Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The power of learning from your own experience


Are you aware that almost all the experience you have and all knowledge you have came in your mind after you were born or arrived in this world? And do you also know that the information you have in your mind is what makes you behave the way you do, live and think the way you do? Do you know that is the amount of information you have in your mind which determines most of your actions in the real world?

What does this mean? Your behavior and life style will be changing depending on the kind and amount of information/ knowledge which you every day consume in your mind, if you consume constructive information and knowledge then you will be acting and behaving constructively and successful this comes the same if you consume destructive information then you will be acting and behaving the same way. This is because your mind works like an engine to control all your body’s actions and it works according to what you think and always your thinking is a result of what you know i.e. the information/ experience you have in your mind.

What I want to tell you here is that in order for you to change in your life you need to learn every day; you need to learn new things most of your time. If you decide to stay dormant without learning don’t think your mind is also stopped, the truth is your mind keeps on working and in connection to your emotions which comes up by your sense doors like eyes, nose, eyes, tongue etc it will receive the information and tell you what to do and how you can do it but the worse thing is uncontrolled mind consumes bad information and leads you to act and behave worse, because bad information do not have any restriction entering your mind while good and constructive information needs your effort to enter them in.

Therefore in order to overcome these destructive information make sure you are aware of the information you are consuming or you are about to consume and choose the constructive and right information so that your mind can lead you do according to such kind of good information/ knowledge. If you won’t take care and control your mind it will consume unneeded destructive information and make you behave that way.

There are many ways of learning new constructive knowledge for your personal development: you can go to school, colleges and universities, you can attend some workshops and seminars, you can read books and watch teaching videos etc. all these are appropriate ways and I suggest you use whatever makes you learn, I also like reading books, attending seminars and workshops but I then discovered another powerful, effective and cost free way of learning and change my life to positive and successful one every day, this is learning from my own experience.


It is very easy. If you always wake up and do some activities or whatever engagement you have in a daily basis that is your college to learn very new knowledge which are usually powerful, they are workable and unforgettable in your memory, they usually stay in your subconscious mind simply because they are results of your own experience during your workings.

The truth is: in whatever activity you do every day there is new learning for you to improve it next time regardless you have done it successful or unsuccessful still you can learn, improve it and become the best one next time. Also in whatever circumstance you face in your routines everyday whether are good or challenged you, there are good learning you can configure from them and change your life to become the best one next time. There is nothing you can’t learn from it in your life.

One day I went to a bank in town and took a big amount of money and decided to take a TAXI so that I can drop by our office, we were three in that small car, a driver, I and his colleague at our back sit, unfortunately these guys were not good as they on our way grabbed me with their knives, took all the money, pushed me out and then ran away. I lost all the official money. But I had to sit down and learn at the evening. The learning I got was to not accept taking a TAXI with two people I do not know because it is not safe, is better I take a public mini bus for my safety if I have a lot of money or property.

This is just an example and I wanted to show you that learning can be done even from negative experience but I have been learning many things in my life from my own daily experience, what I do is I every day evening after coming back home take my note book and start evaluating my whole day and remembering all the things I did and circumstances I passed through. Doing so I try to find some constructive learning from them and structure the way I am going to use such acquired knowledge next time to improve the activities or circumstances concerned.

Writing down the learning in my note book helps me to specify them and make them more clear, it helps me to strategize the way to use them and also I keep my note book because anytime I want to remember I just open it and memorize myself so it is important that you write them down. At the end of the day you will find yourself having some books of true knowledge from your own experience, the knowledge which you can also teach other people because it came from you and developed by yourself.

If you will decide now to start learning from your own experience I assure you to realize great  positive changes in your life the important thing you need to do is to be faithful on doing this exercise and also behaving/ acting your new knowledge.

I wish you all the best as you are enjoying learning from yourself and positively changing your life.

Erick Chrispin.

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