Saturday, May 17, 2014


One among the things that make most of us not successful in our life is not being responsible for whatever takes our life where it is now. We had been programmed our mind to make other people responsible for our own life situation hence we become so disappointed and stressed whenever they do not fulfill our needs and expectations. And in reality people and systems never manage to fulfill everything we want from them. We must change and become full responsible of our own life if we want to be balanced and successful.

Being in control of your life is one among the natural laws of success which everyone need. You just need a sense of control of every sphere of your life to feel successful. Whenever another person or situation seem to control you is when you start feeling uncomfortable of your own life. One among the biggest factor which makes people out of control in their life is when they are not responsible of their own life. For instance if you think the government is responsible to give you everything then it is obvious that this government will control your life.

Because it is not in a position to offer you whatever you demand from it, expect it to setup a lot of laws and conditions which will control you not to embarrass it hence you won’t get your demand plus a lot of disappointment and stresses in your life. Therefore you won’t be successful this way.

This applies the same to those who give their parents responsibilities for their own life, some give their lovers, husbands and wives, doctors and teachers and they wonder why they never become successful the way they want through these people.

If you are responsible for your own health you won’t blame your doctor for not giving you the right medicine every time instead you will do whatever makes your health good before even going to a doctor, you will eat balanced diet, you will do physical body exercises, you will have positive attitude etc.

A responsible student won’t blame his/her teacher for not supplying enough handouts instead he/she will seek where these handouts are and read. You see! Irresponsibility is what drags many people behind to achieve their success in life. And a big sign of not being responsible is being a blamer every time and pointing fingers to someone or something every time.

You can change this irresponsibility cancer by:

Always saying, “I am responsible for this” whenever you face a challenge in your life. Repeat saying this many times until your mind opens up ideas on how you are going to handle the situation and succeed in life. At first it will sound awkward saying that while grinning your teeth but as you continue your muscles will start loosening up and you will feel released.

Benefits of being responsible:

You are going to kill all negative attitudes in your personality and become an always happier person. You will never become anger in your life, you will have a sense control in your life, you will love everyone and become loved by everyone hence your relationships will be wonderful. You will be more creative and peak performer at work plus life as whole and you will spiritually and healthily become fit and better. In general you will have an ultimate successful life.

Choose to be responsible of your own life now if you real want to become successful.

By Erick Chrispin