Thursday, December 13, 2012

Your golden 2013 should start this way;



I came to discover that our success in life is there constant waiting for us to exploit it, that is why some of us are succeeding by acquiring what they want in their life and others not. This is also because your life is how you make it. Some believe that success is luck, coincidence etc., all who believe this way do not need to plan for it but unfortunately most of them end up frustrated after not realizing what they are waiting for due to not finding it practically.

Successful life is how you make it yourself,

It is like a lot of underutilized  resources available on earth. You can’t call yourself rich just by having them unutilized, it is until you start exploiting them and seeing the positive results hence you can call yourself rich.
If you won’t plan how you are going to live successfully in 2013 then it will look like 2012, nothing new is going to change and it won’t deserve to be called NEW YEAR TO YOU. So for it to be a successful new year you must evaluate your 2012 and plan how you want 2013 to look like. Don’t wait other people or nature to plan for you because they will bring you a kind of life you don’t like.

Follow the following practically proven guidelines to plan for a successful 2013.

Before you start, I propose you find a quiet place where you will spend this essential moment in your life, a moment which is going to assure you a new 2013 with great success. You can leave your home to a hotel, beach, forest or any place which will allow you to meditate. An environment covered by nature is what I could recommend for you, for this will allow the settlement of your mind to effectively meditate and plan.

Here we go!

I kindly ask you to do this activity and you will realize what I am telling you and it will help you a lot. Please go with me through these guidelines


    ·         What was the most fun I had this past year?
    ·         What did I lean this past year?
    ·         What did I change for good this past year?
    ·         What bad habits did I pick up this past year?
    ·         What books had the biggest impact on me this past year?


    ·         What important projects would I like to complete this next year?
    ·         What am I looking forward to in my personal life this next year?
    ·         What skills would I like to sharpen this next year?
    ·         What books will help me the most this next year?
    ·         How can I increase my service to others this next year?
    ·         How much would I like to earn this next year?

Succeeding to answer all these questions effectively you are going to realize a new personal vision and mission of your life and next year is going to be a year with full of success to you but only if you are going to work on your entire mission you have discovered through this exercise. Remember to write down each and every answer you are coming up with.

I hope to see you back and share your success with others through this blog next time and may be next year.

God bless you more.
Bye and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

Erick Chrispin.