Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The memory of Kanumba the great


Steven Kanumba a Tanzanian Movie Star on April 3rd 2012
This is very true about the kind of success you need to see in your life, it must be determined by your end. I once red this conception from a book of Stephen Covey: 7 habits of highly effective people where he suggested this exercise for you to start a journey of success in your life.

Find a quite place then close your eyes for you to enter the world of imagination. Then imagine you are in a church packed of mourning people, singing mourning hymns and you are among them sitting among the front chairs and before the altar a COFFIN of your dead body in it the pastors are praying for it to rest in peace to heaven. Imagine people are crowded in and out of church crying for your death, some of them are  fainting because of you, you were so special in your society, they feel like losing a very important person who brought a lot of change impact in their society, your death makes uncovered gap, your presence meant a lot as you were alive.


Is this what you would like to happen as you will be dying or lost in future? Of course yes, everyone would like to be remembered for good as he/ she die but you have to know that you must do something good in the society for you to be remembered and get all the respect and blessings as you are dying. You must be successful in terms of serving others and positively changing the world, making it a better place for all of us to leave I am 100% sure that you will be saluted and respected even when you are no longer in the world, your work will speak forever.


A picture which your had got in the above exercise is your vision, it determines your decision to start doing something positive as you are still alive, it demands you to start building a foundation of your coming success, it is your big motivator, it motivates you to start THINKING BIG and coming up with great ideas of business which will make a positive impact in the world and also it will trigger your commitment and focus at work for you to achieve your success. You must visualize the way you want things to happen at the end or in future so as you can be able to strategize today the way you are going to arrive there in future. Do you think it is easy to forget these people in the world: Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Martin Ruther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Whitney Houston etc. and do you remember how their mourning and burial ceremony were for some of them whom you witnessed? They will be remembered forever.   


Last week in Tanzania we lost a potential film actor and producer STEVEN KANUMBA almost everyone in the country is crying and it seems like people are not ready to accept that he is dead, a crowd of people from different part of Tanzania attended his burial ceremony, it never happened this kind of crowed before, you could think this guy was a president of our nation but no, he was an actor, I remember in one of his interview by media he said that, “though he will be dying in future Tanzanians must say somebody Kanumba was there in Tanzania making an impact”, this is convincing me to believe that the end which Kanumba was visualizing determined so much all his good and amazing not easy to forget films and works he did. Everyone in Tanzania says, “Rest in Peace Kanumba, we shall remember you forever” me too I join them by saying “YOUR WORK WILL SPEAK FOR EVER.


Being a successful star is not for few of them instead for those who try to have a big vision, those who sees the future today and use such a picture as their motivator to work effectively and efficiently with a lot of passion and commitment while stay focused to their goals until they achieve. It is very possible and you are deserving the success you want just visualize what you want to happen in future and make a good and achievable strategy which will guide you on the way as you are working hard.

Good luck as you are meditating your vision.

By Erick Chrispin  
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