Friday, May 18, 2012

Your success moutain


 Do you know that living your life is like climbing a mountain? If you do know, don’t worry I am going to explain you down here.

Just believe me now that your living is the same to climbing a very tall mountain, think of the tallest mountain in the world which you think it is not easy to climb to its peak, for us in Tanzania it is Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 meters above the sea level, it is the Highest Mountain in Africa. Looking at its peak from below, you may think it is impossible to reach to its peak due to its tallness but amazingly a number of people every year are climbing to the peak, so IT IS TOUGH TO CLIMB AND REACH AT THE PEAK OF A MOUNTAIN BUT IT IS VERY POSSIBLE or we can say it is not easy but very possible if you want and commit yourself to it.


Living is growing every day, your life started immediately after your biological father planted a seed (sperm) in your mother, in that very day you started to grow from sperm like to human being. It is this day when you started climbing your life mountain, it was truly not easy though you were under protection. Your mom suffered a lot carrying you in her womb but she kept on climbing the challenging mountain. Stresses, different emerged sickness, tiredness etc were her mountain, at the end she succeeded to reach half a mountain after delivering you. The next one was keeping you in the real world. This also became not that easy but she kept on climbing in collaboration with your father or any guardian because some of us lost our mothers during the delivery phase for they died on the way, others ran away after we were born escaping the mountain but God is good we got some guardians who took over and kept climbing the mountain.


Today I real need you to know, understand and accept that the purpose of your life or becoming a human being in this world was to live a successful life, to enjoy your being, to live the happiest kind of life that is why your good moment are normally when you feel happy, laughing, relaxing, loving and getting all good stuffs you want in your life, out of this you normally feel bad and unsuccessful. This means that it is surely that you were born to succeed and this is a main purpose.

Many people are not aware of this that’s why there are those who despair and curse themselves that they are cursed in this world, that’s why they are not succeeding, not loved, not happy, stressed, do not have what they want in life and ultimately they declare that they will never get success in their life. They believe that success is for those who are successful. THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG, knowing the purpose of you being in the world you will attract your success.

When it comes to living independently, not under parents or guardians care is when most of people get challenged, they become not ready and think it is not their right to stand independently NO!, you have to understand that it is just a next highest step on climbing the mountain like when your mom experienced a second step of delivering you out of her womb she kept on climbing so you now.  It was completely not a plan that you will live with your parents for ever because you are also responsible to become a parent of your children. Reaching this point is where you are supposed to keep on climbing the mountain to its peak that is your success.


Now you are aware that it is naturally you’re right to live a successful life, just visualize all good stuffs and style of life you want to live while in the world; this will be a very good point to start climbing your mountain if you stopped before or you were climbing by a very wrong way. The image you get out of your creative mind imagination is what will tell you a right way to pass through as you are climbing, the clothes and all climbing tools you need to have, it will even show you where to find those tools, don’t worry about this just think of what you want to have in your life which you define it as success and don’t worry on how you are going to get them because that picture or vision you see is what will do the rest in collaboration with your effort, determination, commitment, passion and staying focused.


I told you that living is like climbing a mountain, as you know climbing is going together with a number of challenges that is why living is challenging and this cause it to be a process, it will never happen that you will get something for nothing and it to become sustainable and worth for you and others. You must start at the sea level as a seed and grow slowly as the way you started by being born, you grew slowly with a lot of challenging stories behind you but today you are there still surviving, so a journey is continuing, keep on moving and growing. As you keep on by using the right way you will start realizing the very nearby peak of success in your life.


What you can do against a number of challenges you are facing is to enjoy them by taking them as a source of solution to the prevailing setbacks, don’t take them as problems because you will despair. Even though you’re crossing in thons be sure that you are not going to die instead after coming out on the other side of that bush you will first be a champion and will be able to heal your wounds.

Where you are now is a very close point to your success peak, just sit down and evaluate your journey then make a new strategy and keep on living, keep on climbing your life mountain I am assuring you that soon you will reach at the peak.

All the best and see you at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

By Erick Chrispin

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