Friday, March 7, 2014


Are you also facing a challenge of hating negative and critical feedback from other people?

This is a big challenge to most of us; without knowing, it makes us dormant in improving our life and we wonder why we are not succeeding like others.

This day I was reading a book written by Jack Canfield (The success principles) and he shared the way you can use negative and critical feedback to improve your life in different careers. I decided I should use such a technique in my seminar a day after where it gave me a number of constructive feedback which improved the way I have to run my seminars next time. And all these feedback were coming from my seminar participants.

1 up to 10 Rule

You can just ask this question to anybody; your staff members, boss, wife, children, friends, workmates or anyone you think would give you constructive feedback for improving yourself; “how many points are you giving me between 1 to 10 in for instance my business, training facilitation, my relation to you etc? The response should be any number let say 8. After that ask this person; what should I do so that you rate or give me 10? The response will be all the things you should improve and however those feedback will sound critical but they are those if you work on them you are sure to be improved in that specific area.

As I applied this technique in my seminar every participant rated me his/her own number. Some said 8 some 9 and some 10. Those who rated below 10 I started asking them about what should I do to get 10 and these were some of the constructive feedback I got:

§  I should reduce lectures and allow the participants work in groups
§  I should give them a break during the seminar simply because that day I didn't do that
§  I should use more games and role plays etc.

The fact is, that day I didn't apply most of these methods in my seminar due to some reasons but how if I didn't use this method to ask my participants? Then I couldn't know and remember the importance of these methods next time and my seminar couldn't be improved probably.

Some of them gave me 10 and my question to them was, “what should I do to maintain this 10 next time?” and this allowed them to tell me what I have to add in my seminar facilitation and I wrote down all these feedback from which I applied in the next seminar somewhere else hence I could feel improved.

Try out!

According to Jack Canfield and my trial, this method applies everywhere. You can even ask your wife or husband to rate you in terms of your relationship to him/her throughout past week and the response will be all the things that your partner would like you to change and improve in your relationship. What you have to do is being positive towards negative or critical feedback plus not defending yourself when someone gives you that negative feedback and instead thanking them for being ready and honest to share with you plus promising them to use their feedback improving yourself next time.

This will work as a kind of appreciation to them and it will make them free to share with you again next time and they may also be ready to do so without even asked by you in future hence you will be improving every time and become more successful.

I wish you the best in transforming your life into a successful one by taking an advantage of critical and negative feedback you get from other people.

By Erick Chrispin