Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to activate our resources to get rich

 How to activate our resources to get RiCH.

Political view

In Tanzania and almost all the said underdeveloped or developing countries, the same story of “having a lot of resources like almost all the varieties of minerals, water bodies etc but we are still poor” has been existing for many decades now without getting the brilliant solution regardless a lot of expatriate and political meetings and seminars conducted in these countries to find a solution. They all seem not working and instead a wastage of time. The end result of this desperate minds has become corruption and fraud business to almost all the politicians, they no longer think of how we can use our many resources to get developed instead they are busy searching for people from the said developed countries to come, exploit all the minerals and export them to a market in their own countries. Our countries get only a good name that it exports minerals for instance; while its people are becoming poorer due to the fact that they are alienated from their resources.


A rich Tanzanian in his struggle to get rich he discovered a secret behind our poverty. He found that  having many resources in our hand doesn’t mean we are rich, being so means we have wealth, the Maasai people in East Africa have wealth by having thousands of cattle per person but still they are poor. If you won’t change your resources into trade exchange for you to get money to buy another important basic needs and whatever you want to make your life easier then you are not rich and you can’t be developed to the level you want, you must do something to activate your dormant resources.  

Teach him/her how to fish.

A rich Tanzanian in his discovery relied in this China’s saying “don’t give him a fish instead teach him how to fish” this has been one among the China’s code of conduct in their working life and a value to follow. We must invest more in knowledge of how we can utilize our resources to produce and manufacture different products out of our resources for us to develop. 

At national level this will assure employment to many people in our countries for everyone will be able to work and create the way we can use our resources to create business. We shall expand our own market and compete in the world market; we shall have power in the world market. Is better to export more than importing while we do not have money to buy those goods.


A rich Tanzania decided to start by himself, tried to observe what he has as a resource around him for it to use. He found a lot of business opportunities and resources around him but the problem was how to activate them, he didn’t know the technology behind utilizing them so his solution was to start learning on how he can activate them, he went to a bookshop and found books and DVDs which contain a knowledge behind the way to utilize those resources. The game was very easy because everything was open for him to understand in those books and DVDs; he kept on learning and preparing himself to start using those skills to utilize the resources. Now he is getting richer and richer by using his knowledge in business.

A book with all the secrets

This has been a great secret behind his richness, he is always learning how to do things, he reads a lot of books, attending a number of trainings and workshops, he is aware of all the learning platforms which are relevant to what he intends to learn about, briefly he works a lot to develop his personality and mindset as a results he is becoming more creative in his working life and business.

Meeting him anytime he will tell you that learning the KNOW HOW education is the only investment you should start with for you to change your life the way you want. And he will assure you that there is a big secret in learning and almost all the successful and rich people have written a secret of their success in books so find those books to read and know how they got success that is how he is doing and getting richer and richer.


A rich Tanzanian discovered that, values in people’s mind are what makes them work hard and creatively to get rich. Most of the said developed countries have a value of ACHIEVEMENT. All their people believe in achievement, they believe that everyone must achieve and become developed in their life, an impact of this value is them to become more creative and work very hard to achieve. In china people do not believe in giving something instead teaching someone on how he/she can do something to get what he want this is a foundation of their saying “don’t give him a fish, teach him how to fish”.

Our said developing societies do not have this kind of values so it is very hard for us to be triggered to hard work, learning and creativity. It is not easy to get development in this kind of mindset; we must change and have a value which will trigger us to work hard and creatively.

Personally you can change your mind and create these values by yourself and get developed and rich. That is how a rich Tanzanian did. He believes in achievement and learning the way to achieve things every day. Decide to change your life today by investing in education and learning, create your own values which will trigger you to work hard and start working by using them to exploit the resources around you. I am 100% sure that after sometime you will get the success you dream about.

Good luck!

By Eric Chrispin

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