Saturday, November 7, 2015


"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunities beyond controlled resources"

As a young entrepreneur this definition of entrepreneurship by Professor Howard Stevenson from the Harvard Business School has manifested what exactly happen in my start-up business development. I am sure it is going to inspire you too especially if you want to start and become an entrepreneur. Let me explain its parts in detail:


Implies a singular relentless focus, this is true, as an entrepreneur you will always need to activate your idea in reality as you get it. You will have to do something with whatever you have without waiting; you will have that urge to show tangible progress to attract resources. In a simple language an entrepreneur believe in acting upon ideas to materialize them so they can attract its progress to meet their vision.


This implies to an offering that is novel in one or four of the following ways:
  •  Pioneering a truly innovative product
  •  Devising a new business model
  •  Creating a better or cheaper version of an existing product
  •  Targeting an existing product to new sets of customers   

Above is what an opportunity entails, this is due to the fact that, everything is actually existing in terms of resources and functions so as an entrepreneur you will recognize an opportunity which will mean improving what is available.

Beyond resource controlled, 

This implies resource constraints, as an entrepreneur you will always have less resources at the beginning so you will have to minimize cost and leverage your time by mobilizing your own funds to impinge in your initiative. You will do this to develop your business cash flow so it sustains itself in future and of course attract more funds from external investors. An entrepreneur will make sure the business stands out for other investors to join the force.

What are the risks entrepreneurs face at the beginning?

Entrepreneurs face risks because they always pursue novel opportunities while lacking enough resources to venture into their start-up businesses. Such risks come in four main types:

  1. Demand risk, this relates to customers willingness to adopt the solution envisioned by you as an entrepreneur. You will always be uncertain on this.
  2. Technology risk, this is very high when engineering or scientific breakthrough is required to bring a solution to fruition, you will also be uncertain
  3.  Execution risk, this one relates to entrepreneurs ability to attract employees and partners who can implement the venture’s plan.  
  4. Financing risk, this one relates to whether external capital will be available on the reasonable terms.

Let me tell you, above risks are what makes people become entrepreneurs, everything above is uncertain it needs your readiness to take such risk and start, not everyone can do this only entrepreneurs.

To minimize these risks, entrepreneurs are always following these steps in their establishment.
  •  Lean experiment: at this level you will have to test your minimal product to know whether customers need it and they are ready to buy, this product will also work as your learning process to validate it before producing more.
  •  Staged investing, this is when an entrepreneur utilize his/her resources according to the level of investment  milestone, here as an entrepreneur you should not expend resourced needed for the next investment before realizing the success of the recent milestones.
  • Partnering, this allows an entrepreneur to reduce risk by expending other people’s resources and sometimes rely on the risk taken on their side. On return the entrepreneur’s initiative grows.
  •  Storytelling, this is when an entrepreneur tells his story to other people so they get inspired and choose to impinge their resources in his/her venture. So as an entrepreneur you will need to be an inspirational leader of your initiative, you will need to be able to inspire others to choose collaborating with you and investing in your initiative.

Now try to think deeper on this definition of entrepreneurship above, doesn't it make you inspired to become an entrepreneur the way it did to me? You just need to do what some of the above to become one of them.

I wish you the best

By: Erick Chrispin.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Have you ever thought of why sometimes your plans in life yield unexpected results? Probably you had been like me who after seeing such a situation most of time I decided to believe that I will always never get what I expect and I must be ready for that. However this philosophy of mine had been contradicting me for I then started arguing within myself as for what purpose should I continue planning if I am sure I am not going to get what I expected?

Today I found another discovery that…

However life is how we make it, which means it depends on the choices we make and behaviors we practice every moment in life but behind those choices there are powerful processes which goes on invisibly that are critical, automated and natural factors of life which corresponds to our choices and plans in the realistic point of view. They are there to make sure all our plans are realistic beyond our plans and perception and these powerful processes are what will bring the true result of our plans and choices of life which most of the time goes opposite to our projected results since ours are not realistic.

Your invisible powers and processes are TRUE and FARE

Since your invisible processes are always there to respond to your choices and trying to bring out the reality of your choice so they will always be TRUE and FARE to you. Remember your life plans and choices activate these powers to work within you, so if you have made unrealistic plans and choice they will work to realize them in their true color and you will be disappointed of the results of your plans to be quite different from what you expected.

This is to say that there is a possibility of us getting what we expected out of our plans only if we are true and realistic of what we plan or choose in life. And the only thing which will be true to you is the one which inspires you to do. Just to make it clear an inspiration is what corresponds to your inner calling. That is discovering your CALLING and responding to it by doing what it asks you to do. If your calling is to do business, teach, create something new then if you respond to it accordingly that is your inspiration since it comes from within you so it is easy for your doings to correspond to your invisible powerful processes and yield expected results and sometimes beyond expectation and not below.

Your take away for today

Whenever you see unexpected results out of your plans and choices in life, sit down and explore whether your choices are realistic and whether they are your inspiration. It is obvious that you will discover these two factors not to be true so make some contemplation to discover what could be the reality and if this also doesn't help, meditate to discover whether you are living your origin i.e. whether you are living your calling and GOD’S purpose of you being in the world. By doing so you will be shifting your belief from your EGO to who you were real made to be.


Erick Chrispin

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Have you ever thought of change being a root course of any development in your life? Of course it goes further to family and national level. As I was trying to think of development today, it came in my mind that if I will keep doing things the same way everyday it is very obvious that, I will keep getting the same results every day. I just want to believe that, what I am suggesting here is very logical. So the day I am going to change my way is when development will happen and I will experience new results.

But again, if change determine new results then it depends on the type of change I am going to undertake, if they are negative change it means I will experience new but negative results, the opposite is true and for me development comes out of positive change. So, we are always supposed to think of changing our way of life so we develop but the change we make should be determined by our vision i.e. what we intend to achieve at the end.

If that is logic,

Then the purpose I and you were born is to change the world. Changing it in a positive way so it makes your own life easier and favorable to everyone around you. I am very convinced that you are where you are now because you had been changing the way you do your things time to time. One can have poor development or big development depending on his/her speed of changing but not in a destructive manner. I think one of the critical factors for development is having constant positive change in life.

Do I deserve challenges in life?

If and only if you believe in change for development then the whole process must be tested now and then to improve your competence in undertaking the process of change and abiding to the critical factors which will materialize the result you intend out of it. Challenges are signals to tell you what you are supposed to do beyond what you are doing so that you achieve at maximum. It is obvious that without them you will keep doing the same way and same things hence get the same results.

Therefore we absolutely need to be very positive with any challenge we face in life, we need to take an advantage of them so we get a reason to change and develop more. It is like examinations during your schools time, they were challenges in a different name, they made you know how and what you should learn for next examination to pass. In life challenges play exactly the same role examinations played as you were in school. Let me ask you a question, hadn't be examinations, would you have been mentioned as a successful student at the end? Of course not, the same to life, without overcoming challenges you will ever be mentioned as a successful person.

Now you must understanding that…

You were born to change for you to get the life you want, denying to change is denying the success you want in life, is also creating your poverty assurance. I know most people are not comfortable with new changes because they are comfortable with their prevailing way of life. But since you real want a better life then you just need to believe that you were born to change and you must be positive with any change you are demanded to undertake so you succeed.

Remember you were born to change, make this your philosophy so you have positive attitude towards it. All the best.

By Erick Chrispin