Saturday, December 31, 2011




Have you ever thought of why years in your life? do you think is God who made years? but this is not my point here, what i want to emphasize is on the use of changing years in your life. I am sure you are celebrating a new year 2012, whether you are sad or happy but at least you are enjoying reaching another new year. 

Just imagine if there could be no new year, do you think it could be easy for you to have new developmental plans in your life? may be they could be there but sometime you decide to let some of the plans be done next year so as you can successfully achieve them, so having new years it helps us so much to plan our different goals and achieve them.

If you haven t planned anything new as this year is starting then you are still living 2011 and 2012 is not and cant look like a new year to you because in you nothing will be changed. Imagine if you had some unsuccessful behavior which you had been hating so much in 2011 and coming to 2012 you haven't  planed how you are going to overcome it that means in this new year such a behavior is going to look the same as last year then how can you say this is your new year?


The number 2012 do not enough mean new year to you if every thing remain the same, CHANGING YOUR DAILY ROUTINE in your life will mean new year to you, you need to make a new history in a new year so as you can give out its quality of being a new year.

New year mean time is going forward, you need to develop personally as time goes up that's why in every new year you need to have new plans to bring new development.

Don't be a traditional man in a new year, don't let this year change only in its number (2012) to you, it should be a new year even in your success level.

You are still not late to plan and make it a new year to you, sit down reflect on your dreams you want to achieve then set new goals this year and plan how you are going to achieve them. at the end of last year i posted an article on how you can evaluate and plan for this 2012 year, such article is still available below and valid to you now please read it again and it will help you a lot on how you can evaluate and plan so as to make this a new year to you. Remember a year comprises 365 days this mean at whatever day you will start counting, around a 365 day will be the end of your year and you will qualify to start a new year, what I mean hear is you are not late to plan for this new year do it now to make it a new with a lot of success to you.


All the best in your planning 

Eric Chrispin 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Plan your next year now

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As years pass we need to move ahead in our life development, we need to personally develop and achieve our vision, our dreams at least to come out with new achievements, we need to go more steps ahead economically, socially and may be politically.

The fact is that you will never realize your dreams if you do not plan because planning activate activities to do on your dreams. I want to show you what you can do to plan for next year so that you can deliver and realize what you have dreamt to achieve in the coming year.

In fact you need to personally evaluate yourself on what happened this year and plan what you will be doing next year. I have prepared you some strategic points/ questions which will guide you on your personal evaluation. This evaluation can be done perfectly in a calm or cool environment, a place where you feel cool and relaxing when you are there. In my case when I was doing this I went to a hotel close to beach and took a room, stayed there alone for 24 hours evaluating and planning for my next year.

 Being there I got a chance to meditate while seating along the shore of beach, for sure I got a lot of new ideas, I made a new personal vision for next year, I acquired very powerful dreams and then I strategized, so for next year I have a very good plan and it will be a year full of confidence to me. I am now stressed free for next year I hope at the end of next year I will realize the great achievements of my vision, my goals and dreams because already I know the way to go through it, I have a map to follow.

I kindly ask you to do this activity and you will realize what I am telling you and it will help you a lot. Please go with me through these guidelines
  • ·         What was the most fun I had this past year?
  • ·         What did I lean this past year?
  • ·         What did I change for good this past year?
  • ·         What bad habits did I pick up this past year?
  • ·         What books had the biggest impact on me this past year?

  • ·         What important projects would I like to complete this next year?
  • ·         What am I looking forward to in my personal life this next year?
  • ·         What skills would I like to sharpen this next year?
  • ·         What books will help me the most this next year?
  • ·         How can I increase my service to others this next year?
  • ·         How much would I like to earn this next year?
Succeeding to answer all these questions effectively you are going to realize a new personal vision and mission of your life and next year is going to be a year with full of success to you but only if you are going to work on your entire mission you have discovered through this exercise. Remember to write down each and every answer you are coming up with. 

Please I hope to see you back and share your success with others through this blog next time and may be next year.

God bless you more.


Erick Chrispin.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The meaning of TRUE MAISHA

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In my life I have discovered that I came in the world for a very special purpose, it was not unfortunate that I was born in this world the fact is I came with a special mission, I have something to fulfill before I die so this mean that I am very special. A great mission I have realized to be gifted is to contribute in making the world a better place for people to live in including me.

This is true because in me I found a big ability to think and come out with amazing ideas from which I can change them into reality or into a real world where eyes can see or hands touch it. I believe that God created the world with whatever natural entity you see but more than that he created me and you to use his creativity but further to recreate new things from his raw creativity so that we can enjoy living in the world, fulfilling this he gave us an ability to think and create that’s why you see a lot of amazing creativity around you done by people like you. If you haven’t done anything yet, then you now need to know that it is so because you haven’t dared to identify and activate your innate ability which you own since you were born, this is the time for you to start doing it.

Do you know that you got all the authority to control the world starting with your own body? This is true; you can decide to make your life the way you want it to be because most of what you always do comes out of your thinking and decisions. Someone can decide something and propose you to attempt but you will not attempt or do it until you have accepted in your mind, you can accept doing things with different reasons or factors for instance it can be due to your fear, emotional satisfaction, cognition but all in all your acceptance and attempt to anything has a great connection with your thinking. Saying that I mean in whatever you have done whether it is good or bad in your life the right person to condemn or appreciate for that is you because all the actions towards achieving what happened started with you yourself.

Every time start by yourself before going out of you to condemn or appreciate on what is done in your life because you usually determine the style of your life. My aim here is to show you the level of your authority to control the world around you and your body. Your thinking is the engine of your body action, if you fear in your mind then your body will respond the same, if you are happy then your body will change and respond to it so if you think dying then your body will automatically respond to the engine and you will truly start dying, if you think you are young while your age is old then your body will start responding the same; you will be looking young in your old age and visevesa  is true for youth or young people. You just choose a life you want and it happen the same because you have all the authority.

Many times we had been living in a world we don’t like because we are programmed to live in by our society from family level, it can be our parents, relatives or friends so we are usually not happy when we perform our life, we sometimes hate ourselves because we want to go out of what others wants us to be, time is going fast until we get old without doing even one thing of ourselves until we die with our unique abilities (talents) and discontents of what we have done in the world, for real we are debited by our creator for we haven’t done our purpose.

Saying this I mean your success is in whatever good thing or idea you fear to attempt because it is not accepted by others who are automatically controlling your life and then determining your worse destiny, you need to change from now and this is a remaining chance.

In this site (TRUE MAISHA) I intend to share with you the personal development insights or knowledge which may help you positively change the way you think and ultimately the way you act in real life from which your actions determine to a large extent your life style, your future living and destiny at all. I will try to share with you on how you always create and determine your own life and see how and what you can do to change it to a better position that is to a kind of life you want.

I want to share with you on how you can make a philosophy of your own life which will be your guide in living, a philosophy which will assure you a life you want to live. You need to discover and create your personal vision and mission in your life so as you can escape living by being programmed by other people like friends, relatives etc. you need to live according to you, you need to believe in yourself, you will get to discover your dream and know how to realize them or make them true.

I also intend to share with you many techniques which can help you defeat your personal development barriers like fear i.e. lack of confidence, procrastination, laziness, poor performance at work etc, you will get to know how you can overcome them and set goals and strategies to new life. I also want to share with you the psychological solution which will enable you live comfortable in the recently speedy changing world, you will be able to overcome stresses, frustrations and heal yourself from diseases which comes together with these stuffs. In 2007 I healed my self from strong ulcers which took me two years back, I didn't use any drinking tablet nor injection but only changing the way of thinking since then I am OK till to date, it is very possible, I will share with you the causes of these kinds of disease and how you can do to heal them by yourself.

True Maisha is basically seeing your personal life in detail so as to develop it but I also intend to share with you  the way you can personally develop in relation to your social construction i.e. culture and systems in all spheres: socially, politically and economically. The aim is to enable you be aware and see on how you can develop from their affection or influence.

I need you to discover your potentials which are in you since you were born and find a way to utilize them so that you can live a life you want before you leave this world.

Therefore I hope you are going to visit this site as many times as you can so as to change your life with me and you are welcome to share your personal life experience so that others can learn from you through this blog. Send to me by my email  and I will post it in my blog so that others can learn also.

Erick Chrispin