there are people who were born with a character which directly corresponding to entrepreneurship values and behavior and for all of you who think you cannot become entrepreneurs because you were not born entrepreneurs please delete such a negative thought and attitude in your mind, nobody was really assigned to become an entrepreneur or not an entrepreneur while in a womb of your mummy it was just after you were born, it is just our personal natural character which makes some of us said to be born entrepreneurs and some made themselves entrepreneurs after some learning experience sometime later in the world. 

Think big, find your own passion to explore opportunities around you and start working on it you will win and become a great entrepreneur you have ever seen in the world, it is possible and you have such an authority to dictate.

I wish you good luck as you are thinking and becoming an entrepreneur

Erick Chrispin.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The power of learning from your own experience


Are you aware that almost all the experience you have and all knowledge you have came in your mind after you were born or arrived in this world? And do you also know that the information you have in your mind is what makes you behave the way you do, live and think the way you do? Do you know that is the amount of information you have in your mind which determines most of your actions in the real world?

What does this mean? Your behavior and life style will be changing depending on the kind and amount of information/ knowledge which you every day consume in your mind, if you consume constructive information and knowledge then you will be acting and behaving constructively and successful this comes the same if you consume destructive information then you will be acting and behaving the same way. This is because your mind works like an engine to control all your body’s actions and it works according to what you think and always your thinking is a result of what you know i.e. the information/ experience you have in your mind.

What I want to tell you here is that in order for you to change in your life you need to learn every day; you need to learn new things most of your time. If you decide to stay dormant without learning don’t think your mind is also stopped, the truth is your mind keeps on working and in connection to your emotions which comes up by your sense doors like eyes, nose, eyes, tongue etc it will receive the information and tell you what to do and how you can do it but the worse thing is uncontrolled mind consumes bad information and leads you to act and behave worse, because bad information do not have any restriction entering your mind while good and constructive information needs your effort to enter them in.

Therefore in order to overcome these destructive information make sure you are aware of the information you are consuming or you are about to consume and choose the constructive and right information so that your mind can lead you do according to such kind of good information/ knowledge. If you won’t take care and control your mind it will consume unneeded destructive information and make you behave that way.

There are many ways of learning new constructive knowledge for your personal development: you can go to school, colleges and universities, you can attend some workshops and seminars, you can read books and watch teaching videos etc. all these are appropriate ways and I suggest you use whatever makes you learn, I also like reading books, attending seminars and workshops but I then discovered another powerful, effective and cost free way of learning and change my life to positive and successful one every day, this is learning from my own experience.


It is very easy. If you always wake up and do some activities or whatever engagement you have in a daily basis that is your college to learn very new knowledge which are usually powerful, they are workable and unforgettable in your memory, they usually stay in your subconscious mind simply because they are results of your own experience during your workings.

The truth is: in whatever activity you do every day there is new learning for you to improve it next time regardless you have done it successful or unsuccessful still you can learn, improve it and become the best one next time. Also in whatever circumstance you face in your routines everyday whether are good or challenged you, there are good learning you can configure from them and change your life to become the best one next time. There is nothing you can’t learn from it in your life.

One day I went to a bank in town and took a big amount of money and decided to take a TAXI so that I can drop by our office, we were three in that small car, a driver, I and his colleague at our back sit, unfortunately these guys were not good as they on our way grabbed me with their knives, took all the money, pushed me out and then ran away. I lost all the official money. But I had to sit down and learn at the evening. The learning I got was to not accept taking a TAXI with two people I do not know because it is not safe, is better I take a public mini bus for my safety if I have a lot of money or property.

This is just an example and I wanted to show you that learning can be done even from negative experience but I have been learning many things in my life from my own daily experience, what I do is I every day evening after coming back home take my note book and start evaluating my whole day and remembering all the things I did and circumstances I passed through. Doing so I try to find some constructive learning from them and structure the way I am going to use such acquired knowledge next time to improve the activities or circumstances concerned.

Writing down the learning in my note book helps me to specify them and make them more clear, it helps me to strategize the way to use them and also I keep my note book because anytime I want to remember I just open it and memorize myself so it is important that you write them down. At the end of the day you will find yourself having some books of true knowledge from your own experience, the knowledge which you can also teach other people because it came from you and developed by yourself.

If you will decide now to start learning from your own experience I assure you to realize great  positive changes in your life the important thing you need to do is to be faithful on doing this exercise and also behaving/ acting your new knowledge.

I wish you all the best as you are enjoying learning from yourself and positively changing your life.

Erick Chrispin.