Thursday, January 26, 2012

A rich Tanzanian Part 1

Takes an advantage of our cultural setbacks

This guy tells us how people from Tanzania the said least developed country and many other countries of this category in the world mostly African countries, can get rich and delete the history of poverty in their life and society level.

He himself won poverty in Tanzania where most of us believe that we are poor and poverty is becoming our culture which we believe we can’t run away from it. Even our government leaders, our president and almost all the ministers believe in poverty that’s why most of them are always flying to the said developed countries in Europe and America begging to be given some money to make their countries survive.  

A rich Tanzanian discovered the problem behind it and came out with a number of factors which real work as a root cause of us being poor in our personal life and society, then he took an advantage of those causes to make himself very rich and he keeps on taking advantage by discovering more factors and doing something different to win them and use them to get more rich.

In his research, a rich Tanzanian discovered CULTURAL SETBACKS and mostly our language ‘SAYINGS’ from which most Tanzanians use daily and believe in them makes us poor and more poor. Today he is introducing you these cultural sayings (setbacks) and how he takes an advantage of them to get rich.

1.      Our country is poor: this is most popular saying which most Tanzanians believes in it. The leaders believe in poverty, the students from kindergarten to university level are taught that our country is poor and least developed one, poverty is now our culture we believe in it, because it has a strong foundation to many of us since we got to know ourselves. Our parents use to tell us that we are poor because we are living in a poor country, the teachers, and leaders tell us the same thing, the pastors encourage us that we are in better position by being poor because reach people will never enter heaven we are strongly programmed in our life. The result of all these attitudes we are planted in our mind, is we are becoming comfortable with poverty while crying and lamenting having difficulties to survive.

A rich Tanzanian discovered that our leaders are taking an advantage of us believing in poverty to accumulate our money in a fraud manner and keep on telling us we are poor. Having discovered this big setback to most of us, a rich Tanzanian decided to believe the other way round, he decided to believe that being poor is not his right but being rich is his choice and a good life he want also he can make it if he want.

He said by himself, “as long as many Tanzanians do not believe that they can be rich then let me be rich and use little money they have to enrich myself. They are going to be my clients of a service I am going to offer them and goods I am going to sell them, this is my opportunity.” He discovered that he is a human being with all the abilities which rich people in the said developed countries have, he can think, he change and control his life, he can influence whatever he likes to happen the only thing he decided to do is to stop thinking like poor people instead spending all his time thinking like rich people.

Concentrating in this kind of thinking made him focused in finding richness, he became so committed as all his energy were used in finding richness, he started feeling motivated all the time to work hard and plan smart strategies to win what he wanted to be. As time went on he started forgetting the poverty concept and being rich thinking started to become his habit because as he was repeating all the time thinking in the same line then those thoughts started to build themselves in his mind replacing the old thoughts of poverty.

Most of his time a rich Tanzanian used to declare himself a rich person to his friends and relatives this made him committed to his business because he feared to disappoint people whom he had declared if he could fail. He always kept on attracting richness and forgetting poverty altitude he always told people, “let us change this culture of poverty which makes us rigid like stones, we are human being with an ability to think the other way round and change our life in whatever angle, poverty is not our right and richness & success in life is our good choice which we deserve. Our country is not poor but we are poor because we believe in poverty so you will ultimately be rich and successful if you will only apply the same formula by believing in richness and success”.

Let me end up here today but please don’t plan to miss the next factor and language SAYING which makes most Tanzanians poor and taken as an advantage by A RICH TANZANIAN to make him very rich.

“Confront your cultural setbacks to bring any positive change you want in your life”.

By: Erick Chrispin

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