Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Does this happen to you too? Setting very nice goals writing them and failing to implement and achieve them at the end of the day? I personally suffered a lot from this challenge in my life until I came to discover that for me to implement and achieve my goals I need to have a good and easy to go plan to reach my goals.

Most of us forget this!

Most of us set goals and forget an important part which is making a plan to achieve such goals. A plan to achieve your good goals refers to important steps you are going to take in order to get what you want in life. For instance if your goal is to loose weight in the coming 6 months then you shouldn’t end up to such a goal, what you are supposed to do is planning and making a strategy on what you are going to do so as to loose such a weight in the coming six months.

A plan can be to do a 30 minutes special body exercises which can help you reduce weight every day, stop eating too much oily foods from now onwards, attending classes for weight loosing training ones a week, practicing diet according to specialist consultation from now onwards etc. living through this plan can assure you achieving your good goal, out of that it is not possible to even start moving towards your goal; you must make a plan.

Some of us ends up here…

Some of us ends up having a dream but for you to achieve your dream you need to set goals because setting goals is like breaking down your dream into small pieces which can be easy to handle but at the end of the day it is also difficult to achieve these goals if you do not have a plan to do so. If you have goals try to ask yourself on which steps you are going to take so as to reach them or what you should do every day to reach such goals and that will be your plan. 

In 3 months I achieved a goal set two years back 

For a very long time I had a dream of writing a personal development book and it took years without being written then I decided to set a goal to reach this dream, my goal was to write a Swahili version book by December last year 2012 and again I didn’t achieve it, this year I decided to think beyond that goal and decided to make a plan of waking up at 4 AM every day and write 3 to 4 pages or one chapter before going to work, another plan was to set an alarm to wake me up 15 minutes before 4am so that I can use this 15 minutes to wake up from my bed and start writing. 

After making this plan I started living it and in the next 3 months a book of 150 pages was over. From there I drew a lesson that for anybody to achieve his/ her good goals he/she must make a good plan on how she/he is going to reach such goals.

Have you set a plan to achieve your goals?  

If not this is your time, think the steps you are going to take to reach your good goals and put them into action or start living them today with great discipline then I am assuring you that you are going to achieve your goals in your time bound.

One thing you must remember is that achieving your good goals is not an overnight deal, you must make a plan to start small and slowly you are going to finish the whole thing. Your speed to it matters a lot to reach there faster so keep on working hard and never waste your time by focusing and concentrating in to irrelevant activities instead make sure that everything you do every day contributes to the development of your goals and vision; i.e. it relates to your goals in different ways then you are sure of achieving your goals and dreams.

Good luck!
By Erick Chrispin