Friday, September 28, 2012

Your words makes your life.


Are you aware that you are who you are because of the words you use most of your time? I came to realize that after recognized that in my life most of the things I get are directly related to what I say and they directly relate to the vocabularies I use most of the time.


The truth is your repeated words makes your thoughts and you normally believe on what you think most of the time and further more you will end up acting your thoughts, when you act something repeatedly it becomes your behavior, you know what! YOUR BEHAVIOR DETERMINES THE STYLE AND LEVEL OF YOUR LIFE.


Your words are what makes you either poor or rich, successful or unsuccessful because your words are your plans. Just imagine if your normally say, “Being rich is not for a person like me” then you will never abide to what makes people rich; “to be a star you must be talented and I am not talented” then you will never search for your talent and develop it for you to become a star; “I am born in a poor generation being rich is not for people like us”, “I am so sick and I do not have any hope to get healed”, all these words gives you what you deserve as they determines your behavior and life in general

From the above logic imagine if you will start using the opposite side words, the very positive words, the words of rich and successful people, get used to them and spend most of your time using them, how successful your life is going to be? 


It is there waiting for you, the problem is that you are not using the words relating to most of your time and when you want to talk about it you use the irrelevant words which do not trigger your thinking to concentrate to it and also you use the words which negates such a WANT. If you want to be financially successful you real need to learn and know many important financial vocabularies and use them as you address such a want. 

It is not a matter of using right words but your interpretation matters more.

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad in his definition of ASSET and LIABILITY says, most of us are confusing by defining Liability as an Asset and this is due to how we are taught in schools and what happens after this wrong interpretation is that we end up investing in liabilities (things that takes money from our pockets) instead of assets (things that put money in our pockets) and at the end of the we die poor while struggling to do some non-growing investments every day. So you need to have a right positive definition of whatever word you are using most of the time so that it can help you to have a good plan of your life which will realize your success or a life you want.


I built a nice foundation at the beginning, I explained you the power of your words to shape your life and I am now sure that you are realizing how you have made your life by your words, it is not your fault that you are using those words it is because of your significant others who programmed you to use those words most of the time, just observe people you had been spending time with in your life and those whom you spend life with recently, you will recognize that they are using the same words, so if these words makes your life poor it means you need to choose new words and new friends and colleagues. If your words makes you rich and successful then you are luck and you real need to maintain them and your friends/ colleagues  

On top of that be aware and remember that the words whispering in you are more powerful to influence your life than those which you say out loudly.

Good luck

By Erick Chrispin

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reposition yourself


Are you wondering why nowadays you don’t succeed what you plan and all your vision compared to sometimes back? Sometime you start thinking as something has gone wrong in your life and sometimes again you tend to think that as you become older your thinking capacity goes down, your IQ is diminishing, your mind becomes heavy to creativity compared to sometimes back when you were young. If you are facing these situations then you are lucky because your future is going to shine very soon after understanding this concept of REPOSITIONING YOURSELF.


This look to me like our human behavior, normally after succeeding we tend to relax and forget all the responsibilities, roles and paths which enabled us to reach the success we have. Bad enough we relax while misbehaving as if we are not the same people who struggled and worked hard with a lot of persistence and commitment to overcome a lot of challenges we faced during our journey to the success we have. It is always very hard for many people to maintain their success than struggling to succeed. WHY THIS?

I am talking to you…

I am not talking to only successful people here but to you also whether you count yourself successful or unsuccessful because at least everyone has enjoyed success to some point in his or her life. It might be success in studies, marriage, sports, competitions, business or whatever you can tell people you succeeded regardless it being small, too small or big, all are success as long as you admit them to be so.


May be you lost your way and you are now passing in a very wrong new way, why not succeeding today like the way you made it those times?

Today I was meditating and started to watch a movie like my whole life before today. I decided to start rewinding and remembering all the moments I did it well in my life, I passed through all my success moment since I was in kindergarten and before kindergarten to primary school, secondary school, high school, technical college, university and life after university. I saw a lot of big things I made those times, I realize how I had been potential to my life and future all those years, and I added value to the society a lot. The moving picture was full of inspiration to me, I found my mind is awakening again, energy was erupting in my body, my heart beats changed and became so fast as I was wondering the power I carry with me in my mind and body O! I have to go back to my world to extract my potential for the coming future which is shining only if I will be like how I was.


I found that in all the success moment I made before, there were a lot of leverage I applied in my life, among them was:

1.      Having vision on what I was doing,
2.      Setting goals on what I wanted to achieve,
3.      Stay focused at work,
4.      Commitment to what I was doing,
5.      Working with integrity,
6.      Persistence,
7.      Good time management by prioritizing the important to do list,
8.      Learning a lot on the respective field,
9.      Maintaining good relationship with people around me,
10.  Helping others to succeed,
11.  Believing in my great ability to do things,
12.  Believing to God my omnipotent power,
13.  Forgiving my enemies by well communicating with them,
14.  Volunteering to community works,
15.  Meditating most of the time to see the future I wanted,
16.  Respecting everyone around me,
17.  Being faithful to my promise,
18.  Learning from my daily experience,
19.  Being responsible,
20.  The use of good language in my communications helped to build my good relation with many stake holders,
21.  Perceiving problems as just challenges with a lot of alternatives,
22.  Being happy with smile most of the time and
23.  Networking with very important persons
WOW! So this means that by repositioning to these behavior now onwards my future is bright and it is SHINING who or what do you think is going to avoid that as I am repositioning myself again?


Never give up if you are facing challenges, there is a logic behind your success, if you succeeded before why not today? How if you decide to pass through the good path which made you successful and champion those days? I am sure you are going to win again. There is a popular SAYING which states that “you shouldn’t remember the past instead keep on looking where you going only” be careful, how if you are just looking on the wrong way and you do not look back to learn how you won so that you can apply the same good method to where you are heading to?

What the SAYING meant is that when you look back concentrate on what enabled you to win and WHY you didn’t win so that you can find the reason behind for you to make new strategy for the future journey. However you shouldn’t look back and regret on what you did wrong hence get discouraged to continue.

YOUR FUTURE IS SHINING what you have to do now is just reposition yourself to the previous secrets of your success and apply them now and to where your heading in your future, I am 100% sure that you are going to be a champion again.

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin