Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Can you remember how many times you have been responding to people that you are successfully doing what you do because you believe in your ability to do it? This is what many people usually tell me when I ask them to let me know what enabled them to do all amazing things they have done.

In fact this is true to everybody for you will always do something successfully and confidently only if you believe that you have an ability to do so, otherwise you are going to hesitate doing it and if you dare try, you will probably do it with less confidence which may make you do it wrongly or succeed with lucky. 

The source of your strong belief in something

You will always believe strongly in something you know in detail, so for you to believe in something you must be informed first, belief doesn’t come from air and embrace you instead is an outcome of the information you get in your mind, understanding it, accepting it and the result of these processes is you believing in it. 

Therefore a true and sustainable belief in something must go through understanding and accepting the information not only hearing it. If you just try to believe in things you haven’t understood well it is obvious that you won’t last in such belief for you won’t have any reason which binds you to such a thing. 

If you are a religious person for you to have a conviction to your God (conviction is the next level after having a strong faith from which one can be ready to die for what he/she believe) you must learn in detail and understand well the philosophy of your religion. Make sure you truly understand the message in your bible or Qur'an for instance.

Any belief to be strong needs reference

What you know about something is the reference to your belief in such a thing. You believe in God because you have reference on him. Someone told you or you learnt from bible or Qur'an for instance, that he is able to help you which is why you believe in him and that is your reference. You also believe that you can do big things because you previously discovered that you have an ability, talent and skills to do so and that is your reference which supports your belief.

Therefore for you to strengthen your belief in you

You must strengthen your reference about you, what I mean here is that you are needed to learn more about your ability to do things, keep on discovering other competences and talents you have in doing amazing things, learn more and more to improve and add your personal skills to pursue your carrier and doing other unique discoveries. Always learn from the mistakes you are doing and try to improve them next time, read books to know about what you want to know and do it, attend seminars about your personal and carrier development in town and online, try to be creative thinker always a person who question why things are the way they are and how they can be improved to be more better? All the information you are going to acquire through learning this way will be your reference which will surely strengthen your belief in you to whatever you want to do. 

For belief or faith gives you confidence especially when you try out doing what you believe, then you will obviously become competent and successful. So in order to strengthen your belief in you, you must strengthen your references by learning more and more about your ability to do things. And this learning as I explained above will mean your personal development. For it to be real, never end up on learning about you but make sure you do what you learn about you so that you can be competent for there isn’t any powerful learning like what comes out of experience just after doing something. LIVE YOUR LEARNING.

All the best!

By Erick Chrispin