Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Follow your gut


Many times in your lifetime had been hearing a voice of your gut telling you what to do so as you can overcome life challenges but didn’t listen to it as a result you started groaning of missing your chance.

I am always wondering the way our mind is active, it works all the time even when we are relaxing and don’t like to think of anything, your mind will inform you immediately as something wrong happens to you. For instance: remember the times when you had to lose something  and your gut alarmed you that what you want to do is not safe then you didn’t take care of such voice and you ultimately lost it.

Last week I went to get lunch in a hotel and after using my mobile phone I decided not to put it in my pocket instead putting it on a chair, as I was doing so my gut told me fast, “Erick dot put it here because you will forget it” and I didn’t care, I decided I will remember but at the end of the day I forgot it on that chair. I started complaining but my gut came to me again very fast and told me, “don’t complain Erick didn’t I tell you not to put on the chair because you will forget?” then I had to keep quiet and just learning from it.
Our gut is there all the time speaking to us in everything and every moment, it reminds and advice us whenever a positive thing is coming to our life, it strongly reminds us whenever dangerous attack comes to us if we dare to care what it tells us we always win.

Our gut always alarm us when we want to try something; for instance in examinations it can tell you, “be careful with this answer is not the right one”, if you are employing people in your business, company or organization it will tell you, “this person is not OK don’t employ him”, and vice versa is true, your gut will always tell you, “this deal you want to engage in is very suitable for you just go on” our gut speaks to us every moment, God made it to help us be secured protected from unwanted and unnecessary killers of our businesses. 

BUT for your gut to work positively and protect your life from killers will depend on your thinking pattern which lead you always. It depends on your attitude towards your life, if you have negative attitude then its health towards alarming you in a positive manner might be weak though it will manage to tell you, the problem will be that you will be so critical to accept it because you have negative attitude and thought, this is true for you who have positive attitude towards thinking about your life and businesses, the gut will have high energy to alarm you what you have to do to overcome any challenge and discover any good opportunity.
Gut is such a feeling you get in your mind about something in front of you, this feeling comes in a manner of voice telling you what is about to happen and what you are supposed to do. 

I am advising you to take care of your gut and follow it but only the positive gut is what you have to real take care of. Your positive gut will never tell you, “go and steal then people will like you” instead it will tell you, “remember stealing may make you harmed”, your gut depends on the kind of information which you have in your mind if most of them are negative then it will be very weak to tell you the right things to do and if you have positive information then it will be so health to tell you the right things to do. So is better you become positive in your thinking and attitude about your life so that you can benefit from your GUT VOICE.

Always become a positive thinker to make yourself a positive doer as a result benefiting from a positive gut voice in you.

By Erick Chrispin

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