Thursday, November 29, 2012

Attracting what you want in life.


It has been said that AS A MAN THINKETH GETS,

Do you also believe in the natural principle of attracting what you think most of the time? You might have been hearing about the law of attraction which is what insists that you normally attract what you think most of the time. I hope you also believe in this but do you know a secret behind attracting what you want in life just as you think about it most? This is what I want to reveal out here, just read the following paragraphs, they will help you realize the truth behind law of attraction and you will be able to play with it and get what you want in your life.

It is not about what you think but what you think most.

It is not only thinking about what you want in life that will make you get it instead THINKING ABOUT IT MOST OF YOUR TIME will. If for instance 95% of your 24 hours is spent in thinking about what you want in life it is obviously that you will attract it on the way, here I do not mean that you will never be thinking about other things but what it means is that most of your free time in your mind is consumed by thinking about what you want in life.

What you want in life inspires you

That is why you think about it most of your time, what you want is normally something new in your life, something you don’t have in your presence, therefore it will keep on inspiring you as you see it in your imagination which is your vision, that is why it is important to have vision in your life because vision is what you want and vision has power to inspire you think about it all the time.

It takes your choice and concentration to attract what you want in life.

Our mind is like a field where if nothing is planted in it, weeds will grow and fill it all. You normally attract something in your life simply because you think about it most of your time. If you haven’t chosen what you want in life for you to think about it most of your time, your mind won’t stay idle it will pick bad and unneeded stuffs for you to think about them, and according to a natural principle of law of attraction is that you will end up attracting such bad stuffs which will negatively affect your life anyway.

Therefore you better control your mindset by choosing what you want in life, try to meditate and visualize what you want to see in your life  then create a desire to get it, you will automatically concentrate on thinking about it most of your time. This will cover all the space of your mind where you could be spending to think and attract what you don’t want in your life (the field weeds).

How do we attract what we want in life?

As you walk in town you normally see most what you think about. Simply because it is roaming in your mind by the time being then it is clearly that you will detect it whenever and wherever it appears on your eyes and senses in general. That is why you sometimes pass by somewhere without seeing something while it is very close to your eyes, it is just because such a thing was not in your thinking by the time being. Therefore it you are dreaming to get a certain kind of car and you think about it most of your time, you will end up seeing it in town as it passes by your site, you will see all the pictures and hear all stories about it, simply because it is roaming in your mind by the time being. 

This means that you better stop thinking about what you don’t want in life because you will end up meeting it every time and it will be difficult for you to stop getting it. For a smoker if you want to stop smoking then avoid thinking about it most of your time, find something else to think about otherwise you will be seeing all the cigarette shops, meeting smokers and concentrating on the smocking advertisements.

Realizing what you attract in life

I hope you agree with me that you normally strategize to get what you want in life simply because you are inspired by it and you see a lot of opportunities to do so. As you keep on thinking about it most of your time and seeing it every day you will automatically start planning the way you are going to acquire it. You may also receive it from other people or in any way simply because you normally talk and tell people about it (about what you think most) therefore they may decide to find it for you. You will just be wondering seeing people giving you what you want in life. You may think God has remembered you but the truth is God has worked with your effort to think about it, believe that you can get what you want in life and concentrate on thinking about it most of your time.

It is definitely possible to attract and get what you want on life, what I can advise you is to visualize and choose what you want then get inspired by it from which you will concentrate thinking about it most of your time. Its result will be seeing it most, talking about it and receiving it after you have planned and strategized a way you are going to get it or just surprised by people who will hand it to you.


By Erick Chrispin

Sunday, November 11, 2012

how to defeat great fear in you.


There is a great fear that holds you back in your life, do you know it?

That is your fear of failure which holds you back from achieving your great success in life.

Most of the time when you try thinking of undertaking your goals and dreams into reality is when your negative inner voice start ringing and telling you an extent you are going to fail on that. It starts giving you some strong reasons why you are going to fail and the end result is you stopping to implement your goal and that is it. You normally remain a dreamer and goal setter not an achiever, you then start feeling guilty for not implementing what you planned, your inner joy also goes away because of that. 

Is this challenge real relevant to you? If so here is the solution;


Your fear is not true because you normally fear on what you do not see in reality. For instance; you are dreaming to start a business (it is still in your imagination) you put it in your plan (still you haven’t started implementing it so it is not in its reality) then when it comes to starting implementing it a voice within you tells you you’re going to fail, that is not true! How comes you are going to fail on something you haven’t even started to implement?


As I said before, your fear of failure is normally not true, if you want to prove this use a following strategy to defeat it.

1.      Identify and define your fears.

Just write down on paper everything that you are fearing for or that makes you fear to start implementing your goals. Make a list of them without omitting any of them, just brainstorm and list them down, I believe all of them will come into your mind. At this moment don’t judge them so that you cannot omit any of them, just write them down.

2.      Choose the most and analyze it.

After you have listed them down now try to look at them in detail and identify a great fear which holds you back and write it aside. Start analyzing it by asking yourself the following questions 

ü  How such a fear holds me back in my life?

This will open your mind-eyes and you will now see the big extent to which this fear is letting you down most of the time.

ü  How does it help me or how has it helped me at the past?

ü  And the last important question is for you to ask yourself on how and to which extent will it pay you if you eliminate your fear from now on.

The answers to the last question is what will inspire you and push you to eliminate your great fear hence go to implement your dream and goals very quick. There is no need to fear, what you need to do there on is instead of avoiding your fear you just confront it and instead of going back from it, move towards it and ultimately that will be your behavior and will be built in you and you will never see fear of failure in you anymore.

Remember your fear of failure which holds you back is not true please don’t entertain it and you are surely going to succeed and achieve your dreams.


By Erick Chrispin