Monday, September 23, 2013


Do you know that there are inbuilt natural principles which are universal and every human being is supposed to live according to them?

Those natural principles are what mean YOU and they are the one which determine your natural character and habit at the end. Most of us are living according to how we are programmed by our social values hence we contradict ourselves as we are living against our natural unchanged principles.

For us to be successful and effective in our life we must take care of these universal principles so as we can be changed in our usual habits that make us unsuccessful, stressful, not effective, guilt and unsettled in relationship with others.

The natural principles or laws which I am going to describe to you now are the one which naturally build your permanent personal character and out of your character is where your habits come and we can see your habits in your actions.

Let us look at these natural universal principles of human beings


How do you feel when you speak truth if you compare to when you lie?
The feeling you get is what prove it to be a natural principle and character of human beings. There is no any human being who will naturally fell free and relaxing forever as he/she lies because we are made to live the TRUTH, and every one becomes confident, happy and relaxed as he/she speaks or doing TRUTH. Truth never change instead we are changing against it and by doing so it means we are living against our selves. You can cheat but still truth will stand stead and demand you to stop cheating for it will make you feel guilt and contradict your personal character.

Do you believe in lies?

Some social classes use lies as their tool to defend themselves so as they can get what they want and they wonder why they are not relating well to each other. It is because they are violating the natural law of being TRUE. Violating this natural principle is like trying to hinder waterfalls without preparing a new channel for them to flow through; they will end up destroying your hindrance mechanism. That is how TRUTH is, you may violate it by lying but it will keep on showing off itself so as you can live accordingly. 


How do you feel every time you affect others negatively?
You may emotionally do something bad to your fellow human being but afterwards feel bad and guilt from what you have done, this is due to the fact that one among our inbuilt natural principle is having humanity in us. Our humanity is what makes us help each other heartedly as a result we love one another; we participate in building our society, nation and world at large.

Humanity is what makes you a patriot to your country, organization but also ready to take care of those who cannot manage to help themselves.

This is why as human being we cry as one among us dies or get offended in one way or another, we feel guilt and sometime we may die because we have killed someone, all these are results of living against our self natural law which is HUMANITY. 


How do you feel when other people do not respect you?

That feeling you get shows that every one naturally needs a sense of self respect and control. You feel good to be respected, you also feel good as you respect yourself. In opposite you feel desperate and discouraged as you fail to maintain your dignity every time you do the things that destroy yourself respect like being in rough appearance, being lazy, using rude and dirty words or language and so forth. Being good is an inbuilt character which is within every human being and it is a universal natural principle. You will find everyone according to their culture try to maintain their dignity however what mean dignity to one social class may become an offence to another society. For instance in one kingdom in South Africa walking half naked to a virgin girl shows her dignity while this mean not respecting a woman in Tanzania.


Natural principles which make human character are like hard rock, they never change, we are changing ourselves that is why we contradict ourselves and become ineffective at work, life and our actions become of life destruction but as we get back and start living these natural principles again we are sure of positively changing our life to a successful one. 

Here I am talking about changing your character (the way you look at your own life) for doing so will change your habits and actions hence your whole life will be positively affected and changed as well. I want you not to dwell into techniques of being perfect with your personality like dressing in a certain way, using a certain language to convince others or any other quick fix techniques, instead I want you to dig deep into your character which is built up by these natural laws from which all you want like looking good to people, relating well to people, working hard, not being lazy are rooted from.

Repositioning yourself to these human natural principles is not an overnight process, is a life you should start living from now and as you try your best to practice every day is how you change your life and become new. It may even take a year and more than that but as you are living accordingly you will everyday see changes in your life. Keep on improving!


By Erick Chrispin

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