Sunday, December 11, 2016


As years pass we need to move ahead in our life development, we need to personally develop and achieve our vision, our dreams at least to come out with new achievements, we need to go more steps ahead economically, socially and may be politically.

The fact is that you will never realize your dreams if you do not plan because planning activate activities to do on your dreams. I want to show you what you can do to plan for next year so that you can deliver and realize what you have dreamt to achieve in the coming year.

In fact you need to personally evaluate yourself on what happened this year and plan what you will be doing next year. I have prepared you some strategic points/ questions which will guide you on your personal evaluation. This evaluation can be done perfectly in a calm or cool environment, a place where you feel cool and relaxing when you are there. In my case when I was doing this I used to go to hotel close to beach and take a room, stayed there alone for 24 hours evaluating and planning for next year.

 Being there I got a chance to meditate while seating on the beach, for sure I got a lot of new ideas, I made a new personal vision for next year, I acquired a very powerful, inspiring and big dream and then I made a strategy, so next year I have a very good plan and very confident year. I am now stressed free for next year I hope at the end of next year I will realize the great achievements of my vision, my goals and dreams because already I know the way to go through, I have a map to follow.

I kindly ask you to do this activity and you will realize what I am telling you and it will help you a lot. Please go with me through these guidelines.


  • What was the most fun I had this past year?
  • What did I lean this past year?
  • What did I change for good this past year?
  • What bad habits did I pick up this past year?
  • What books had the biggest impact on me this past year?


·         What important projects would I like to complete this next year?
·         What am I looking forward to in my personal life this next year?
·         What skills would I like to sharpen this next year?
·         What books will help me the most this next year?
·         How can I increase my service to others this next year?
·         How much would I like to earn this next year?

Succeeding to answer all these questions effectively you are going to realize a new personal vision and mission of your life and next year is going to be a year with full of success to you but only if you are going to work on your entire mission you have discovered through this exercise. Remember to write down each and every answer you are coming up with.

Please I hope to see you back and share your success with others through this blog next time and may be next year.

God bless you more.


Erick Chrispin.