Saturday, April 28, 2012

Raising business capital

“An example of a woman from Tanzania”

Do you also believe that you can raise money as a capital of your starting up business though you don’t have any cash in your account/ pocket? I believe so after I became across this Tanzanian woman example that had no any little cash in her pocket but she managed to mobilize money and now she is rich employing a number of people in her tailoring small industry.

The story started like this: Her life became so tough as she had nothing for her to buy her daily bread then her solution was to meditate what she can do to get enough money in her life. She decided she had to start her own business but again a challenge came that she didn’t have capital to start any kind of business.

She kept on meditating on how she is going to get such capital then it was hard for her to find a way until she decided to think of the business idea to deal with. She decided she had to start a small tailoring mart but again a challenge was; she didn’t have any skills in sewing so she had to think further.


She started thinking on what she has personally as her nature, here is where a secret found and opened all the doors for her to get capital.

She discovered that she had a lot of friends but more than that she has a unique ability to make friends in a very short time as she meets a new person, she is naturally very good in making a quick rapport with new people on her presence, then she decided to use those friends and her ability to make money.


She thought and decided to face one of her best friends who was good in tailoring and asked her like, “please friend of mine can you train me how to measure people for a new dress of any design to be sewed?” Her friend accepted to train her for free as she was her best friend, this took short time for her to master the skill. She didn’t learn how to sew it was only taking measurements.

After that she started her next step in her plan which was to make a deal with her friend who was good in sewing but she didn’t have customers in her small industry in town. The deal was that she will be bringing her orders with readymade measurements to be sewed and after finishing she will be paying her the sewing costs, her friend accepted such a deal because she thought her work will be easy as customer will be brought by this woman.

Then after negotiating with her friend, she started visiting a number of her friends in different offices in town with a very cheap measuring tape in hand trying to convince them that she has established a tailoring mart business and the goodness of her business is that she can measure you where you are and you pay an advance half a cost from which she buy materials and after sometime she brings back your well sewed dress hence you buy your new clothes without moving to a market.

She started doing like this and a lot of her friends liked her service and they became her devoted customers who brought her more customers, now already she had a capital and started making profit which enabled her to later buy many new tailoring machines and established a big premise where she employed a number of good tailors and herself remained a manager and marketing officer to find customers and measuring them in their places. As I am writing she is said to be so rich out of such business. She used to raise capital out of her empty hands.

Don’t stop starting up your business because you don’t have capital; try to think out of the box on how you are going to raise money by your brilliant business idea. Your money is in the hands of your next person think on how you are going to convince him/her to give you that money without stealing from him or her it is very possible.

Good luck as you are thinking out of the box to raise money.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It is possible just do it!


Everything is possible only if you just do it. Today I want to encourage you by assuring you that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING and POSSIBLE IS SOMETHING because when you dare do it, you will make it happen and become something, if you keep on thinking that it is impossible then you will get nothing because you will not do anything, therefore, nothing will be materialized.

Why do you think and believe that it is not possible? I know it might be due to the fact that you had never done it before in your life but please try observing from other people you will find it done by them and It is possible then why not to you? If what you want to do is a very new thing and you think it hasn’t been done by anybody then don’t fear because of its newness, it is possible as long as you can visualize and see it in your mind or imagination, everything you see on earth started from there (in imagination then in reality after being done)

The hypocrite of your FEAR. 

Fear is what makes you don’t start doing it and fear is always convincing you by its hypocrite voice in you with seems to be good reasons to show you that it is impossible. It is like a spirit speaking with you, it tells you that those who have done are special, born to do so and you are not, it assures you to fail if you dare do it, “it is impossible for you to do this because it is over your ability” that is how FEAR tells you.

Accepting this lies from within you will never give you a chance to change your life according to how you dream about. You will remain dreaming because dreaming is charged free. The problem of too much dreaming without realizing your dreams will end up making you feels guilt for being irresponsible.

There will never be step two in your life if you will not start step one

My dear, it is possible just do it, I normally say there will never be step two in your life if you will not start step one, and a good thing of step one is that, it is the only position where you will learn the right way to do what you are doing because the situation and process will show you where you have not done it properly for you to start afresh or improve more. It is in this step where you will start seeing the possibility of what you are trying to materialize, you will start seeing the true picture of what you want to make it happen, so step one I can say is the opportunistic step in doing what you want to do and these opportunities are coming out of a number of challenges you will be encountering in the process, here is where you will discover the importance of challenges in your life development and I just encourage you to never see those challenges as problems in this stage, just enjoy their presence by having a positive attitude towards them, taking them as your learning platform for you to move on.

Everything for it to develop must grow.

You have to know that nothing in the world starts from bigger to lower size in terms of development, everything for it to develop must grow, it must start like a seed and then something to make it grow must be done and slowly it will be growing until it becomes bigger and bigger than how you expected, it depends on how you put your effort to make it grow. 

You have a thought or an idea that is a seed to start with. A seed do not need a lot of big equipments and tools to make it grow, it can just start being planted by a hoe before using big tractors if they are not there, as it grows then it will itself demand you to find big equipments to make it grow more. What I mean here is that as long as you have an idea then start with what you have in hand to implement it, try to see and what and who you do have around you who will support you to make it happen, how much do you have by then and how you can put it as a start up capital in your business just start by that then it will attract the rest.


If you will start doing it now then it will be possible and impossible is nothing, the word development refers to something starting from somewhere very small to big one so just do it in its smallness it will grow to where you imagine it to become like.

If you want something to be, just do it. How do you think it will be the way you want it to be if you won’t do something? Action is what changes ideas into something material so you are responsible to do it, just start, never wait because nobody is there to do it for you, everybody is busy doing their projects so you are there to do yours please just start today never wait unavailable help.

It is possible just do it, impossible is nothing.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

You are your feedback!


Do you know that almost everything which happens to you is an outcome of what you did before? I would like to remind you or make you aware that whatever happens in your life is just a feedback or response of a foundation you built before. This means that whatever you are doing now must create a feedback or response sometimes later, the responses will either be positive or negative it depends on its foundation.

If for example you have insulted someone expect to get the same kind of response which might be in different shape and style but it will be the same. Don’t expect CONGRATULATIONS! after insulting someone, there you will get some feedback like back to you insults, fights or disrespect response. Expect to be thanked, congratulated, blessed, receiving, appreciated, motivated and supported if you normally do the same to people. Someone will smile to you well only if you show smile to him or her at first, someone will hug you if you show the receiving hug to him/her as he/she is coming by your side.

Create a feedback you want in life

You are a master of your life and everything around you, God gave you the great ability to command the world around you to look like the way you want. If our formula is WHAT YOU DO WILL DETERMINE WHAT YOU GET then you need to take care of how you live now, you need to choose good life you want now and behave that way so that in future you get the positive feedback which will positively sustain your life. Choose to have a good behavior for you to get good feedback, remember the way you are now is what you prepared before, if you are less confident, it might be true that you previously accepted that you can’t or you are not able and that affirmation eats you today and makes you fail, try to change your attitude today so that you can get a different good feedback which will make you move on well.

Start by yourself

Never point a finger to anybody or anything if something bad happens in your life, start by yourself by investigating how you have contributed to the occurrence of such a problem because to where you are pointing a finger together with a problem you are facing is just a feedback or response of what you did before. Remember YOU ARE YOUR FEEDBACK. 

The way and whatever you see yourself in your life is YOU. You created it by yourself in whatever you were doing unknowingly or with awareness so if you are responsible then why shouldn’t you start by yourself to solve the problem? Nobody is able to change your world than you. Your parents and relatives can’t change you out of your decision to accept the change.

My advice to you.

Take care of everything you are doing now, whether it is small or big it has a big impact in future because it must respond back to you in its very right time. Be positive in life, behave accordingly and always maintain your reputation you will enjoy the positive feedback you will be getting in your life as blessings, you will get all what you want according to your good and proper actions and behavior.

Remember always you are what you did before; choose to do positive and good action to create good feedback in future which is your success benchmark.

Good luck as you are creating a good future feedback.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The memory of Kanumba the great


Steven Kanumba a Tanzanian Movie Star on April 3rd 2012
This is very true about the kind of success you need to see in your life, it must be determined by your end. I once red this conception from a book of Stephen Covey: 7 habits of highly effective people where he suggested this exercise for you to start a journey of success in your life.

Find a quite place then close your eyes for you to enter the world of imagination. Then imagine you are in a church packed of mourning people, singing mourning hymns and you are among them sitting among the front chairs and before the altar a COFFIN of your dead body in it the pastors are praying for it to rest in peace to heaven. Imagine people are crowded in and out of church crying for your death, some of them are  fainting because of you, you were so special in your society, they feel like losing a very important person who brought a lot of change impact in their society, your death makes uncovered gap, your presence meant a lot as you were alive.


Is this what you would like to happen as you will be dying or lost in future? Of course yes, everyone would like to be remembered for good as he/ she die but you have to know that you must do something good in the society for you to be remembered and get all the respect and blessings as you are dying. You must be successful in terms of serving others and positively changing the world, making it a better place for all of us to leave I am 100% sure that you will be saluted and respected even when you are no longer in the world, your work will speak forever.


A picture which your had got in the above exercise is your vision, it determines your decision to start doing something positive as you are still alive, it demands you to start building a foundation of your coming success, it is your big motivator, it motivates you to start THINKING BIG and coming up with great ideas of business which will make a positive impact in the world and also it will trigger your commitment and focus at work for you to achieve your success. You must visualize the way you want things to happen at the end or in future so as you can be able to strategize today the way you are going to arrive there in future. Do you think it is easy to forget these people in the world: Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Martin Ruther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Whitney Houston etc. and do you remember how their mourning and burial ceremony were for some of them whom you witnessed? They will be remembered forever.   


Last week in Tanzania we lost a potential film actor and producer STEVEN KANUMBA almost everyone in the country is crying and it seems like people are not ready to accept that he is dead, a crowd of people from different part of Tanzania attended his burial ceremony, it never happened this kind of crowed before, you could think this guy was a president of our nation but no, he was an actor, I remember in one of his interview by media he said that, “though he will be dying in future Tanzanians must say somebody Kanumba was there in Tanzania making an impact”, this is convincing me to believe that the end which Kanumba was visualizing determined so much all his good and amazing not easy to forget films and works he did. Everyone in Tanzania says, “Rest in Peace Kanumba, we shall remember you forever” me too I join them by saying “YOUR WORK WILL SPEAK FOR EVER.


Being a successful star is not for few of them instead for those who try to have a big vision, those who sees the future today and use such a picture as their motivator to work effectively and efficiently with a lot of passion and commitment while stay focused to their goals until they achieve. It is very possible and you are deserving the success you want just visualize what you want to happen in future and make a good and achievable strategy which will guide you on the way as you are working hard.

Good luck as you are meditating your vision.

By Erick Chrispin  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Before you give up try again.

Highly motivating text

Do you know that materializing an idea is not as easy as conceptualizing and dreaming it? It is normally a challenge but a good thing is, overcoming such a challenge mean making it come true. Keep in mind that materializing an idea is making a great change of something from unobservable state to observable or physical world. At a first state it needs no any resources (material like) but when it comes to materializing it the situation changes especially when you are needed to mobilize different resources which will enable its occurrence and here is where a challenge starts and it is what makes the process not easy but a GOOD THING IS THAT IT IS VERY POSSIBLE TO MATERIALIZE IT ONLY IF YOU WONT GIVE UP AND KEEP ON TRYING AGAIN by taking care of the following procedures;


Every time when you get some feeling of giving up your project or business try to be cognitive by asking yourself a rough question, “why I am giving up?”, a lot of reasons will come in a  disorganized mode in your mind, a voice will be telling you, “it is because of this and that etc”. Take care of each reason behind; it is very true and important for you to not giving up. Listen to those voices and keep on wondering in that world of reasons which makes you feel like giving up your project. This is a very big and important step towards getting an alternative.


During the process of coming up with an idea you had a vision on it, you created a picture in your mind which showed you a good future of such a project or business, that was your vision. Normally such a vision determines your work commitment, focus, strategy, goals and the whole implementation process. It is your destiny. This means that your vision is a great determinant of your success or failure of your business or project, if it is not clear will end up killing your business due to the fact that all the aspects which follows it e.g. work commitment and being focused won’t be stable to make you effective and efficient in your work. Therefore if you feel like giving up your project of business due to different reasons which came in your mind (above) try to recheck your prior vision on such a business if it was clear and well determines the execution of your project. I am sure your will discover some missing clarity of it for you to remake it.


Try to remember the first days of your idea generation, how sweet with big expectation and vision they had in you. They caused an automatic smile in your face as your were visualizing its success in future, you saw the world positively changing because of your innovation and creativity. For real this motivated you so much to the extent of taking a big step number one to start implementing your idea and materializing it.  SO WHY SHOULD YOUR DREAM DIE WHILE YOU HAVE ALREDY DONE A BIG PORTION OF IT? Please don’t give up try again you are going to amazingly win and accomplish your mission and vision come on!


Now you have new energy, you are motivated to stand up and start again, try to dig deep and discover the true setbacks which pull you back.  Start by yourself by asking a question, HOW DO I CAUSE THIS TO HAPPEN? On one way or another you will be a reason behind, if you think there are some people who discourage you or wrongly advise you then it is due to the fact that you have failed to choose good people to relate with in that business so is up to you to change and choose new relevant people or friends who will encourage you. Write down all the reasons and find good solutions which will positively encourage you and make your business strategy possible without harming your relation with people around you. By doing this exercise you will start seeing the possibility of remaking it again and become more successful than before. This will highly motivate you to keep on going.


Never change your vision and goals but you can only make them better. What you need to do is only creating a new approach to achieve or reach them. You are very free to choose any good way to reach your destiny which is there waiting for you and it is not changing. This is what you have to do, don’t give up instead try out new approaches to reach where you want to arrive. Out of the above alternatives to your discovered setbacks, change them into a new approach and strategy with new action plan which will enable you start moving again with your project or business with new energy. Make sure you write down your new approach for it to stick in your mind and remind yourself. It is so powerful if you write it somewhere, it will mean organized.


Wow! You are now ready to go! Look around your new action plan with timeline, is up to you to commit yourself and start going, never hastate, its time please start working while looking forward where you want to reach, your goal and vision. If you are going to stay at it then you are 100% sure to achieve. Please start now!


A big challenge which pulls you back is your old kingdom which you are still hanging out with while you have decided to live in a new created kingdom. It must pull you back. How can you change your life and keep on staying with old friends who discouraged you before? Don’t hate them but keep on moving with new friends who are relating to you and thinking the same to you, they are so many in town, they are doing your likely business, talk to them they will encourage you and show you more opportunities to expand your business and project. If you do so I assure you that the old friends will be screening out themselves to their likely friends and they will leave you free in your new kingdom.

Do you now see yourself a winner? BEFORE YOU GIVE UP TRY AGAIN your are real going to succeed.

Good luck as you are trying again to restart your project/business

By Erick Chrispin