Sunday, February 15, 2015


A human being will always live according to what he/she know, his/her knowledge is the determinant of his behavior and in case you do know, your behavior is nothing rather than your repeated and experienced actions you practice most of the time. Let me ask you a simple question; are you comfortable doing something you don't know? I bet you are not. This only proves my above statement that you will always live according to what you know.

But for the sake of our personal development we must take some steps to start living what we actually don't know, and for us to have confidence doing it we just need a BELIEF that we are beyond what we know. This belief will trigger us to find knowledge of what we don't know so that we can be able to do it and change ourselves and life in general.

Today I was in my meditation session, in case you don't know the concept of meditation; this is a process of deepening your thoughts level for you to discover the inner you who controls everything outside you. Back to my session I could see how everything outside me is so minimal to control and command. I am above my body size, above my health, above my finance, above the world and fear is actually nothing before me, I couldn't even see it around. This is to say I am the highest power above my life and I can command whatever I want outside me.

Meditation itself can maximize your confidence to do whatever you desire for it reveals your power and authority you have beyond what you know, it is the inner you. You will be able to discover that you are the spirit which is living within your body and it is bigger in power by far than your body. That is you and you can command your body to be the way you want it to be and your body will obviously respond and respect your command.

Doing beyond what you know

It is easy, for you to do it successfully take some steps of learning about it and practicing the knowledge you have got. Without practicing it there is no doing. That is why most of theory based students can’t do what they have learnt. Learn and don’t wait to do it and for you to be competent do it again and again for the repetition creates a behavior and the behavior becomes you.


Your development is always; living beyond what you know, always be creative by being curious to know new things through learning by doing, I mean practicing the new things you always learn. Learning is in reading books, evaluating your daily routines and drawing lessons out of, listening to other people’s new experience etc. take an advantage of all these ways and leverage your inner power and potential to change your life and do beyond what you know.

This is what I have for you today.

All the best!

From Erick Chrispin.  

“I dedicate this article to my brother Nicodemus Kilungeja”

Friday, February 13, 2015


It was true love which made Valentinus pray for his daughter Julia to be healed from blindness in the 270 A.D. Love is very powerful, it drives me to sit down and draw messages from my subconscious mind and write them for you to get what you want in life.

You know what! My love to you is based in God’s determination. Sometimes back in 2008 I went to meditate along Indian Ocean in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, then during my visualization I saw myself sitting parallel with you and sharing you what will help you move on searching for your better life. The vision grew and showed me standing before the podium on stage speaking to thousands of people about how they can better their life, what a life changing moment!

Since then…

My mission to teach you started, it was this time when my love to you got its birth, after my meditation session I left with a purpose in life. I went home and start strategizing what I can do to start teaching you. Any way I decided to start learning by myself to leverage my competence. That was the beginning of my love to reading books, sharing the message I had with everyone I met, stabilizing my focus on teaching, coaching and training people on their life skills.

You know what happened? I ultimately met you here in this blog, hope you can now see my love here; after you finish reading this article please look for more than one hundred articles waiting for you. This is my love for you; I real love you because I love your life.

I love you that’s why…

I have even written a book for you, if you cannot read Swahili in my book titled “Tabia 5 za watu waliofanikiwa” which means (5 habits of successful people) please have me time I am going to translate it in English I promise, this is due to the fact that I real love you.

The vision grew much; in 2012 I decided to start my own company called Truemaisha Consultancy which is recently changed to TrueMaisha Training Co. Limited. This entity is real helping me to reach you easily and offer you more love through its potential training and retreat programs. You can visit our website to know them .

God has planted a purpose to help you in me and I real love this mission which means I love you much. Some people say they don’t believe in God, let me tell you regardless a name you have given whatever you worship but God is there and is love that is why you are alive. As long as you do not understand the secret behind your breath, then he is there and he loves you so much.

Since I am determined by God’s love then just know that I truly love you and please as Valentinus last words to his daughter Julia before he died, “stay close to God” I also ask you today stay close to God then you will experience my love to you.

Keep learning for you to raise your wisdom in life.

From Erick Chrispin.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


How about you? What determines the right person you should marry? I know you have an answer which is of course right for you due to the fact that you believe in it but the consequences after marriage will prove whether your criteria are right or wrong. 

On my side when I was in primary school I had a criteria that the woman I am going to marry must be tall in height, thin, black-skinned and beautiful that is it, and I searched for such a women as I was adult just to discover that all the criteria couldn't make our relationship happier as I expected. How about you?

This scenario of mine made me to believe that there is a criteria I have skipped which is very important and that is what I want to share with you now for I believe this must be the universal principle which can work to anybody who is going to apply it.

Today I met a couple who were cruelly arguing on what determines different events in human life. A woman believes that everything which people faces is God’s plan hence if someone is killed while stealing, abusing drugs etc is God’s plan the same to if a person dies of normal diseases, car accident, eaten by lion in the park or taken by floods, so her conclusion was; a human being cannot control what should happen in his/her life when it is to happen, that is it. On the other side a husband believes that everything is the result of cause and effect, human beings causes a lot of things which happens in their life hence they can just control lots of them not to happen. He gave an example that a thief knows that he/she cannot be killed if she don’t steal so why stealing?  Any way this argument made this couple to stiff misunderstanding to the extent of not speaking to each other for a while.

What is your philosophy compared to a person you want to marry?

To me this is the principle number one to consider before you select a person to marry. Regardless his /her appearances look first whether you are sharing the paradigm and perspective of looking at things and defining life events. If you match, it will be easy to have constructive arguments in your future marriage and this should be happening as you are searching and observing your future wife or husband. Imagine you marry a person who believes that whenever you face financial challenge you are supposed to run to a church and pray 24 hours just to receive a miracle while you believe in working harder to accumulate finance. Now think of how you are going to discuss the solution of your challenge, you must end up in unresolved, stupid conflict.

Simply look for a person who defines life the way you define it, it might be challenging to get the person whom you share a philosophy 100% but if she/he is at least 95% he/she can easily be transformed in time before marriage. But if the transformation rejects completely, believe me you are going to lose a lasting happiness in your future in case you get married, a good thing is that there is a person whom you share philosophy out there, take time to observe and interact with him/ her before you propose for marriage.

I am not saying that...

Marring a person you are sharing the same philosophy in life will make you not conflicting or arguing, the point is, by sharing philosophy you will always have constructive arguments, you will easily resolve your conflicts in a constructive way and you will always end up your arguments with common understanding conclusion. This way happiness will last in your marriage and this is what you actually need.

You see now!

Beauty, appearance, money and other external factors are important but not the first things to consider and determine who you should marry. Work hard to discover the internal part of the man’s or woman’s mindset before going outside her/him.

I hope these few insights will help you a lot.

All the best!

Erick Chrispin