Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Setting your mind free


Every time I try to think deep about the creation of me, I wonder how! But I became so free and able to manage myself as I became aware of how my body and specifically my mind works. I discovered that it is my mind which works as an engine of my body, almost every part of my body to work it depends on the command from my mind. Previously I thought it was my HEART which is controlling my body but I came to realize that even my HEART for it to continue beating properly depends on the command from my mind.

Your mind is so powerful and useful than you are thinking, it carries your life, if you play with it wrong it may kill your life but if you play with it well will sustain and nourish your life.

Being knowledgeable will set you free

If you want to be free in your mind and life in general make sure you become knowledgeable about such a thing which makes you uncomfortable. You normally become comfortable when you work on something familiar, something you have an experience about, you can easily control and communicate with someone you are familiar with. This is also applicable to your life; if you want to manage yourself you must know how your mind works.

Your mind vs. your body

Your personal behavior is a result of your thinking, if your behavior is changing time to time, it means your thinking is changing time to time too. Just remember some of these incidences in your life; as you started thinking on how and to which extent what you a about to do is going to prove failure in your life is when you started losing happiness and your face lost its usual smile.

Do you know what happened? 

Your thinking have an ability to influence feeling of your body according to the information you process in your mind, and emotions are working directly in your body where we can see them. You normally feel angry when you start thinking of being disappointed, when you think you are a failure is when you get stressed and your body become cold or lose weight. On the other way round you become cheerful, smiley, healthy, successful etc. as you start thinking in the same line.

Your heart beats faster as you get shocked due to your fearful thinking kind of. All these proves that the whole of your body and life is controlled by your mind, is up to you  to then control it to make yourself free of dangerous thoughts which comes by your mindset.

Parts of your mind and their work in your life

Your mind is mainly divided into three parts; conscious mind, subconscious mind and spirit, each part has its important work and ability to run your life. If you read other sources will tell you other subcategories but these are the main parts. Knowing in a general view point on how they work in you, will set you free.

Your conscious mind

In case of receiving information into your mind, this is a first part. Any information you get by any way; by reading, listening, observing etc. it must go through this part first. Here the information stays temporarily. You can hear something now and after few minutes or hours you forget because it was stored in this part of your conscious mind. When a student try to understand what he/she is reading by cramming, he/she normally store those insights into his/her conscious part and ultimately forgets everything after sometimes, most of the students use their conscious mind when they are about to do an instant exam.

Your subconscious mind

This is a second part of your mindset, it stores information permanently. After passing your conscious mind an information goes to your subconscious mind so that it can be stored permanently but this depends on your plan, if you do not allow it to be then your insight will not jump into this part as a result get lost while in your conscious mind.  

As you are trying to understand something deeply by questioning more and meditating, you are in a process of storing it in your subconscious mind. If you realize that you have well understood something, be aware that it has already entered your subconscious mind and permanently stored there which is what you would like to see in your life.

Your spirit

You might be wondering how comes you remember something happened in your life many years ago? It might be something happened when you were 4 years old but still you remember it very well, that is a work of your spirit part of your mind. Is a third part which is powerful than all other two parts, it controls all of them. What it does is sparking the information in your subconscious mind as long as you just want to remember them.

Don’t worry if you have already set your information in your subconscious mind and you think you won’t remember it, your spirit will awake such information whenever you want to remember it and that is its work.

Understanding these three parts of your mind the way they work make you aware that if you receive bad information which ruins your life and store them in your subconscious mind it will permanently be affecting you because it stays in you and controls your life, you need to consume and try to understand only the positive and good information you need in your life and it is going to look alike.

You can also remove bad and dangerous information from your subconscious mind

It is not easy as eating food but it is 100% possible only by replacement. You will manage to omit some of bad, negative and dangerous information or thoughts from your subconscious mind by replacing them with new positive information you want by the time being. Therefore it is not a matter of denying smocking habit, what it takes is you replacing it with new habit which is opposite to smocking. Your new habit is your new thought.

I believe now your mind set is free because you know how it works, is up to you to control your body and life to live the way you want, all the weapons you have in you.

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin