Friday, January 20, 2012

A secret behind generating your business idea


According to our global dramatic social change in which capitalism way of life is growing fast business is becoming an alternative to many people almost all over the world. Many people are thinking of establishing their own business apart from employment. The reason behind is first: Unemployment rate which is high and it is growing more every day, this leads to many people who graduate in colleges and universities miss jobs and second the salary of those who are employed is normally small and unsatisfactory comparing to life expenses which fluctuate every day. This is real becoming a challenge to many people.

Coming to an alternative of doing business then it remains a big challenge because people and may be you are among them, fail to know which kind of business they want to do, they are general in their wish, they just want to do business and missing a kind of business to do as a results find themselves doing the same business which is challenging other people as a result they get loss, get discouraged and then quit.

This is a very big challenge, business is becoming another new problem, it upsets people especially educated one, what they decide again is to go back to school for masters and PHDs and when they turn back to a job market it keeps looking the same as before “no employment” the end result of these people is getting frustrated and start searching for any job which can make them survive, this is real horrible.


The failure to generate business idea which is a trick  that makes many people fail in business and very few people who knows the secret behind it are those who wins and succeed in business.

I have been struggling to know this secret and discovered that people who have many different information in their mind have a big chance to find business opportunities from which they generate brilliant business ideas that means as much as you seek for different information around you determines the chance of you identifying many business opportunities from which you can create business idea.

If you meet any successful business person you must discover that he/she is very updated of what is going on around his nature of business and social structure, he must know many things. These kinds of people are engaging in a number of information events, they read a lot of news papers, attend seminars and meetings, listen to radios and watching important news in TV and may be internet they use to attend in most of public talks in town. What I mean here is that it depends on their context and the ability to access information available is used much by these kinds of people.

This behavior enables them to meet with much business opportunistic information. For instance after reading a number of Tanzania news papers Eric Shigongo the founder of Global Publishers Co. discovered that there is no any of them which is fully entertainment based news paper, almost all of them were political based news papers so he got an idea of starting entertainment kind of news paper which are now leading the market in Tanzania. Have you learnt something here? It is due to Eric’s access to information which made him come up with this business idea and think of changing it to business.

This is a secret behind: “increasing your level of access to information everyday”, keep on networking with different important people you will end up finding an opportunity.

This secret is working more to people who have a general wish and desire to start or do business.


For a person who knows many different things and is updated with what is going on in the society and may be the world then it is very easy for him/her to generate a very brilliant business idea by following the following steps.

1.      Defining a problem: always business idea comes from solving problems. The world is full of problems which brings business because they need to be solved to make it a better place for us to live. When you decide to solve any social problem you are serving people this means business is for serving people, it is your ability to make a good strategy which will enable you to sell your service (a service in terms of goods or intangible service) to people which makes your business.

So you need to sit down and see what are problems exist in the society and makes trouble to people living, some problems are very hidden then you have to think and discover them, but whatever service is coming whether it is a result of creativity or is a need of a society the truth remains that business is an alternative to problem available.

2.      Brainstorming: This is a very powerful way to identify problems and coming up with business ideas. Only a person who have a lot of information in his/her mind is able to brainstorm much good ideas, but during the brainstorm you just write down any business idea which is coming in your mind on spot, make a list regardless its length and poor or good quality it is worth for you. By doing so you will be amazed to see the big extent of business ideas you have around you from your subconscious, you will be amazed with a richness you have in terms of ideas.

3.      Pick out an idea which you love engaging in it: this is very important in doing business, only those who do what they love are succeeding because love to something which increases your commitment and passion to your business, so there is 100% sure that if you do what you love you must succeed as long as you a burning desire to get it. You will be ready to suffer and get pains for it to succeed. Never do a mistake to choose a business idea which you hate because it will end up frustrating you and you will give up. So do categorizations in your brainstorm list because some ideas will be correlating to each other so you just put them into one group and come up with a very powerful business idea.

4.      Make a strategy by answering a HOW question:  having a good idea is not enough you need to think of how you are going to execute it or how such an idea is going to work out. So you need to make a strategy, what you can start with is just answering a question HOW THIS BUSINESS IS GOING TO BE DONE as you try to answer this question you will be getting a lot of solutions to such a problem/idea, your thinking will be telling you a lot of solutions and way to past through, it will tell you who you should meet to support you, how you should start and so on. An important point you won’t have to miss is for you to write down whatever your gut accepts you to do because that is very right, remember it will be a result of your passion and your passion gives you energy and commitment to whatever you do.

5.      Start hanging out with VIPs of your business idea: remember reaching this stage, your business idea is running towards its reality in the real world, during your strategy planning above you will be getting a lot of setbacks and discouraging voice from within you and may be outside from your close friends and relatives whom you have shared with your idea, they will be planting fear of failure in you and not being careful you will quit. To overcome this you need to choose very important and successful people in such a line of business and hang out with them because they will always encourage you and motivate you to continue and move on in your idea, they will show you a right way to pass. Some of highly successful people might not easily be accessible to you, may be they are far in a foreign county but you can meet them through reading their books, downloading their speeches in Youtube etc. all these will motivate you a lot and you will find yourself moving on and on and automatically forgetting your previous discouraging friends together with your negative inner voices. 

6.      Look at each task as a challenge: the whole process of establishing your business goes together with discouraging challenges, sometime your business keep on failing and facing a lot of setbacks, what you have to do is to keep on being focused on it and stay at it without giving up because always when things are getting tough that means very few steps to win has remained is a matter of your persistence. To make it easy you have to look at each task you give yourself as a challenge because normally challenges have an alternative and solution but not problems. So is better you look at them in such perspective so that you can be struggling to find them a solution and by doing so you will be executing your business idea.

7.      Keep on dreaming all the time: the magic of your subconscious mind is that it always works even when you are not aware, when you are in a deep sleep your mind is working that is why you find yourself in dreaming, it never stop working for you. So even when you’re walking in day time your mind is still dreaming that is why some time as you walk it reminds you some past stories or telling you a very new information you never heard about it before. The goodness of our subconscious mind is that if you concentrate your thinking in something almost all the time, it will be telling you and attracting to you the same relating stories and information, so be focused in your new business idea and take care of each relating information you are provided by your subconscious mind, keep them because they are motivations and strategies to your winning. Keep on dreaming day and night and take an advantage of all your dreams to win your business idea.

8.     Go with your notebook: it is very easy to forget if you do not write down your potential rising thoughts, and if you won’t forget then it will be too general and difficult to configure and state it, so it is very important you walk out with your very small note book and a pen so that whenever you get an idea like day dreams you write it down in your notebook fast before it goes. At the end of the day you will expand your business idea executing strategy and make it more winning.

9.    Please change your routines: normally your routines influence your habit, if you always like staying at home with your family most of the time then it is not easy for you to get the right information you need for your business ideas, not only that but also your thinking level become similar always which is then a habit, it will be difficult for you to become creative in your business idea if your habit is not changing. therefore you need to many times change the environment and routines to make your habit flexible. You can change your working environment for a while, take a travel from one place to another in town and meet different people so that you can get new ideas and information, join some sport clubs you like etc. this will broaden your thinking ability in the line of your business idea and its execution.

All in all when you are doing this remember to have love and passion to your business and persistence with hard work will bring you lucky in your business and you must succeed. This is a secret behind generating business idea, please use it.

I wish you good luck as you are enjoying generating your business idea.

Erick Chrispin.

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