Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Types of people



A Lot Of People Are Like Wheelbarrows –
 No Good Unless Pushed

Some Are Like Canoes – They Need to Be

Some Are Like Kite- If you Do Not Keep a
      String On Them, They Fly Away.

Some are Like Football- You Cannot Tell
     Which Way They Will Bounce Next

Some Are Like a Balloon – Full of Air and
Ready To Blow Up.

Some Are Like a Trailer – They Have To Be

And Some Well, They Are Like a Good Watch –
 Open Faced, Pure Gold, Quietly Busy and
of Good Works.

By The Way, “What Kind Of Person Are

Unknown Author

Monday, August 6, 2012

21st Century leadership style

Are you aware that in this century there is a special style of leadership which works more effective due to the nature of your follower’s modernity? A big challenge with today’s followers or led people is that they are always flexible in terms of their personal behavior at work which is a result of challenges of life they face every day. In the recent free market economy, challenges are more and still increasing everyday compared to previous decades and century. For instance relation problems between family members, couples, friends etc, economic problems, diseases, busy movements in town and many more upsetting situations contributes much to affecting your followers mood and behavior at work.

Therefore, conventional leadership style in this nature cannot work effectively, it will end up destructing your relationship with your followers and if they are your employees you will end up deploying them and employing new ones every day. 

“If my boss could get time to understand what problem I am facing in my family, he couldn’t rant at me that way”, “a big problem is that my boss doesn’t like to listen to me so she doesn’t understand my concern hence she thinks I am lazy at work”.
Are you also facing this kind of challenge at work? These kinds of leaders were applicable long time ago and they are not favored by 21st century leadership industry because life has changed as I said before.


As leaders we need to take care of what is going on to our followers for us to lead them in a result base approach. We need to clearly understand what drives their recent behavior and action for us to get a relevant and fair decision on them. we need to be aware that every action one does is a result of his/her feeling/emotion which founded in his/her experience after facing a certain situation, so there is no any behavior and actions which comes out of its root cause. 21st century followers need to be understood by their leaders for them to get a relief out of good and relevant treatments by their leaders; this enables them to work effectively with effort.


As a leader for you to be effective you need to work on yourself first and become aware of how your biological and psychological realm works, you need to be aware of how your cognitive reasoning works in you first. Trying to close your eyes and start feeling on how your heartbeats move, your breathing process, the touch of your clothes on your skin, feeling your feet on the ground, listening to birds sounds around where you are, trees sounds etc and open your eyes will help you to understand that there are a number of things and movement’s which goes on in your body and mind out of your conscious, and these movements which causes different feelings to occur in your body leads to new experience and behaviors hence actions to occur in your body and affect your work in one way or another. So if you find yourself ranting to someone brutally it is coming out of your feeling which is caused by something happened in you which is due to some external forces you have experienced.


Self awareness of how your body and psychology works will definitely help you to manage yourself behavior. That means you will think before accepting your feeling forces. Before ranting or discharging someone from work, you will end up reasoning first. A self aware leader or person never admits him/herself to his/her feeling without reasoning on its foundation first. He/ she will normally ask a question why and how this comes out?


What happens to you is the same to what happens to other people, the principle is the same as long as we are all human beings, a work of our body and psychology is the same also therefore we both share the foundation of our flexible actions which are the reactions to our feelings. Being self aware will help you so much to become social aware, this will help you to understand why other people like your followers at work behave the way they behave, why does she/ he react this way today compared to yesterday? Self awareness empowers your empathy level to your people.


Your social awareness will definitely help you build a very good relationship with whom you are leading or working with. Whatever action or reaction done by your people, employees or followers will be responded relevant to its cause because you will find yourself in a position of trying to recognize a situation behind such a new behavior or reaction. You will end up giving him/ her chance to express her/ his feeling for the purpose of solving a problem. It might be due to a conflict happened between her/him with her/his couple at home, or financial breakdown that is why she/he is in bad temper.


Succeeding to manage relationship due to your social awareness which is a result of yourself awareness will normally make you as a leader have right and fare decisions upon your followers. You will lead them in a proper manner which regard the situation behind the scene and this is what we call situational leadership and it is relevant to 21st century because life challenges which makes people behaviors and reactions change everyday are increasing everyday due to economic and technological development. For you to be a 21st century leader you have to learn and apply situational leadership style which is real flexible and it is according to the prevailing situation.


By Erick Chrispin