Sunday, January 15, 2012

Discovering your personal vision by meditation


How do you define vision in your life? Are you living without having a vision in your life? It is very easy for you to get lost if you are just going somewhere you do not have an idea how it look like, it is more worse because you will 0% be sure to reach there and more bad enough you might die on your way because there is 100% sure of you passing a wrong way with killers. 

I want to relate it to your journey towards success in your life, you might have been struggling a lot to win your life or get the life you want but you are wondering why you are not succeeding, you have been trying a lot of different activities, businesses and projects but you never achieve the end result you wish to get. You always start and may be getting discouraged on the way by different kind of challenges and stop thinking and deciding to start another different kind of business which you are also not sure that you might end up achieving it
I want to pour you a might be great factor which works like a root cause to many people fail in their life and business. This is LACK OF VISION and those who have vision then it might not be CLEAR. It is necessary we have a clear vision of where we want to go and be in our life, as long as you are independent then you need to choose a better life you want to live as you are still in the world, the only and great ability God/nature gave you is an ability to imagine such kind of life before you achieve it, it doesn’t cost you anything to imagine you are living somewhere amazing where you are recently not there, nobody will charge you if you will imagine living like a celebrity (STAR) in the world, living president’s kind of life, living a rich people and royal family kind of life or living any ideal kind of life. This is very free is up to you to choose and use an opportunity.

Vision and imagination goes together you must imagine first and then when you do so you will be configuring your vision, where your positive imagination brings you is where you want to go that is the point of your destination and that will determine the whole road you are going to pass through and how you are going to walk so as to reach there, then you will surely be knowing where you are going, you won’t lost on your way, you must reach a destination if you real like and need to reach there, it is quite different from just going somewhere you do not know or you’re not clear of.

CAN YOU BUY FROM YOUR FUTURE NOW? Jim Rohn one among the greatest motivational speakers in the world emphasized this. You can just buy from your future to live it today what you do is just imagine where you want to be in future and plan the way you can reach and achieve it today. What do you want in your life? The fact is: it is there waiting for you to take it and use, just do a small exercise of creatively imagining and start following it with positive attitude until you reach and acquire it the way you want.

HOW CAN YOU VISUALIZE AND REALIZE YOUR PERSONAL VISION? As I said before it is by creative imagination. My aim today is to share with you how meditation can help you discover your great vision. May be myself story will inspire you and guide you well.

Last year I went to one of the Indian Ocean beach in Dar es salaam city Tanzania, stayed there for 24hours doing personal evaluation and year plan as I shared with you in the previous post on PERSONAL PLANNING, then in the late afternoon when very few people were around the beach I found a very cool and calm place where I could only hear the blowing of sea waves by wind and sat there, it was very relaxing moment in my life, at least I was away from my fellow human beings and enjoyed staying with nature, to make a story short I closed my eyes and started to imagine moving around the empty world above the sea, I was forcing being there until I found myself out of that beach mentally, I was no longer feeling like seating along the beach I was somewhere else, in the world I never experienced before. 

Then a lot of ideas and pictures were coming in my mind, I started meeting with lovely friends, my relatives and in shock I found myself wearing an executive suit in front of a big crowed of people listening to me in a stadium, they were soooo impressed and inspired with what I was speaking to them O my God! This was a new world and experience to me, It was like “WHAT! Me?” I abruptly opened my eyes not believing what I was seeing there “NO! still seating along the beach!” then I said loudly “I need to go where I was again, I closed my eyes again to see again the crowed, real I saw it for the second time then I said “I REAL NEED TO LIVE SUCH KIND OF LIFE AND PROVIDE SUCH SERVICE TO PEOPLE, I MUST LIVE AND REACH THERE”. I ran to my room and take a note book write the whole story, the whole picture I saw. That is my vision it leads me now, I find myself motivated to set strategies to reach there every time I remember such a picture in me, I believe in it, it real determines many activities which I recently do I am very comfortable, committed and confident when I do personal development activities to people because it is determined by my discovered vision through meditation.

The aim of sharing with you this story is to let you know the power of meditation which you can do for free, it doesn’t have any tax in it and how it is done. Seating along the beach is one among many locations you can use to do meditation, some years ago I used to go to mountains and forests and seat there but the right place is where there is real coolness and calmness, a place where you can feel being alone with nature then you just leave and go to an empty world and enjoy new experience you never saw it before like the way I did.

You can do meditation in a very private room in your home; you can do it in your bedroom in midnight before the street and home noise start. Most of rich and successful people use to do meditation so as to get new ideas and discover new opportunities THIS IS THEIR SECRET. You can also use it and start living the life you real want and dream to have. It is your choice but the journey starts from creating a vision of your success then what next is how to make sure you achieve such a vision.

In the next article I will share with you how you can live your discovered vision, please keep in touch, I will share with you how I now sustain and live my vision. That is an important information you real need to have because you can discover your vision (very nice) but realizing it in a real world is a difficult part most of us fail because it takes our energy and persistence, there is something to do for it to be sustainable.

Please make sure you do a meditation to discover your personal life vision now because this is a big step towards achieving the true life and success you want. This step is what we call extra thinking; it is compulsory and unavoidable for you to succeed in your life. I assure you after doing this you will start feeling a different and valuable person of you and as an emphasis as you get such a vision just run and write it in your note book very soon before you start thinking other embarrassing stuffs. Just write it as a story, it works a lot and it sinks more in your subconscious mind, you will never forget and it will be motivating you every time you see it. Please do the way I suggest you to do and you will realize something wonderful in your life. 

I wish you good luck when you are enjoying meditating and discovering your new personal vision for success.

Erick Chrispin

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