Saturday, April 28, 2012

Raising business capital

“An example of a woman from Tanzania”

Do you also believe that you can raise money as a capital of your starting up business though you don’t have any cash in your account/ pocket? I believe so after I became across this Tanzanian woman example that had no any little cash in her pocket but she managed to mobilize money and now she is rich employing a number of people in her tailoring small industry.

The story started like this: Her life became so tough as she had nothing for her to buy her daily bread then her solution was to meditate what she can do to get enough money in her life. She decided she had to start her own business but again a challenge came that she didn’t have capital to start any kind of business.

She kept on meditating on how she is going to get such capital then it was hard for her to find a way until she decided to think of the business idea to deal with. She decided she had to start a small tailoring mart but again a challenge was; she didn’t have any skills in sewing so she had to think further.


She started thinking on what she has personally as her nature, here is where a secret found and opened all the doors for her to get capital.

She discovered that she had a lot of friends but more than that she has a unique ability to make friends in a very short time as she meets a new person, she is naturally very good in making a quick rapport with new people on her presence, then she decided to use those friends and her ability to make money.


She thought and decided to face one of her best friends who was good in tailoring and asked her like, “please friend of mine can you train me how to measure people for a new dress of any design to be sewed?” Her friend accepted to train her for free as she was her best friend, this took short time for her to master the skill. She didn’t learn how to sew it was only taking measurements.

After that she started her next step in her plan which was to make a deal with her friend who was good in sewing but she didn’t have customers in her small industry in town. The deal was that she will be bringing her orders with readymade measurements to be sewed and after finishing she will be paying her the sewing costs, her friend accepted such a deal because she thought her work will be easy as customer will be brought by this woman.

Then after negotiating with her friend, she started visiting a number of her friends in different offices in town with a very cheap measuring tape in hand trying to convince them that she has established a tailoring mart business and the goodness of her business is that she can measure you where you are and you pay an advance half a cost from which she buy materials and after sometime she brings back your well sewed dress hence you buy your new clothes without moving to a market.

She started doing like this and a lot of her friends liked her service and they became her devoted customers who brought her more customers, now already she had a capital and started making profit which enabled her to later buy many new tailoring machines and established a big premise where she employed a number of good tailors and herself remained a manager and marketing officer to find customers and measuring them in their places. As I am writing she is said to be so rich out of such business. She used to raise capital out of her empty hands.

Don’t stop starting up your business because you don’t have capital; try to think out of the box on how you are going to raise money by your brilliant business idea. Your money is in the hands of your next person think on how you are going to convince him/her to give you that money without stealing from him or her it is very possible.

Good luck as you are thinking out of the box to raise money.

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