Sunday, August 24, 2014


I have been telling many people in my seminars that your mind the main engine of how your body function is always work under your command. And your command is the decision you make which affects the way you behave in totality. 

For instance if you decide that you are not going to put effort at work anymore,  your mind will receive that decision as command and start implementing it immediately as you will start receiving a lot of ideas and opinions in your mind on why you do have to put off effort at work. Your will start hearing sounds in your mind like; you are not capable of doing this, by the way putting more effort you are benefiting other people not you, you will get more tired etc.

This happens the same when you decide the other way round. If you say I will start working more harder at work, your mind will receive it as a command and start implementing immediately by giving you ideas on how you can manage to work hard. This is to say your life is your command.

Giving up as a command.

Giving up is accepting to fail on something is a decision you make that you have failed. Some people become more desperate until they give up their life, i.e. they decide and accept that there is nothing they can do in life to survive, they see their life valueless, and they see no any alternative for them to get anything they want in life, what they see is only death and loss of everything. They even wish something could happen to kill them so that they disappear. These kind of people can easily commit suicide and commit any kind of crime for whatever happens in their life doesn't bring pain instead pushing them into their planned destine which is death.

And all these happens a moment you decide that you are a looser and you cannot do anything to overcome challenges and make your life better. Most people think that way after they have faced some great challenges which make them feel rejected in their society. Unfortunately after giving up they will have to find food to eat so they will steal even from their wives, husbands or relatives and friends. They will rob people in street and take money to buy food; they will easily use drugs to stress-out themselves and some of them with late treatment will mentally become affected while some of them will easily get insomnia and die. All these are an outcome of just giving up as a command to your mind.
In a recent competitive world youths are the one who are much affected by giving up affections. Especially in urban areas where everything must be creative to survive, those who are not, end up giving up in their life and get affected by its results.

What can be a solution to this?

If you have also given up and suffer from its results, you just have to change the way you interpret the meaning of your life, the way you perceive your life, what does challenges in life mean to you? If they mean something not to face in life, that is why you give up but if they mean something to overcome so that you move forward to your goal and dream then you won’t give up.

You just have to clearly understand that you were born to overcome and confront challenges ahead of you for you to survive that is it and that is your main business in life. Life is either you are controlled by nature or you control nature, and if you wait to be controlled by nature you will be stressed, trying to overcome some natural barriers to life is what is work and production which is your business in life and there is where the true meaning of your life comes from.

It takes your thinking and creativity to come up with an alternative to solve prevailing challenges in your life, putting actions through your thoughts and plans then see results which realize your success in life. The point here is that you do not have to give up instead keep pushing forward solving challenges you face until the end of your life and that is what life is.

If you have given up in your life, remember you are killing yourself slowly, stop that today and change your life perception to start producing through work, there you will gain a life you want.

All the best!
Erick Chrispin