Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Way Towards Dreaming Big


Have you ever came across an advice of DREAMING BIG in your life? It has been said that many people fail to succeed in life simply because they dream or think small and as a man thinketh gets. I also agree on these sayings however I came to discover that many people face a big challenge of not becoming able to dream big as they are advised without knowing why. 

 They are eager and ready to do so but when It comes to a process of dreaming they do not see big dreams flow in their mind hence the advice remain an illusion and unrealistic in their life. 

You might be facing the same problem sometimes, today I want to share with you a foundation of big dreams which may positively change your life from today as you are going to start implement it.

You are what you know 

I just want you to be aware that you will never think beyond the level of your knowledge, I mean the information you have in your mind. Even if you will decide to meditate today still you will come up with new ideas which are basically found in what you know or a pool of information and experience you have in your mind. Be aware that dreaming is also an outcome of your thinking process which enable you to configure new ideas out of the stock of information/ experiences in your mindset and those new ideas are what we call dreams.

The way you generally behave, act and make different decisions in your life is an outcome of what you know or experiences you have since you were born up to now.

You work like a computer

Try to simply think the way computer works. A new computer without being installed in it any software program can’t work the same to the one which is installed. And as much as you install in it more new software programs is when such a computer offer more applications at work. 

The same to human being/ you, you become more competent on something as you become knowledgeable on it, your behavior and decisions in life changes as you feed your mind with new knowledge and experiences, you become able to think beyond your normal level of thinking as you become more knowledgeable in life. This teaches us that our body’s actions and personal behaviors are all determined by what we know which controls our thinking pattern.

Do you remember all the moment you made new decisions in life after being learned the importance of doing so? I stopped being drunkard person since I learned that it was making me stop being creative in my life. Without enriching my mind with this knowledge I couldn’t make such a decision to stop drinking.

By doing this you can be able to dream big

The level of your knowledge determines the size of your dreams, you dream small because you know little, if you want to dream big do the other way round, start exposing yourself to new information about different things in your life. Feed you mind with new experiences which will trigger your mind to think beyond normality. You normally think differently as you get exposed to new information and life skills. Start visiting new places, read new books, watch different new movies, attend different important occasions in town, read newspapers and get exposed to mass media, attend different seminars, go and do a window-shopping in supermarkets so as you can see new products and services etc.

All these will enrich your mindset with new knowledge which then will enable you think and dream big according to big and many experiences you have. Therefore if you want to dream big make sure you enrich your mindset which controls your behavior and decisions in life with new experiences. Get your mind exposed to big experiences.

Remember the way you behave is equally to what you think and what you think is found in what you know and what you know is equal to the level of your exposure to information and experiences in life.

Change your daily routines today, learn, learn, learn new experiences then your will automatically start thinking and dreaming so big. Just by applying your big dreams in real world, your life will be changed to successful one.

Good luck! 

By Erick Chrispin

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A lesson from Lulu Michael A Tanzanian Movie Star.


Lulu Michael a Tanzanian Movie Star
Do you know that every human being is talented? You are also talented. I believe that you were born to come on earth so that you can do something unique from which other people will find the world a better and happier place to live, but also the creator/ God can be observed through you by what you do and be praised for creating you.

Many people in our society think that for you to be talented you have to be a musician, actor or actress and doing anything of art but this is a narrow perception because being talented is when you do anything in an exceptional way, when you make others be amazed of what you have done and they will end-up appreciating you that you are talented because nobody is doing the way you do, you are unique. It be a teacher, engineer, politician, businessman, pastor, sheikh, motivation speaker, accountant, best student, mathematician, entrepreneur etc.

Discover your talent 

The system you grew in made sure you never discover your talent, instead follow their programs hence you are not living your unique ability to do creative things. You are now living the life of your parents, friends, relatives, pastors, sheikhs, teachers etc. these systems hold you back every time you try to show out your talent. We can see your daddy and mom in you and unfortunately they have forgotten that they are unique and you are unique, it will never happened you become like them for every human being came in the world with different purpose to be fulfilled through his or her way different from others.

Do you know why they force you to be like them?

It is due to the fact that your ability is beyond theirs so they are not ready to see what is going to happen if you undertake your new ideas which will reveal your personal talent. This is why many talented people you know have a struggling background as they were trying to let other people accept their decision to live according to their talent but they forced, persisted and stayed focused until the system surrendered and led them go.

Your talent is a true you, is your nature.

When you do something you feel happy and loving doing it, you will end up doing it in an amazing way and that is your talent. People can tell your talent because they see it from you, you can also try to remember some years back as you were a child; what things were you doing exceptionally, the things that made other people get amazed that is your , make use of it now and you will see the way it is going to influence your success. 

Your talent will influence your true success  

3 days has passed since Lulu Michael (LULU) a Tanzanian movie star were released from imprisonment after she was claimed to involuntarily kill her fellow actor and great movie star Steven Kanumba last year. Her case was tough for she was claimed to kill but you can’t imagine she is now out, how this became possible for such a life to death in prison case if it could be other people? She had to pay 20 million Tanzania shillings for her to get a chance of coming out last week, some people made it happen.

What made me wonder and get surprised is how many Tanzanians became happy for Lulu to be released, is as if she was not engaged in the murder case. Many people went to warmly receive her outside the court, all the newspaper headlines this week writes about her and the positive attitude of Tanzanians towards her coming, everybody congratulates her and says, “you are welcome Lulu we love you and we can’t wait to see your new movies” 

So it is the power of her talent that influenced her to succeed and become released from prison. Furthermore it is the power of her talent which makes Tanzanians forgive and forget about their previous anger towards her after she was claimed to kill their lovely movie star Steven Kanumba. Everybody is protecting her and praying to God that she is safe from now onwards so that she can use her talent to make people happy and enjoy their living on earth.

Living your talent will pull all of them to your side.

Discover your talent today for it will bring all people you want in your life and these people will come to you with all the benefits which will make you grow more and succeed getting whatever you want in life. Even when you do things wrong, your talent will defend you because people won’t be ready to lose you just because of such a mistake.

Your talent is worth a raw gold 

For any gold to shine must go through fire, if the system specifically your parents followed up by friends and other institutions you are affiliated to, shape and want you to be their way then showing up your talent is like betraying them. They won’t easily accept your opinion so you will have to force this to happen sometimes even by fight and lots of struggle. What you are supposed to take care is being tolerant, never give up until you see it happen, and stay focused to finish it. 

The truth is…

Your inner personal core values defines your talent, they will always signal you with new brilliant ideas of doing what you are able to do, whether it be a business or carrier development. They will keep on reminding you even when you feel running away from them an act which will leave you with guilt of betraying yourself. Therefore take care of all the success ideas which are coming out of you because they alert you to start living your talent which is your lasting success.

You are welcome to our happy world!

We can’t wait to see your new creative works Lulu, being in prison for all those months almost 10 of them was a challenge to make you better than before. Use that opportunity to show the world how unique you are and the creator planted in you something other people doesn’t have. Keep on motivating other people to discover their talent and start living accordingly. Tanzanians love you.

Good luck!
By Erick Chrispin