Thursday, May 24, 2012

Becoming an excellent time manager


Among the difficult task we almost face in life is time management at our daily working life, you might be facing this challenge too. Here I am offering you important insights and skills which will help you manage your time effectively and achieve your goals every day. 

Put in mind that all people who are successful over you are those who spend their 24 hours in doing and bringing results out of their important activities every day, if you are not seeing results and changes in what you are doing everyday it is true that you are wasting your time in less important activities.

Set goals

It has been said that “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” - Bill Copeland.  This is very true, you must have something planned to spend your time in, everyday. Just take a piece of paper and list down your goals i.e. the important things you real need to achieve this year. Just list ten of them and then look on them and pick one which you think if you could implement first it could bring great change you want in your life in this year. Write it on the back of that paper.

Setting your plan of action 

After you wrote it on the back of your paper then set a plan of action on how you are going to implement and fulfill such a goal. Write everything you think you can be doing everyday to make sure you implement that goal. This task is what will make you effectively spending your time by only doing important tasks which makes you achieve your good goals slowly every day.

Prioritizing your tasks

In a list of your activities in a daily basis out of your action plan, you will find some of the difficult and uneasy to do tasks but also you will find some of them which are a bit easy and leisure to implement tasks. You must be aware that normally the difficult tasks in your list are those which are very important, if you dare implement only one of them you will realize great change and result at work and in your life therefore spend your time doing those difficult assignments first and then the easy one will be consumed in them or done by someone else who is capable.

You will be an excellent time manager… 

You will be an excellent time manager only if you overcome the metastasizing cancer which eats a lot of people in the world nowadays, the problem of spending most of their time in easy and leisure activities like chatting online, socializing and doing a lot of petty and easy to do activities in their office all the time. Is better you spend all your time doing one important task than spending all your time doing many less important activities which at the end of the day won’t change anything in your working life.

The power of your concentration.

Among the things which make most of us fail to achieve our goals everyday is lack of concentration on what we do. When you start doing something in your plan and under your goal you need to stay at it until you accomplish. Is better you concentrate in one thing before you start another new one or engage yourself in an emerging unimportant leisure activities like chatting on your way. Succeeding to accomplish one important task you will be happy and motivated to implement another important one and you will be realizing the way results are brought in your work.

Delegate your activities

You can’t do everything yourself that is why there is a division of labor in terms of carrier and professions. What you have to do is to make sure you concentrate in those very important activities which you know they need your creative mind to implement and the rest which are low prioritized by you, give out to other people to implement. 

But for your work not to be destructed make sure you delegate it to a capable people with enough competency on it and the important point to remember in delegation is CLARITY, make sure you are very clear to a person you delegate, he/she must understand well the assignment before starting and you are responsible as a delegator to make him or her clear. 

Remember you will waste all your time only if you will be conservative and think of doing everything yourself. Pay someone to do some of your things and concentrate on those which you are good at.

Improving your competence 

For you to be better and manage your work you need to be competent. Some tasks you are facing seem to be difficult due to your incompetence; you might be good at it but not completely fine. That is what makes you dragging behind by indulging yourself in leisure stuffs all the time like chatting in face-book and socializing instead of start doing your important task. Remember if you start the task, will seem difficult and challenging at first but as you repeat it more and more then it will start becoming easy. It is psychologically said that much time is spent in doing things at first because of their newness but as time goes on little time will be spent in doing the same thing due to the competence and experience you have on it. So for you to build your competence keep on repeating doing the same thing while learning more about it every day. This will help you manage and keep your time for later you will be doing things in an easy way and very fast.

Say NO to interruptions 

At your office there are normally a lot of interruptions and the main interruptions now days are telephone, online social network chatting like facebook and people frequently entering your office. Avoid these interruption only by being SELF DESCPLINED and strict on what you are doing. Put your phone aside during working hours by switching it off if is not part of your work until you finish your tasks and respond to the calls after working hours. Disallow unnecessary moving in your office people by not giving them a chance to sit down in your office as they enter (stand up as they enter this will make them not sitting down instead leaving) or hang an alert on the door or desk that they shouldn’t disturb you for you are in a concentration pool.

Schedule your day.

You have to know that from a minute, hour, day, week, month and year all are so valuable and should be taken care of for you to succeed in your working life. The successful people count a minute by scheduling how it is going to be spent in their working day; this is what you are supposed to do for you to manage your time. Just schedule the way you will spend your time from the time you wake up in morning until you go to sleep including your socializing time. Without scheduling your day, you must waste a lot of hours doing unimportant leisure things which do not make any change in your life instead under-developing you. And in night before you go to sleep is an appropriate time to plan and schedule your next day because as you will be asleep your subconscious mind will keep on working on your goals by giving them an important solutions and insights on how to deal with them and as you wake in the morning will find everything is becoming easy to implement.

Get balanced

This is a last advice I would like to offer you today. Being strict in time management shouldn’t segregate you from your people, it shouldn’t destroy your good relationship with others like relatives, coworkers, family or any social group you are affiliated with, what you have to do is make sure you schedule well and offer them time to spend with but make sure you won’t be caught by them and give them more time than your important activities, few minutes are enough to spend with people chatting, cooperating in entertainment stuffs etc and use more time in your goal fulfilling activities.

You need to be self disciplined and believe in these techniques for you to succeed these time management masterly. Remember for you to be successful in life is just using well 24 hours you have a day to do important things only and delegate your low prioritized activities to others capable of doing them. I hope this is going to help you and change your life if you will start living it from now onwards.

Good luck! 

By Erick Chrispin


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