Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to achieve your good goals?


If you are normally setting goals in your life you might agree with me that setting goals is not achieving them, these are two different processes which needs different commitment to achieve them though setting goals itself is a starting step towards achieving your goals because if you won’t set goals then you will never have goals to achieve so we can generally agree that the first important step to achieving your goals is to undergo their setting process.


My concern today is not to deeply discuss the way to set your personal goals instead I want to share with you what you can do to achieve your ready set goals, but in a nutshell for you to set goals you must take care the following tips;

  •  You first need to discover and create your personal vision which will enable you to recognize your destiny. After such a process
  • Then you can start  thinking of what you want to achieve in a couple of time as your way towards reaching your created vision/ destiny
  • Make sure your goals are specific so as to easy the execution process. A generalized goal cannot show you where to start hence reduces the level of your motivation and commitment.
  •   Also make sure your goals are measurable, speak out how much you want to achieve or to what extent after how long. This will help you to manage time and increase the level of your commitment
  •   After that make sure your goal is achievable; try to observe if your idea is viable, can it be tangible after your execution process? Try to assess it in relation to the available resources and to see if it can be achievable so that you can be motivated to continue with it.
  •  Then make sure your goal or goals are relevant; ask yourself a question of whether such a goal is relating to you and what other things you are engaging in, for instance if your goal is to expand a marketing level in your business company then it will be relevant. You need to set goals which will support indirectly or directly what you are recently doing, this will increase the level of your commitment and focus to it.
  •   And lastly make sure your goals are time bound; think of how long will such a goal take to be accomplished, it must have time limit, it can’t be done forever it must end up somewhere and be achieved. This time bound will increase the level of your commitment in its implementation as it will be working as a deadline for you to rush to it.


 As I said before the above process of setting goals do not mean that you have achieved them because that can be just a write-up, you can also forget it in your bookshelf in your office or at home and then it remains a story of past times.  Most of us use to set goals but we end up not achieving them. But it is real very possible to effectively achieve our goals by simply making a plan of how we are going to do it (action plan) and start working on them while taking care of the following;

1.      Creating your courage: you need to create yourself courage because most of us fear when it comes to starting working to bring things into reality, we normally start thinking that we can’t manage because our ability is poor, and we believe that there are other people who are able to do so than us. This is very wrong and false because the truth is THERE IS AN ABILITY WITHIN YOU which is very special and unutilized which every human being have and it is such an ability which those people whom you think they can do it  normally use and succeed. Therefore start believing in yourself great ability and start a first step to implement, I assure you that you are going to discover a lot of more ways to make the process continue successfully. If you won’t believe in yourself then you will never have courage and start implementing your good goals.

2.      Keep on motivating yourself: for you to start or keep on working on your goals, you need to be thinking of them most of the time. Your mind should be parked of the information relating to your goals most of the time so that you can be motivated to continue working on them. you need to seek and learn the things relating to your goals everyday because IN YOUR LIFE YOU NORMALLY DO WHAT YOU THINK so if your mind will be covered with the information relating to your goals it means that is what you will be doing in your physical world which will mean  implementing your goals. Read books, attend seminars, listen to audios and watch videos relating to such a field almost an hour everyday then I assure you the implementation of your goals will be amazing.

3.      Create a relevant relationship: if you think of building a commercial building you need to be interacting with those who have already built such kind of building for you to learn on how it is done and get inspired by them. If you plan to do this kind of activity and most of your time spent by you being with your old school alcoholic friends or street vendors, there is 99% to fail implementing and achieving your goals. This means that who you relate with matters a lot. you real need now to find friends and people who are relating to your goals i.e. those who think in your line, these will inspire you, they will also advice you how your can do it according to their experience. By being with them you will be motivated to continue implementing your goals everyday and your commitment to it will be so high. Normally your old school friends will keep on proving you that you can’t do such a thing because they know you for a very long time they will be discouraging you, please run from them fast but not hating them in an enmity way. By keeping in touch with your new relevant friends will push back your old school friends, they will start staying far from you. 

4.      Before you give up, try again: as you will be implementing your goals be aware that challenges will be there for you to solve them and not hinder you to continue, that is a work of challenges. They are unavoidable, just put in mind that they are normally create something for you to do so as to change your project for good. Without this understanding you will feel like giving up implementing your good goals but what I would like to advice you today is BEFORE YOU GIVE UP PLEASE TRY AGAIN you will end up achieving your good goals.

5.      Stay at it: it is very important for you stay focused all the time, you can keep on changing the approaches to reach your goal but never change your goal itself, never change your focus, stay at it till the end.

I real believe that by just concentrating in these few tips and implementing your goals through them you will end up achieving your good goals and arrive to your destiny/ vision.

It is possible to achieve your goals only if you will decide to start the important step one so that you can meet step two and so on. An important thing to remember is that you are the change you want to make and before you give up try again.

Good luck in achieving your good goals.

By Erick Chrispin

Friday, March 23, 2012

Social entrepreneurship is your right choice


 End of Business as Usual
The 21st century world societies have dramatically leaned towards competitive capitalism kind of economy, with a big feature of financial independence to every individual living in. For you to get the financial status you want and fulfill the desires in your life, you need to engage in creative and innovative kind of business, which will be conducted entrepreneurially. It is in this century when the entrepreneurship concept becomes so popular.

Are you aware that the above kind of business, from which you intend to make and maximize your own profit out of it, promotes and means being ‘SELFISH’?
Do you know that such a kind of business makes a class of people, your fellow human beings whom you live within the same community with, more poor by making yourself richer and richer?

I am not intending to make you stop thinking of doing business or become an entrepreneur but I want you to start thinking differently.

I am sure you would like to see everyone from your community living a happy life. But remember, by engaging in a ‘selfish’ business, which intends to make profit for yourself, it is difficult for you help others to the extent to which you would want to. You can’t help all of them by giving little money each. This kind of support is unsustainable, because they will keep on coming to you and ultimately they will become ‘beggars’, which is again something you would’t like.

Social Entrepreneurship is your right choice


 This is also a business but its intention and focus differs from the above conventional business/ entrepreneurship. In this case,  the value you create goes to the society because the focus of the social enterprise is on benefiting and developing your society. You also benefit from it as a member of the same society/community, and a founder of such social enterprise. What you need to do here is just think and come up with an idea, which will at the end of the day enable the community to benefit sustainably from such a business.

A bright example of social entrepreneurship in my society

In my society there is a social entrepreneur who knows how to use coconut remnants to make different ornaments for selling. What she does is visiting beggars in streets, especially those who are disabled but they can do something by their hands, mobilize and train them how to make those ornaments, then give them a chance to do so in her established office in town. Her work now is to find market and sell those products within and in foreign countries. Out of what she gets out of that business/sells; some percent goes directly to all the disabled people and some is used to run the office and buy raw materials. She is now helping a lot of disabled people in our society as they stop begging and engage themselves into hand works, which ensures them a daily bread. At the same time, she helps a number of young unemployed people, who are now busy collecting those coconut remnants in town and sell to her instead of remaining street vendors or being thugs.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

How do you think this woman feels by engaging in this kind of business? In fact she is enjoying and feeling happy because many people are benefiting directly from her business and their life is changing to a better one. Do you think if she could decide to be giving these people just a donation of some money out of her profit made in the conventional business kind, she could succeed to help this big number of people like she does now? Of course NO, because helping people to learn how to fish is more sustainable than giving them fish. Her social business is now established like a sustainable business. Even when she is not there, those people can continue to make the ornaments and sell for their life. The good news is that she is in need for more people to get engaged because the business is growing every day.

By running social enterprise you will enjoy the benefits of getting social capital and good relations with people around you because you work with them while you are also helping them. You will be loved and also happy for the support you give others. That’s in our human nature.

Social entrepreneurship is growing a lot in recent years. What you need to know is that, though it has the same characteristics like conventional business entrepreneurship for instance; creativity, coming up with innovative ideas, it is after discovering opportunities, having a good business plan, good marketing, good customer care etc, the big difference is on its focus and vision. Social entrepreneurship focus is to directly help people in the community and ensure great social change.

Remember: giving people some amount of little money out of your big profit/ surplus you got from your own profit making business is not social entrepreneurship because your basic focus was to enrich yourself and not the society. So you need to be careful when you are developing a social enterprise idea – this is an important process, which will determine whether what you are doing or intend to do is a social enterprise or something else.

Try to think now; what is your great mission in this world before you die? Are you motivated by the mission to make a living while serving your fellow human beings by doing social change to make the world a better place to live?

You have to know that by engaging in social entrepreneurship kind of business you will leave in the world a sustainable mark of yourself for ever. Social entrepreneurship normally ensures the social change you want, it makes your society or community independent financially and kicks out following granters all the time. Think now to engage yourself in this kind of business so that you could enjoy living in your community with others.
Good luck.

By: Erick Chrispin

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to create devoted customers in your business.


I hope you are aware that customers are the one who make the meaning of your business, there is nothing called business if there is no its customers, this means that if your business have many customers it grows and expanding in proportional to the level of your customers, vice versa   is true for any business with poor level of customers, it will also grow poorly or die if customers keep on decreasing. Customers are like your businesses’ food for it to sustain its life.

But your business as a kid and you a mother you are demanded to make sure its food is there always. You will have to go here and there seeking customers for your business to be ensured with its survival and also lasting life.

 Devoted customers have a lot of benefits to your business

Having many customers in your business is not enough for it to be sustainable, something more is needed, you must find its devoted customers, the customers who will have great experience with your business and high expectation of it always. This will make them fall in love with your business; they will never betray you and will keep on always spending most of their money to your business. They will be glued to your business and good enough they will be your ambassadors shouting about your business to many people in the world  to come and buy from your business after having great experience and high expectation from your service, they will be your devoted customers.

It is a process to make them devoted customers.

If your products or services look nice and attractive by appearance or at the first touch, they will automatically attract new customers to like them, and create high expectation to a kind of your business in their mind. They will be delighted by it, they will get surprised and may be congratulate you for that, also buy it fast, that is good on attracting customers: I mean having goods or service with high quality but put this in mind that THESE NEW CUSTOMERS ARE NOT DEVOTED ONE THEY ARE JUST DELIGHTED ONE because they have created high expectation in their mind on your business but still they do not have great experience about it, (Your business). This might not be enough to make them come again next time. For a customer to come again and again he/she must have great experience of your business with high expectations which will make them fall in love with it or become devoted in another explanation.

This means that by creating the delighted customers, you have succeeded step one in the process of creating your devoted customers and in fact for you to create them you must pass through this step where you will be receiving new customers who are to be made devoted one. This step involves offering them services or goods with high quality so as to influence their high expectation on your service/business.

A second step is for you to make sure these new customers get experienced with your services so that they become devoted to you because high expectation plus great experience equals to devoted customers.

It is you who matters a lot

It is only good customer care which will enable you create devoted customers, how you relate to your customer matters a lot because normally customers look at you first and second your products or service offered. If your relation will be good they will keep on buying your products regardless its slight changes in quality sometimes. Remember there are many places where the same service or products you are selling are offered but customers choose to come to you instead, this shows how you and your developed relation with your customer matters a lot.
  •   Try to receive your customers with positive attitude, smile, care and great respect to them.
  •   Make sure your customers are familiar with your service or business kind you offer, help them to understand on what they seem to like and explain to them if there is anything relating to them which can be important and answer all asked question in a well explanatory manner for them to clearly understand and get satisfied. Seek to understand them before you are understood.
  •   Ask them if they are satisfied with your service and if not please make sure you clear everything until they are satisfied
  •  Give thanks to them before they leave and have them a warmly welcome next time 
  •  You can also use your more inborn attributes which can help you to care them and convince them to love your service
  •   Apart from this remember to find a way which will make you in contact with your customers most of the time, you can use social medias, Phones, emails etc.
  •  But also giving gifts like cards during public holidays for instance Christmas etc can attract your customers
  •  Giving them brochures which states about your business helps a lot to make them get experienced with your business/services and at the end make them your devoted customers.

NB. These are just some of the things you can apply for you to care your customers but there are many more you can find out yourself.

The fact is if you will manage to offer good customer care to your new delighted customers who has just met your high quality business (products/services), they will get more interested and become devoted to your business. And becoming devoted they will glue themselves to you, shout much to the world about your business hence you will get more and more devoted customers who will be spending most of their money to your business. IS THIS WHAT YOU LIKE IN YOUR BUSINESS? Of course yes! So keep on creating your devoted customers and remember that this is not an overnight activity it is a growing process which should last, you will have to create devoted customers throughout your business lifetime.

Good luck as your are starting creating your devoted customers.

By Erick Chrispin

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Overcoming your addiction


What is this addiction in me? 

It might be true that addiction has been consuming most of your time and energy to the extent of feeling stubborn and guilty sometime. Addiction is a great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time is devoted. As most of vulnerable people are those who are drug addicts then I can define it as a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug (Encarta dictionary).

Addiction is a grown habit in you; it starts with an experience by your body then your mind. Your subconscious mind accepts it from which it creates its permanent settlement, it is then in your psychological sphere. As long as the actions of your body are controlled by your thought and feelings or emotions, then that habit in your subconscious mind will now control you. You will become its slave; you will have to respond to it at the right time to the right place as it commands you. This slavery is what makes you feel stubborn of your addictions.

If you won’t take time to overcome your addiction then it will be growing and getting strong everyday and the result of this is for you to fail completely overcoming it. You will reach the extent of being aware that you are enslaving yourself but you fear to stop behaving that way because you believe you can’t, it is then in your blood. 

Varieties of addictions

There is a lot of addiction kinds though most of people are drug addicts like alcoholics, cigarette smokers but as the world is nowadays bringing in a lot of new stuffs in relation to technology development then people are even addicted by Internet products like facebooking, twitting etc. there are TV watching addicts, computer addicts, sexual intercourse addicts, food addicts, reading books addicts, masturbation addicts for both men and women, music addicts, and many more. People are normally not happy for these addictions but they do know how they can overcome them and set themselves free out of slavery.

The way to overcome your addiction

 Many people have been advised to start reducing the practice of their addiction slowly believing that after sometime they will automatically and permanently stop. OK, it might work for some of us but very few and it is very rare, for me I count this as a second phase of enslaving yourself process because by doing so you are testing yourself by tasting a thing which you like but you hate it for the sake of overcoming it, you will end up using it as whole, and the result of this approach is you to continue practicing it slowly for a very long time in your life without quitting because you everyday practice for the purpose of reducing. Most of cigarette smokers and alcoholics fall in this trap, they decide to stop by this approach and they at the end found themselves having a final smoke and drink everyday which is not ending as a true final.

Remember I said your addiction is a habit settled in your subconscious mind where things are settled permanently not easy to remove them though it is very possible. For you to succeed removing them there you need first to find something else to replace there. Such addiction can’t leave there an empty space; it must be covered all the time. Therefore before you decide to stop practicing your addiction let say smoking or drinking, you must prepare something different to replace there. The function of this new habit you are going to replace to, is to help you keep on practicing something else instead of your addiction and this will enable you forget your previous habit easily and later you will completely leave it aside. You might not forget it but you won’t be feeling to have it anymore, it will remain a history. 

What does it take to overcome your addiction?

To be honest this process of overcoming your addiction by onetime stoppage and replacing with another new practice which you like and it is beneficial for your life is a struggle. It is a struggle because you are trying to deny something which was built in you, for a long time it was representing you and you want to become a new person. This addiction will start acting as a sprit with great power to pull you back, the voice will be speaking in your mind every time to smoke cigarette if that was your addiction so is up to you to reject with a big NO! while doing something else, please don’t be idle in this state because by being so you will end up trapped and pulled back to your previous addiction.

It is enslaving yourself by reducing your addiction slowly.

Though this is a struggle but a good thing is that it doesn’t last longer, it will take short time depending on your intention and persistence to win. Never test to touch it again if you have decided to stop because a very small touch will make you stay at it forever. This means that for you to overcome your addiction you must make a VERY STRONG DECISION to stop and this decision need you to take a step to stop once not reducing it slowly.

Why you need to overcome your addiction?

There are lots of negative impacts to do with your addiction depending on the type of such an addiction. The first one which is general is your thinking and behavior change that you become a kind of person whom you yourself don’t like and also not fitting to your lovely people and society. Also a guilty within you as when you are aware that you are addicted and enslaved by it and mainly when you struggle to overcome it but failing and don’t know what to do so as to overcome it. You do not become free; you are not relaxing because of it. But there are also biological impacts out of your addiction in your body for instance, if you are cigarette smoking addict, you have a big chance to affect your health in terms of weight loss, affecting your lungs, poor sex conduct ability and many more, for more information on this please visit this site http://www.interventionctr.com/addiction.htm.

Let today be the end of your addiction burden, decide to stop it completely from today, make a strong and difficult decision and start living your new life which will look like a struggle to you for a very short time at the beginning before you become a champion and winner. This is very possible, it is up to you to control your behavior and change your life from today.

Good luck as you are stopping your addiction today.

It is worth doing it today because you know nothing about tomorrow

By Erick Chrispin

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Treating your mistakes


For a very long time I had been suffering from my mistake’s guilt which made me discouraged and discontinued with my struggle to personally develop and achieve my objectives. Do you know that failing to well treat your mistakes is what psychologically upsets and stressing you to the extent of feeling an invaluable person in your community or to your people? 

There are few important aspects which you real need to know about MISTAKES for you to treat them so as they cant offend you and hinder your progress in your work. Normally if you want to deal with anything effectively you must have knowledge on how it works so for this case you need to understand the meaning of  MISTAKE and the foundation of yours so that you can easily deal with it.

Simply mistakes refers to an incorrect, unwise, or unfortunate act or decision caused by bad judgment or a lack of information or care. If you try to well understand this definition it means for you to do a mistake it doesn’t mean that you are ineffective person it might be due to lack of a right information so it is not bad to do a mistake by first time but at least you should not be repeating the same mistake next time.

During our childhood our society and parents taught us that we are not allowed to make mistakes, we grew up with this mentality which recently makes us so guilt when we do mistakes and we do not accept them completely as a result we become upset and feel like we are stupid most of the time. This hinders us to try again what we had been doing so as we can’t do another mistake to become stupid. This is a very wrong approach to treating our mistakes. Let me show you the working approach to treat your mistakes;

1.      Change your attitude towards mistakes; you can’t be perfect; Les Brown a popular motivational speaker in USA once said, “Practice makes improvement and not perfect as we know”. I real accept his thinking because when you think you have done perfectly someone else will come and show you the way you could make it to look better than the way you have done and you will accept the truth. Together with such addition still a third person will come and improve it more so the truth is as we keep on practicing we are improving what is not perfect.

Knowing this truth then mistakes are there always, you might keep on making mistakes in almost all new experiences coming to you because you are not perfect, an important thing to remember is that; your mistake had to happen whether you liked it or not but what made it to happen is what you have to find out so that you can correct so as you won’t repeat the same mistake next time. When you find such a root cause you will be learning from your mistake and personally develop.

2.      Ask an intentional WHY? As you meet the result of your mistake start by asking yourself a question WHY DID I DO IT THIS WAY? With an intention of exploring and understanding the reason behind, this will give your mind a space to discover the reasons behind. After getting the reasons then the subconscious part of your mind will start telling you the right way which you could do, not to make such a mistake. If for instance you were lacking some important information it will then tell you a right source of such information for you to learn and correct your mistake next time; it might be books to read or seminars to attend. Never ask yourself a question WHY while you’re groaning and crying for doing such a mistake because by doing so you will not get a chance to reflect and come up with good reasons for such a mistake to happen.

3.      Cool down: when you do a mistake most times you feel like dying especially when other people start lamenting on you. In times like this try to accept it and apologize, stop arguing if you are real responsible for such a mistake. Doing so it will make others forgive you and tell you the right way which you could use for you not mistaking. This process of cooling down and accepting takes your energy but it is possible, it needs your persistence but it has a very good end results, it will build your relation with others and also set you in a comfort zone after your mistake.

4.      Build a foundation: this will help you a lot to reduce a chance of making mistakes in your workings. You can build an appropriate foundation by learning and understanding well about what you want to do before you start doing it. You need to know if you are in a good position to do what you want to do in terms of your personal readiness (psychologically), your ability in terms of a required knowledge and skills together with all important tools which will make you achieve, then you can start doing it.

Building this foundation will increase your confidence level and care as you will be working and all this will reduce the chance of you making mistakes, you will 95% be sure of not making mistake. But remember at first I said mistakes can come unfortunately and the 5% out of 100% stands for a chance of making mistakes though you are well prepared to do something well, so if it happens you can use the above techniques to treat your mistake. Keep on learning and developing personally every time so as you can reduce a chance of making mistakes most of the time in your works. Read books, attend seminars and trainings to make yourself fit for your carrier.

“Don’t be guilt of making mistakes instead find a reason why and learn how you can overcome it next time so that you can’t repeat the same mistake which is real embarrassing”


Making mistake is better than doing nothing.

By Erick Chrispin