Tuesday, June 12, 2012

never rely on what lies within you


This is natural that normally in our thinking we meet two different voices speaking to us interchangeably during the process of making decisions in our life. And all these two voices are important for us to have reasons why should we decide the way we decide, as you know wherever there is no some sort of conflicting ideas it is not easy to make changes, changes always come out of contradicting situation.

Different voices within you.

Let us say there is voice 1 and voice 2. 

Voice 1 usually tells you that you CAN do something on spot, it assures you that there is possibility to implement that good dream or ideas you have in your mind, it gives you hope and confidence and also allows and emphasizing you to just start doing it now.

Voice 2 usually comes after voice 1 and insistently tells you that you CAN’T do anything on spot and also in future because you are not in a position to do so. To emphasize its argument it normally start offering you some good reasons which look like relevant to your position recently, the reasons on why you cannot implement your dream or good idea. It might be a brilliant business idea, personal development idea or one of importance in changing your life and others life. Voice 2 will tell you that you do not have an ability, you do not have enough skills, your do not have experience, so you will end up failing, get ashamed, people will laugh at you, is not your star and many other stupid reasons which at the time being seem to be true in your mind. The end result of these lies within you is you to lose confidence and STOP doing what you were planning to do and remain the way you had been before. No changes and development in your economy and life at all.  

Ever you seen a runner who was on mark and after he/she was allowed to start running he/she suddenly hesitated and postponed desperately to continue running and with shy he/she turned back and start looking at his/her fellow runners going? YES! What made this runner stop running was VOICE 2, this runner relied in this false voice then his/her dream fulfillment failed.
Never rely on voice 2

Voice 2 is what lies within you, never rely on it, peoples of religion believe that this is a devilish voice which intends to ruin your life, every culture define this voice in their own belief but on my side I believe this is a voice which makes you stand firm in your decisions, it comes like a challenge for you to stand, fight and work on what you believe in. the truth is everything is possible if you dare try it and stop believing in what lies within you that you can’t do. If you want to win just FOLLOW YOUR GUT (your first voice) which tells you that YOU CAN JUST START.

As you hear this voice…

Please believe that you can do, accumulate new energy in you with a lot of confidence and passion then GO! Don’t worry on how you are going to do it at first, an important point is you to be ready, believe and start doing it, the HOW will be coming on the way as you fail at first. You will normally FAIL, FAIL AGAIN but at the end you will fail better. During this process, voice 1 will come and tell you to plan and have good goals. It will guide you in that process of planning so you will end up succeeding your dream.


What lies within you is very powerful to fall you down. This is due to the fact that it has friendship with laziness, in-confidence, guilty etc within your body. if you won’t be stable and believe in voice 1, believing in yourself then you will accept it and fail your dream. 

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is to let you know that what lies within you is so powerful to ruin your life if you won’t take care and keep on accepting it then forget to realize your good dreams in life and you will never get success.

The voice that tells you that you can do it is YOU and the one which tells you can’t do it is not YOU instead a challenging person within you so believe in YOU and you will succeed”

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin.  

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