Saturday, April 6, 2013


It takes your ambition to get what you need in life. Being ambitious is necessary if you want to succeed, you can write a number of goals, visions and missions in paper but without being determined by ambition to achieve them they are going to die just in that paper.

Ambition goes together with action, it fuels your action to execute your goals and vision so as you can accomplish your mission. 

Are you also facing a challenge of not succeeding although you are ambitious? Sometimes you build an ambition which fade up quickly before even starting to execute it?

If all these or some of them happens in your life then you need to know that your ambition might be SELFISH. Selfish ambition makes you focus on what you want and not needing, it makes you focus on short term successes, it makes you seek for power over others, winning others, being on top of those who helps you to succeed, getting everything for yourself and so many negative intentions.

The result of selfish ambition is you to become jealous over others who succeed in the same path you are going through which may result into you giving up, hating them, stop asking for their support, killing them so that you can win over them, enmity, stop perusing your dream thinking it is taken by other people, limiting your creativity level, becoming rude to others and doing anything which will make you win even if is making others poor or die.

Even though you are going to get what you want out of your selfish ambition in life the fact is it will never last, you will die ruthlessly as the way you grew up before. The same speed you used to affect others for yourself benefit will apply to your falling apart. This is what happened to different self-ambitious leaders who succeeded by affecting others but ended up killed shamelessly.  

Get rid of selfish ambition 

Let the purpose of your ambition be helping others to succeed in their life, let your ambition follow your purpose to advocate for humanity, keep in mind that you need to explore the reason WHY YOU EXIST in the world, you are not there for yourself instead for people to make a world a better place for all of us to live through our natural given gift of talents and personal unique abilities to do wonderful innovations.

Try to explore your ambition now,

Is it selfish? Are you jealous of other people who succeed over you? Are you becoming angry when someone else peruse a kind of your dream before you do that? Are you affecting others for the sake of your success? Are you following your role model so that you can ultimately win over him or her? Are you focusing on the short term results instead of long term? Is your ambition works under purpose to serve others or is due to your desire to become powerful over others? If all these apply to you then your ambition is a limiting to your success one, even though you are going to succeed but there is high probability that your success won’t last.

A result based ambition

Makes you believe that you are living in a world of plenty so even when your dream is perused by another person you still have a chance to do it in a unique way which represents your personal talents which is incomparable to any other.

Your true ambition which will lead to your lasting success will trigger you to ask yourself on WHY ARE YOU THERE? It will give you a chance to come up with dreams which will support others to live better in their life and honor you. It will pull all the possibility and motivations to make you succeed or achieve your vision and goals.

Choose to be SELFLESS, build a selfless ambitions to achieve whatever you need in your life and that will motivate you, it will push you into action, it will trigger your creativity level, build peace of mind, rise your self-esteem and so many benefits.

Good luck
By Erick Chrispin
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