Thursday, May 24, 2012

Becoming an excellent time manager


Among the difficult task we almost face in life is time management at our daily working life, you might be facing this challenge too. Here I am offering you important insights and skills which will help you manage your time effectively and achieve your goals every day. 

Put in mind that all people who are successful over you are those who spend their 24 hours in doing and bringing results out of their important activities every day, if you are not seeing results and changes in what you are doing everyday it is true that you are wasting your time in less important activities.

Set goals

It has been said that “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” - Bill Copeland.  This is very true, you must have something planned to spend your time in, everyday. Just take a piece of paper and list down your goals i.e. the important things you real need to achieve this year. Just list ten of them and then look on them and pick one which you think if you could implement first it could bring great change you want in your life in this year. Write it on the back of that paper.

Setting your plan of action 

After you wrote it on the back of your paper then set a plan of action on how you are going to implement and fulfill such a goal. Write everything you think you can be doing everyday to make sure you implement that goal. This task is what will make you effectively spending your time by only doing important tasks which makes you achieve your good goals slowly every day.

Prioritizing your tasks

In a list of your activities in a daily basis out of your action plan, you will find some of the difficult and uneasy to do tasks but also you will find some of them which are a bit easy and leisure to implement tasks. You must be aware that normally the difficult tasks in your list are those which are very important, if you dare implement only one of them you will realize great change and result at work and in your life therefore spend your time doing those difficult assignments first and then the easy one will be consumed in them or done by someone else who is capable.

You will be an excellent time manager… 

You will be an excellent time manager only if you overcome the metastasizing cancer which eats a lot of people in the world nowadays, the problem of spending most of their time in easy and leisure activities like chatting online, socializing and doing a lot of petty and easy to do activities in their office all the time. Is better you spend all your time doing one important task than spending all your time doing many less important activities which at the end of the day won’t change anything in your working life.

The power of your concentration.

Among the things which make most of us fail to achieve our goals everyday is lack of concentration on what we do. When you start doing something in your plan and under your goal you need to stay at it until you accomplish. Is better you concentrate in one thing before you start another new one or engage yourself in an emerging unimportant leisure activities like chatting on your way. Succeeding to accomplish one important task you will be happy and motivated to implement another important one and you will be realizing the way results are brought in your work.

Delegate your activities

You can’t do everything yourself that is why there is a division of labor in terms of carrier and professions. What you have to do is to make sure you concentrate in those very important activities which you know they need your creative mind to implement and the rest which are low prioritized by you, give out to other people to implement. 

But for your work not to be destructed make sure you delegate it to a capable people with enough competency on it and the important point to remember in delegation is CLARITY, make sure you are very clear to a person you delegate, he/she must understand well the assignment before starting and you are responsible as a delegator to make him or her clear. 

Remember you will waste all your time only if you will be conservative and think of doing everything yourself. Pay someone to do some of your things and concentrate on those which you are good at.

Improving your competence 

For you to be better and manage your work you need to be competent. Some tasks you are facing seem to be difficult due to your incompetence; you might be good at it but not completely fine. That is what makes you dragging behind by indulging yourself in leisure stuffs all the time like chatting in face-book and socializing instead of start doing your important task. Remember if you start the task, will seem difficult and challenging at first but as you repeat it more and more then it will start becoming easy. It is psychologically said that much time is spent in doing things at first because of their newness but as time goes on little time will be spent in doing the same thing due to the competence and experience you have on it. So for you to build your competence keep on repeating doing the same thing while learning more about it every day. This will help you manage and keep your time for later you will be doing things in an easy way and very fast.

Say NO to interruptions 

At your office there are normally a lot of interruptions and the main interruptions now days are telephone, online social network chatting like facebook and people frequently entering your office. Avoid these interruption only by being SELF DESCPLINED and strict on what you are doing. Put your phone aside during working hours by switching it off if is not part of your work until you finish your tasks and respond to the calls after working hours. Disallow unnecessary moving in your office people by not giving them a chance to sit down in your office as they enter (stand up as they enter this will make them not sitting down instead leaving) or hang an alert on the door or desk that they shouldn’t disturb you for you are in a concentration pool.

Schedule your day.

You have to know that from a minute, hour, day, week, month and year all are so valuable and should be taken care of for you to succeed in your working life. The successful people count a minute by scheduling how it is going to be spent in their working day; this is what you are supposed to do for you to manage your time. Just schedule the way you will spend your time from the time you wake up in morning until you go to sleep including your socializing time. Without scheduling your day, you must waste a lot of hours doing unimportant leisure things which do not make any change in your life instead under-developing you. And in night before you go to sleep is an appropriate time to plan and schedule your next day because as you will be asleep your subconscious mind will keep on working on your goals by giving them an important solutions and insights on how to deal with them and as you wake in the morning will find everything is becoming easy to implement.

Get balanced

This is a last advice I would like to offer you today. Being strict in time management shouldn’t segregate you from your people, it shouldn’t destroy your good relationship with others like relatives, coworkers, family or any social group you are affiliated with, what you have to do is make sure you schedule well and offer them time to spend with but make sure you won’t be caught by them and give them more time than your important activities, few minutes are enough to spend with people chatting, cooperating in entertainment stuffs etc and use more time in your goal fulfilling activities.

You need to be self disciplined and believe in these techniques for you to succeed these time management masterly. Remember for you to be successful in life is just using well 24 hours you have a day to do important things only and delegate your low prioritized activities to others capable of doing them. I hope this is going to help you and change your life if you will start living it from now onwards.

Good luck! 

By Erick Chrispin


Friday, May 18, 2012

Your success moutain


 Do you know that living your life is like climbing a mountain? If you do know, don’t worry I am going to explain you down here.

Just believe me now that your living is the same to climbing a very tall mountain, think of the tallest mountain in the world which you think it is not easy to climb to its peak, for us in Tanzania it is Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 meters above the sea level, it is the Highest Mountain in Africa. Looking at its peak from below, you may think it is impossible to reach to its peak due to its tallness but amazingly a number of people every year are climbing to the peak, so IT IS TOUGH TO CLIMB AND REACH AT THE PEAK OF A MOUNTAIN BUT IT IS VERY POSSIBLE or we can say it is not easy but very possible if you want and commit yourself to it.


Living is growing every day, your life started immediately after your biological father planted a seed (sperm) in your mother, in that very day you started to grow from sperm like to human being. It is this day when you started climbing your life mountain, it was truly not easy though you were under protection. Your mom suffered a lot carrying you in her womb but she kept on climbing the challenging mountain. Stresses, different emerged sickness, tiredness etc were her mountain, at the end she succeeded to reach half a mountain after delivering you. The next one was keeping you in the real world. This also became not that easy but she kept on climbing in collaboration with your father or any guardian because some of us lost our mothers during the delivery phase for they died on the way, others ran away after we were born escaping the mountain but God is good we got some guardians who took over and kept climbing the mountain.


Today I real need you to know, understand and accept that the purpose of your life or becoming a human being in this world was to live a successful life, to enjoy your being, to live the happiest kind of life that is why your good moment are normally when you feel happy, laughing, relaxing, loving and getting all good stuffs you want in your life, out of this you normally feel bad and unsuccessful. This means that it is surely that you were born to succeed and this is a main purpose.

Many people are not aware of this that’s why there are those who despair and curse themselves that they are cursed in this world, that’s why they are not succeeding, not loved, not happy, stressed, do not have what they want in life and ultimately they declare that they will never get success in their life. They believe that success is for those who are successful. THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG, knowing the purpose of you being in the world you will attract your success.

When it comes to living independently, not under parents or guardians care is when most of people get challenged, they become not ready and think it is not their right to stand independently NO!, you have to understand that it is just a next highest step on climbing the mountain like when your mom experienced a second step of delivering you out of her womb she kept on climbing so you now.  It was completely not a plan that you will live with your parents for ever because you are also responsible to become a parent of your children. Reaching this point is where you are supposed to keep on climbing the mountain to its peak that is your success.


Now you are aware that it is naturally you’re right to live a successful life, just visualize all good stuffs and style of life you want to live while in the world; this will be a very good point to start climbing your mountain if you stopped before or you were climbing by a very wrong way. The image you get out of your creative mind imagination is what will tell you a right way to pass through as you are climbing, the clothes and all climbing tools you need to have, it will even show you where to find those tools, don’t worry about this just think of what you want to have in your life which you define it as success and don’t worry on how you are going to get them because that picture or vision you see is what will do the rest in collaboration with your effort, determination, commitment, passion and staying focused.


I told you that living is like climbing a mountain, as you know climbing is going together with a number of challenges that is why living is challenging and this cause it to be a process, it will never happen that you will get something for nothing and it to become sustainable and worth for you and others. You must start at the sea level as a seed and grow slowly as the way you started by being born, you grew slowly with a lot of challenging stories behind you but today you are there still surviving, so a journey is continuing, keep on moving and growing. As you keep on by using the right way you will start realizing the very nearby peak of success in your life.


What you can do against a number of challenges you are facing is to enjoy them by taking them as a source of solution to the prevailing setbacks, don’t take them as problems because you will despair. Even though you’re crossing in thons be sure that you are not going to die instead after coming out on the other side of that bush you will first be a champion and will be able to heal your wounds.

Where you are now is a very close point to your success peak, just sit down and evaluate your journey then make a new strategy and keep on living, keep on climbing your life mountain I am assuring you that soon you will reach at the peak.

All the best and see you at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

By Erick Chrispin

Friday, May 11, 2012

Easily Getting Job Opportunity in a free Market economy


Among the highly challenging venture in our current world economy is an employment sector. Almost all over the world people are suffering from unemployment challenge, it might be true that there are scarcity of employment opportunities which needs physic human resource due to technological advancement. In our said developing countries this had been a big factor, as technologies advancing many people lose their jobs which are replaced by machines together with few people who know how to run those machines


We do not have to fail/ lack or lose jobs due to our self technological backwardness, I am confidently arguing this due to the fact that you are surrounded with an access to information concerning any technology you want for you to learn and become relevant to the ongoing world. Don’t say you are financially poor to access such required knowledge what matters is you to expose yourself to those areas, network with people who knows, e- learning etc, you just need to be more proactive, I am sure they will kindly support you friendly or under your memorandum of understanding (MoU) and make you knowledgeable. Is up to you NOW.


For you to easily get employment or find a job to do you must understand the nature of an ongoing economic system which is running the world. We are now under free market economy which is a main feature of capitalism, in this kind of economy everything gets its value at the market place, almost everything together with your human labor is a commodity and as its nature whatever is a commodity must go to the market place and get sold but before getting sold it must market itself to convince its customers to buy it and they normally buy something with high value, so you as a commodity you must have good value at the market place for customers (employers or hires) to buy (employ) you. 

Your value at the market place is not measured by TIME you spend at work but RESULTS you deliver at work, this means that those whom their performance level is high and brings results out of their work will get employed or find job in the free market economy, out of this unemployment will keep on being a challenge to you.


As usual for a commodity to be bought you must make sure you work on it so that it become having high value. So you as a commodity to a market place you must work on your personal development in terms of your carrier from which people will need to employ you, you must make sure you build and develop your capacity every time to enrich your working ability which will assure you result deliverance at work.

 Not only developing your carrier but also your personality which will be supporting your performance level. Think of yourself now! How many times have you learnt something new about your carrier in the last two weeks, months or years? How many seminars have you attended? How many books have red? Etc. The fact is if you will engage in some of these capacity building opportunities frequently, you will be furnishing your performance ability at work which will add your value at a market place. Employers and hires will be searching for you every time and you will never miss Job.  


Imagine now you are running your own profit making company and you want to employ a manager who will realize profit and not loss in your business, will you pick a person who is experienced in management or someone with no any experience in that carrier? I hope you agree with me that you will opt a one with enough experience because opting who doesn’t have any experience is like taking unnecessary risk  for he/she might lead to any loss which will disturb your business cash flow, this sounds bad but that is how the situation is at the market place. YOU MUST HAVE AN EXPERIENCE FOR YOU TO EASILY GET EMPLOYED.

Searching for an experience

Look at my own story: 

After I graduated my first degree at the university, I decided to find a place where I volunteered working  for seven months before I got employed. During this time I got experienced with a lot of official works, more than that, I got a chance to attend a lot of capacity building seminars which were offered freely to me as long as I was around there. Being there I exposed myself to a number of people who were observing me and discovered my potential and value at work, I got a lot of friends who were employers and others who knew where they could connect me and get employed, they started offering me a number of job opportunities hence I had to start picking where I want and ultimately I was called where I thought is suitable for me to work with.

 It is not must that if you go to volunteer some where you will get the same to what I got but at least I am very sure that you will get good connections of people who will show you a way to employment compared to if you could be home busy writing and sending out non replied application letters. I do not mean you shouldn’t use application letters but this is a good alternative if letters doesn’t work on your side and if you want at the end to have a working experience to mention in your application letters and CV. An experience I got where I was volunteering added my value to the market place.


Yes, that is a true definition of volunteering, you are offering what you have (an ability) for free but what you get back is more valuable, because it will add your value at the market place (working experience).

This is a big challenge in our said developing countries because people do not have enough income to sustain themselves especially graduates immediately as they come out of school, so for them volunteering for free is a challenge but I normally tell university student that they shouldn’t wait to build their social capital as still they are in school, being at the university you can find part time volunteering jobs which will work as your working experience at the end, but also it will expose you to important people who will be already knows your value at work and they will need you as you graduate. I have seen some students who use such a technique and get employed immediate as they graduate.

An important point here is; what matters for you to get employed in a free market economy is your working ability and not your academic certificate grades, because those grades does not have an ability to work by themselves and bring tangible results, you can do so, please go out to the world and market yourself, showing people that you can work and bring results at work then by doing so your value will be added and people will fight to get and employ you.

Also I normally tell graduates who lives under someone’s care before they get employed for instance parents, relatives etc, as long as you are sure of food and shelter then find a nearby place to volunteer, never stay idle at home nobody will discover your potential at home, you must expose yourself to where you can meet employers and people who will connect you with job opportunities. I am sure you will end up getting job after sometimes.

Remember; as you will be volunteering somewhere, you do not have any right to be paid but you have a right to come at work or not, depending on your time table but taking care of your reputation at work, is better you follow the official regulations.


I had been meeting a lot of people complaining that employers are not fair by demanding them to have an experience to be employed; they complain that our government is not taking care of this. It is true that this is so disturbing but you have to remember that this is not a centralized economy where government takes care of all the graduates and it is responsible to employ all of them. This economy is in your hand (decentralized one) you are controlling it, our government cannot command you to employ people of its choice, it is free market you can employ anybody of your choice. Is up to you (graduate) to market your working ability so that you can convince employers to take you and give you job to do.


My focus today is to help and encourage those who believe in being employed that there is an easy way to be employed regardless the prevailing challenges of this free market economy. Entrepreneurship is an alternative if you want a freedom and become your own boss, I will talk on it next time but you can also read some of my previous articles on entrepreneurship for you to learn and get inspired.

“It is only adding your value at the market place which will offer you a job and for you to add your value try to work on your own personal development.”

Good luck!

Erick Chrispin

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Healing your body by yourself.


For you to live the life you want, you must have an understanding of how your mind works because it is your mind which controls all the functions of your body which means a lot to your life. I realized that normally when I am sick, happy, sad, down or comfortable is a work of my own thinking and mind set. 

Do you also believe this? If not then think of this: normally your body start to tremble with a lot of panic as soon as you start thinking of failing in your attempted examination or if you are awaiting the results of your attempted examination and as you start thinking of failing it, your body become so down but also you normally feel so happy when you think that someone is truly loving you; what I want to tell you here is that any change of your body condition emotionally etc is a cause of your mindset, is  a work of your own mind.


You’re conscious 

If this is new to you then for your information, your mind is working mainly in two sections, your conscious part from which you are normally aware of whatever you do, you can meditate, think, weigh and make a choice out of the information you have by the time being from which you decide what to pick and use in your life. Here is where you normally use to choose a kind of life you want. When you are asleep in night this section is also sleeping that is why you are normally not aware of what are going on around you as you are sleeping.

Your subconscious;

This is a next important section in your mind. It is subjective to your conscious part, you are normally not aware of what is going on in this part, as when you are asleep the subconscious part of your mind is working 24 hours, it controls all your body system, it enables your heartbeats to continue all the time, your digestion system etc. that’s why you find yourself dreaming while you are not aware in night, all these are the working of your subconscious part. It works like an engine in a car to move it wherever will be directed.


If your subconscious resembles to the car engine then you are its driver to direct it on how it should control your body because it is submissive to you. A slight different from a car engine is that If you won’t direct it (your subconscious) it doesn’t mean that it will stop instead it will respond to whatever comes out of your conscious part whether it is negative or positive in your life. 

Your subconscious part is NEUTRAL it accepts the negative or positive information and work on it effectively so if you wont positively contemplate in your conscious part then  it will receive the same information and command your body to respond on it so just imagine if you are so sad in your conscious mind then automatically your subconscious part will receive and command the sadness feeling in your body this means that you will become so down by the time being, but if something makes you happy and you start thinking that way, again your subconscious part will receive the same information and command your body as a result you will start feeling good and your body become active Therefore it is all about you do play with your thinking which will heal you from your body sufferings. 


I say healing because whenever your body feels uncomfortable it means it is against its nature of being health as it was created. When you are not comfortable you have to understand that your subconscious part is working negatively in directing and controlling your body system and it is not its mistake but your mistake by allowing the negative thoughts to penetrate through your conscious part which sends the approved information to your subconscious mind for it to use the information to control your body.


If you want to heal your body then you’re responsible to choose health information, positive attitudes about your body and life in general, victory and success thoughts etc for your subconscious mind to receive good information which will be used to control your body. Many people keep on being seek regardless a lot of medicines they consume because they think and believe negatively, they have negative attitude towards their life, and they have despaired so their subconscious responds the same hence their bodies keep on being dictated by their own negative thought under the direction of their own subconscious mind. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO CHOOSE LIFE INSTEAD OF DEATH, CHOOSE GOOD HEALTH INSTEAD OF PAIN and your subconscious mind will respond the same.

If your feel sick, unhappy, bored, out of comfort zone, discouraged etc then you are responsible to start being positive in your thinking so that you can heal your body, get success in your life. As you change your mindset, have faith on your new way of thinking. Such a faith will help to cement you in that new world and this will help to command your subconscious mind stick to your new life.

Good luck as you are freeing your mind and healing your body.