Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Treating your mistakes


For a very long time I had been suffering from my mistake’s guilt which made me discouraged and discontinued with my struggle to personally develop and achieve my objectives. Do you know that failing to well treat your mistakes is what psychologically upsets and stressing you to the extent of feeling an invaluable person in your community or to your people? 

There are few important aspects which you real need to know about MISTAKES for you to treat them so as they cant offend you and hinder your progress in your work. Normally if you want to deal with anything effectively you must have knowledge on how it works so for this case you need to understand the meaning of  MISTAKE and the foundation of yours so that you can easily deal with it.

Simply mistakes refers to an incorrect, unwise, or unfortunate act or decision caused by bad judgment or a lack of information or care. If you try to well understand this definition it means for you to do a mistake it doesn’t mean that you are ineffective person it might be due to lack of a right information so it is not bad to do a mistake by first time but at least you should not be repeating the same mistake next time.

During our childhood our society and parents taught us that we are not allowed to make mistakes, we grew up with this mentality which recently makes us so guilt when we do mistakes and we do not accept them completely as a result we become upset and feel like we are stupid most of the time. This hinders us to try again what we had been doing so as we can’t do another mistake to become stupid. This is a very wrong approach to treating our mistakes. Let me show you the working approach to treat your mistakes;

1.      Change your attitude towards mistakes; you can’t be perfect; Les Brown a popular motivational speaker in USA once said, “Practice makes improvement and not perfect as we know”. I real accept his thinking because when you think you have done perfectly someone else will come and show you the way you could make it to look better than the way you have done and you will accept the truth. Together with such addition still a third person will come and improve it more so the truth is as we keep on practicing we are improving what is not perfect.

Knowing this truth then mistakes are there always, you might keep on making mistakes in almost all new experiences coming to you because you are not perfect, an important thing to remember is that; your mistake had to happen whether you liked it or not but what made it to happen is what you have to find out so that you can correct so as you won’t repeat the same mistake next time. When you find such a root cause you will be learning from your mistake and personally develop.

2.      Ask an intentional WHY? As you meet the result of your mistake start by asking yourself a question WHY DID I DO IT THIS WAY? With an intention of exploring and understanding the reason behind, this will give your mind a space to discover the reasons behind. After getting the reasons then the subconscious part of your mind will start telling you the right way which you could do, not to make such a mistake. If for instance you were lacking some important information it will then tell you a right source of such information for you to learn and correct your mistake next time; it might be books to read or seminars to attend. Never ask yourself a question WHY while you’re groaning and crying for doing such a mistake because by doing so you will not get a chance to reflect and come up with good reasons for such a mistake to happen.

3.      Cool down: when you do a mistake most times you feel like dying especially when other people start lamenting on you. In times like this try to accept it and apologize, stop arguing if you are real responsible for such a mistake. Doing so it will make others forgive you and tell you the right way which you could use for you not mistaking. This process of cooling down and accepting takes your energy but it is possible, it needs your persistence but it has a very good end results, it will build your relation with others and also set you in a comfort zone after your mistake.

4.      Build a foundation: this will help you a lot to reduce a chance of making mistakes in your workings. You can build an appropriate foundation by learning and understanding well about what you want to do before you start doing it. You need to know if you are in a good position to do what you want to do in terms of your personal readiness (psychologically), your ability in terms of a required knowledge and skills together with all important tools which will make you achieve, then you can start doing it.

Building this foundation will increase your confidence level and care as you will be working and all this will reduce the chance of you making mistakes, you will 95% be sure of not making mistake. But remember at first I said mistakes can come unfortunately and the 5% out of 100% stands for a chance of making mistakes though you are well prepared to do something well, so if it happens you can use the above techniques to treat your mistake. Keep on learning and developing personally every time so as you can reduce a chance of making mistakes most of the time in your works. Read books, attend seminars and trainings to make yourself fit for your carrier.

“Don’t be guilt of making mistakes instead find a reason why and learn how you can overcome it next time so that you can’t repeat the same mistake which is real embarrassing”


Making mistake is better than doing nothing.

By Erick Chrispin

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