Monday, March 18, 2013

9 Spiritual Principles of your Natural Success


Are you aware that you are naturally successful? The truth is that you are naturally made up with 9 spiritual principles which if you dare live them in the real life then success in all spheres of your life will flow upon you. You will be successful economically, healthily, spiritually, in your relationship etc. those are spiritual and unchanged principles. They are inborn.

The self-part of us is always forcing us to go against our spiritual principles and by doing so we lose focus and fail to build our success in life. Today I am introducing you these spiritual principles and advice you to start living according to them by stop following your self-demand which leads you into a wrong path. A path which makes you feel guilty of your actions every day and keep on giving up to seek for success. 

1.     LOVE

You were born to love that is why you always love people and things and whenever you decide not to love in your life, automatically the feeling of guilty attacks you and start firing your heart. The outcome of unloving you, is enmity and this will position you into bad relationship with your people. This bad relationship has a lot of negative impact in your life; you can’t work comfortably with whom you don’t love, you can’t collaborate with them in anything, you won’t take anything from them and you won’t like to give them your things. How if for you to fulfill your dream depends on the presence of these people? It means you will lose your way.

Lack of love made a lot of misfortunes in your life. Remember love is your nature, you were born with it, and it is in your spiritual part, you will never ever feel good if you stop loving people. Find a reason to love everyone if you real want to succeed in your life. Love is powerful and it can change your life. Just by loving your work then you are going to do it effectively. Love your dream, love your life, love your country, love the world and love all your people.

2.     PEACE

Do you know that you are doing all that you do for the sake of peace of your mind? We are naturally peaceful as human being, the problem with us is that we are disturbed by circumstance’s turbulence to the extent that we lose peace in our mind and hearts. You are normally not ready to seek for success in the area with no peace, you do not like to communicate with people who assure you lack of peace. Your peaceful heart makes you grow and nourish in your health, it settles your ability to think and come up with creativity which results to your success. Always strive for peace in your life because that is your nature, don’t entertain hostility in your life because this behavior will close all the doors and windows of success in your life. 

3.     JOY

Naturally joy is what it means SUCCESS in your life because even though you are defining success in terms of anything material but you are striving for joy and happiness in your life. Everyone is working to gain joy and happiness in his or her life, nothing else. This is due to the fact that JOY is our nature. An ignorant persona doesn’t know this hence he/ she is hating to be happy in life because she hasn’t achieved the ultimate goal. Stop doing that; be happy in the small achievements you get every day because those are the one builds up your bigger achievement. Be happy because that is your nature, don’t let the turbulence of life hinder you to live your joyous nature, use that chance, enjoy your human nature while building your success. Whenever you are not happy then you are heart is groaning and burnt, that shows you that it is not your nature to be sad, you need to seek for JOY if you real want to succeed in life


Persistence is what differentiate us from many other animals, it is what defines us as human beings. Our life is full of challenges from when we were born to when we die, that means we are born to work till the end of life and we have to enjoy the process of overcoming the lasting challenges because it is part of our life. If you don’t understand this you will give up in whatever difficulties come across your life as you are seeking for success. The truth is that you are able to persist and win in any circumstance because that is how you are by nature. To prove it; you are always sad when you give up to do what you were about to win.

5.     KINDNESS 

Every human being is kind, you are also kind. The circumstance and social programming of our life according the context we are coming from shapes some of us not to be kind. We normally behave bad and destroy our personal reputation to others hence kill our relationship with those people when kindness is out of us. We break all the blessings which we could get from others simply because we are not kind enough to live well with those people but on the other hand we do not feel good when we remember that we are not kind and that is because kindness is our nature. Seek for kindness and wisdom if you real want be successful in your life. Keep on behaving kindly to other people, respect all and you will succeed to get what you want in your life.


Always find to make impact in the lives of others, keep on adding value to other’s life by helping them in different ways and they will cherish and love you forever. Never be selfish if you real want to succeed in life. Start projects and business which will solve people’s crucial problems and that will assure joy in your heart by the time you see the positive change which happen in others life or community. Being good will protect you from insecurity for people you are serving will take care of you. What else do you want in life than this? People to love and cherish you all the time.


Nobody likes to be unfaithful, you also don’t like but you sometimes behave unfaithfully due to different reasons in life. I am sure you always feel bad when you behave that way, this is due to the fact that you’re naturally faithful and being faithful will assure success in your life. You always love people who are faithful and you are ready to respect and give them gifts for being faithful, this can happen to you also if you will start living the faithfulness part of your life. Go back to your nature be faithful if you real want to be successful. Life will award you a lot of gifts just by becoming faithful to your life and your people. Be faithful in small and big things. Stop cheating and keep your promises.


Be moderate, don’t be harsh and violent in your life, and that is your nature. Do you know that you always behave violently and harshly after being disturbed by anything? That shows your nature is gentleness, a person with calmness and organized when you do your things, you are naturally smart with high reputation to others. Don’t be prestigious with your violent behavior because that is not naturally you, it is your false SELF which is your programming done by your society. Don’t believe that you are naturally violent that is not true, you are naturally kind and gentle that is why you regret after violating others. If you real want to succeed in life be gentle.


The SELF part of you is trying to control your life every time, it directs you to make crazy decisions which harm your life in different ways. It is your SELF which asks you to insult people, being rude, kill people, disappoint them, steal, get drunk, give up, love short term pleasures and so many bad habits. It always try to go against your spiritual principles which directs you to a good path of success. These two sides of self and spirit of you, are in fight and if you fail to control your SELF then it wins your spirit as a result you fail to succeed in life. For you to succeed It is your responsibility to control yourself and rely into spiritual principles of your life. When your SELF tells you to hate people then go for your spirit which asks you to love them and that will be your self-control and success.  

If you dare follow and live according to these 9 spiritual principles I am assuring you that you are life will be full of success and there is no law against these principles, you just need to live them because they mean YOU. They are your nature.

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin

Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Make your Promising Decisions in Life


Are you making a lot of decisions to change your life and wonder why you are not going through them most of the time? You are not alone I also had the same experience and many people have the same experience too. Today I want to share with you an important element which is missing in the decisions you make and just by involving it in there, you are going to live your wonderful and life changing decisions.

Your life is an outcome of the decisions you make everyday

You decided to be the way you are today. You can simply say someone forced or influenced you to be the way you are but the truth is; you were the final decision maker on whether you should accept or reject the influence. 

We everyday decide to live a certain way of life and we mostly make our decisions in a line of pleasure i.e. we choose the easy to go things which are of short term enjoyment and when it comes to the riskiest and harder to go things which are of long term enjoyment we hastate to implement and sometimes to choose them. We make promising decisions into the petty things which set us into a comfort zone from which we easily fell apart in short time. This is why you sometimes fail to make promising decisions in your life because they are those which takes you out of your comfort zone, they need you to dare and take risk to implement them sometimes.

Your promising decisions

It is very easy to decide on them but it becomes hard to implement, if you always make decisions without acting upon them then those are just wishes. Until you start implementing them by action is when they will change their status and become promising decisions. Therefore in short the promising decisions are those which goes with actions upon them.

If you have made a lot of decisions up to now and haven’t done anything of action on them then you will never achieve your goals and dreams but immediately as you start executing your decision you will realize an achievement. Are yours decisions or wishes? Look upon them and make promising decisions today.

It is your life changing power

Keep on remembering that by the time you make decision then you are 99% close to a great change of your life, after starting to act upon your decision; your life is already changing to where you want to be and achieve. So use such power of decision making to achieve your goals and dreams today, stop making a lot of wishes by not acting upon your decisions, time is short and you are becoming old, do something on your decisions and those will be promising decisions which will change your life today.


By Erick Chrispin