Sunday, July 29, 2012

How you can make money work for you.


Do you know that being employed and self employed is a game of working for money and not them working for you? I hope you could like not to be a slave of money in your life instead money could be your slave. May be this will contradict you but it is until you understand  the difference between being employed and self employed is when you will understand  how  you might be working for money. And thereafter I will share with you on a way you can make money work for you.

I learnt this from Robert Kiyosaki (a writer of Rich Daddy Poor Daddy) in his getting Rich in 60 minutes class. He described 4 types of people who are existing in the world of finding and using money. There are:

·         Employed people
·         Self employed
·         Business owners and
·         Investors

All these four kind of people are searching for financial freedom but their understanding on it makes some of them work for money and others’ money work for them.


The most enslaved people who always work for money and to them money never satisfy their life needs and wants that is why they strive to seek for promotions and keep on going to further studies so that their salary can be increased a bit to satisfy them but still it never satisfy hence they find themselves trapped into corruption at work to rise up their income or some of them decide to jump into business for them to get an extra money.


It is due to the fact that their usual financial flow is just for survival in their life. After getting salary a big sum of their money goes to  PAYING TAX then the remaining goes to  a number of MONTHLY BILLS and various payments, buying some survival wants and needs as a result it finishes all of it while leaves him or her with empty pocket before the next month. So in short the employed people normally work for money.


Most of the employed people decide to jump into being self employed from which all the works become depending on them to be worked. These are not employed because they have decided to sell their labor power; for instance a doctor can decide to stop his / her employment and become a private consultant who normally hired to work and get paid for what he/she has done or according to the time spent at work. For self employed people TIME IS MONEY. They get big money out of this but still they are working for money because not being at work in a single day, a flow of money in their pocket stops also. Let say this self employed person got sick for a while then his/ her family is in trouble because his energy and ability to walk out of home is what was bringing money in, now he is sleeping on bed then everything is sleeping. This person also works for money and not money works for him/ her. 


Here is now an answer of money working for you start coming up slowly though being a business owner also do not mean you are 100% free of being enslaved by money because this person normally establish his/her business and employ people who will be working for him/ her, he or she can also relax at home and these employees bring him or her money out of his business but he/ she normally strive to search for good, hardworking and trustful people to employ so that they can assure him/her high productivity and business sustainability. So he is demanded to be very close to his/ her business most of the time to trace his/her money not to be stolen or corrupted by these employees. Though he/she is financially free if she gets right people in his or her business but still she or he is working for money in real sense.


This is a person who money works for him or her. It is due to the fact that he/ she just use his or her money to get money for him/ her. An investor puts money into a certain business and that money circulates there to bring another more money into his or her pocket while he/ she is sitting at home. An investor can just buy shares in a company wait for a profit at the end; he/ she can put money as an angel investor and that money work for him. Investors never bother of human resource because there are people who are managing it in those companies for their survival, so for investors money works for them because they are   people that has money invested in something especially one that holds stock in publicly owned corporations.

Look at yourself now, are you working for money or is money working for you? Think and choose a way that money will be working for you.

But I advise you to think twice on being employed or self employed then see how you are going to deal with them so that you can stop working for money.

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Setting your achievable goals creatively.


Do you know why most of the time you set good goals and fail to achieve them? You may have a lot of good reasons but the truth is that most of the goals you set are not inspiring you to achieve them due to their nature of not changing anything in your life or work. And this nature is normally created in a process of setting those goals.

Do you know that a big aim of setting goals is writing a statement of action which will make change in your life, work or any venture concerned? Worry not I am going to share with you a working process, step by step of setting achievable goals which brings change at the end. 


A mistake we do always is setting goals from what we know i.e. what you know become your goals, there is nothing new from what you know so if what you know become your goal then you won’t make any change out of it because you are just doing your experience which do not inspire you to pursue it most of the time. So lacking inspiration from your goals makes you delay or stop doing it hence you won’t achieve. We normally work more in what inspires us and something new is usually what inspire and motivate us to deal with it effectively.


This is a second level of our goal setting behavior. After failing to achieve what we know we then decide to set goals of what WE THINK WE CAN DO. This means that we are not sure and ready to practice these goals because we just think we can do so again we are not inspired by them as a result we get bored and decide to go back to WHAT WE KNOW. Going back to what we know the game continues we turn back to what we think we can do, again and again until we stop permanently working on those goals. So by this step our goals are not achieved.

Remember normally you become inspired by goals which make change in your life, pursuing what you know (no newness in it) and what you think you can do de-motivate you to continue doing it because you are not sure of it that’s why you do not achieve your goals.


A third and important level of goal setting is focusing on WHAT YOU WANT. What you want is normally not there in your presence so it must be something new, something that will realize change as you get it in your life. Not being there while you want it inspires you to work on it effectively for you to get it.

First of all you have to enter the world of FANTASY where you will visualize what you want in your life or work, by such a meditation process you will see it in your mind, and you will get its taste and feel the newness or great change it is going to bring in your life WAW! Now let you write down this picture which is what you want as your powerful goal. You are now inspired to get this new vision you have seen. 


As long as you have already seen what you want then believe it because we normally believe what we see. Just believe it because you have seen it by you powerful and true third eye which is your subconscious mind, this is a creative part of your mind.


We normally do well what we believe so because you are now believing what you have seen that is what you want then this is the last step of you start doing it. For you to easily starts doing it make sure you start by listing down all the tasks you are going to do and how you are going to work them so as to accomplish such a goal you have set which means WHAT YOU WANT. From there make sure you everyday do something about it, doing so you will end up achieving your whole goal in the time bound.


The process starts from visualizing what your want then writing down a picture you get as your goal which automatically starts inspiring you to achieve it. The process goes on by believing on what you have seen then strategizing a way you are going to pursue such a goal by writing all the tasks and how you are going to practice them every day until you achieve your good goals. 

“Your goal to be achievable must be something new which will bring change and inspire you to pursue it”

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to defeat laziness feeling at work


Are you aware that laziness is just a feeling? It is a feeling that normally attacks our body as it is influenced by our own thinking. So you normally think of being tired and unable to continue with what you were doing or you were about to do then the emotional part of your body responds to it as a result a laziness feeling jump in hence you completely become immovable and unable to work.

The fun of laziness feeling…

You can so deeply feel lazy but automatically when you meet an interesting work to do especially of leisure it automatically disappear and you forget that you were feeling lazy and find yourself doing it hardly. Or you can be feeling lazy but when a very urgent issue which is completely demanding you to work on it emerges, you automatically get empowered and jump in to working hardly. What happens here is that you have changed your thinking which become positive and tells you that you are responsible to work and you can do so, then your body responds to it hence you find yourself working.

The biggest course of your laziness feeling at work 

Though laziness feeling can be caused by a number of factors like being tired, prevailing not conducive whether e.g. too much hot, health problem like being sick which makes you weak at work, eating style and what you have eaten during working (eating too much can make you feel lazy) etc but the biggest factor most of the time is lack of enough competence.

Lack of enough competence on an activity you want to do destroys your interest of doing it. You might be competent on the whole activity but you are not comfortable with some parts which make its whole then you will start becoming disappointed by it because it will by the time being need you to start learning that skill before you continue. Because your ambition was to finish that task and now you are sure that you can’t finish it in time then you become bored and start feeling lazy.

Lack of enough competence at work in hand is caused by lack of enough information on what you are doing or due to ignorance and as long as whatever skillful activity you do is a result of what you know, then if you are lacking any important information concerning your activity you won’t  do it comfortably and lack of comfort at work is what triggers your thinking to create laziness feeling so that you can stop what you do and try to learn first before you continue.

Your competence Vs your confidence 

Most of time your laziness feeling goes together with lack of confidence, and by the time you feel lazy you also feel stressed because some works are waiting for you to do and you are not doing while time is rushing. But the reason behind losing your confidence is lacking competence on what you are doing or wants to do.

Start by learning about it first.

For you to defeat your laziness feeling at work make sure you learn and become competent and sure of what you want to do. This will increase the level of your confidence and readiness to engage in it, it will make you comfortable as you will be working, it will increase your interest to your work and you will love it. If you love what you do you can do it overtime.

Make a very good plan,

Some time you can be competent on what you do but because you didn’t plan how you are going to do it then you become disorganized and lose focus and direction hence you start feeling lazy. Having no plan is also incompetence. Therefore before you start working or doing something make sure you have good plan which will work as your guideline, your roadmap to empower you on your way.

Create a vision of what you do.

A vision is your destination, everything you do must have a vision though a task itself can be an implementation of a certain big vision but you need to know the destination of every activity you do. You must know what will be the end result of what you are doing. This will empower you to continue working even when you are tired, it will trigger you to learn about it if you are not competent so that you can effectively do it.

In short you must be enthusiastic of what you do for you to defeat your laziness feeling and you will become able only if you are competent and ready to do it. Your competence will build your confidence, it will trigger your love and passion to what you do, all these will empower you to work hard and sometime overtime as a result you will completely defeat laziness feeling at work.

Good luck as you are defeating your laziness feeling at work

By Erick Chrispin