Sunday, May 6, 2012

Healing your body by yourself.


For you to live the life you want, you must have an understanding of how your mind works because it is your mind which controls all the functions of your body which means a lot to your life. I realized that normally when I am sick, happy, sad, down or comfortable is a work of my own thinking and mind set. 

Do you also believe this? If not then think of this: normally your body start to tremble with a lot of panic as soon as you start thinking of failing in your attempted examination or if you are awaiting the results of your attempted examination and as you start thinking of failing it, your body become so down but also you normally feel so happy when you think that someone is truly loving you; what I want to tell you here is that any change of your body condition emotionally etc is a cause of your mindset, is  a work of your own mind.


You’re conscious 

If this is new to you then for your information, your mind is working mainly in two sections, your conscious part from which you are normally aware of whatever you do, you can meditate, think, weigh and make a choice out of the information you have by the time being from which you decide what to pick and use in your life. Here is where you normally use to choose a kind of life you want. When you are asleep in night this section is also sleeping that is why you are normally not aware of what are going on around you as you are sleeping.

Your subconscious;

This is a next important section in your mind. It is subjective to your conscious part, you are normally not aware of what is going on in this part, as when you are asleep the subconscious part of your mind is working 24 hours, it controls all your body system, it enables your heartbeats to continue all the time, your digestion system etc. that’s why you find yourself dreaming while you are not aware in night, all these are the working of your subconscious part. It works like an engine in a car to move it wherever will be directed.


If your subconscious resembles to the car engine then you are its driver to direct it on how it should control your body because it is submissive to you. A slight different from a car engine is that If you won’t direct it (your subconscious) it doesn’t mean that it will stop instead it will respond to whatever comes out of your conscious part whether it is negative or positive in your life. 

Your subconscious part is NEUTRAL it accepts the negative or positive information and work on it effectively so if you wont positively contemplate in your conscious part then  it will receive the same information and command your body to respond on it so just imagine if you are so sad in your conscious mind then automatically your subconscious part will receive and command the sadness feeling in your body this means that you will become so down by the time being, but if something makes you happy and you start thinking that way, again your subconscious part will receive the same information and command your body as a result you will start feeling good and your body become active Therefore it is all about you do play with your thinking which will heal you from your body sufferings. 


I say healing because whenever your body feels uncomfortable it means it is against its nature of being health as it was created. When you are not comfortable you have to understand that your subconscious part is working negatively in directing and controlling your body system and it is not its mistake but your mistake by allowing the negative thoughts to penetrate through your conscious part which sends the approved information to your subconscious mind for it to use the information to control your body.


If you want to heal your body then you’re responsible to choose health information, positive attitudes about your body and life in general, victory and success thoughts etc for your subconscious mind to receive good information which will be used to control your body. Many people keep on being seek regardless a lot of medicines they consume because they think and believe negatively, they have negative attitude towards their life, and they have despaired so their subconscious responds the same hence their bodies keep on being dictated by their own negative thought under the direction of their own subconscious mind. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO CHOOSE LIFE INSTEAD OF DEATH, CHOOSE GOOD HEALTH INSTEAD OF PAIN and your subconscious mind will respond the same.

If your feel sick, unhappy, bored, out of comfort zone, discouraged etc then you are responsible to start being positive in your thinking so that you can heal your body, get success in your life. As you change your mindset, have faith on your new way of thinking. Such a faith will help to cement you in that new world and this will help to command your subconscious mind stick to your new life.

Good luck as you are freeing your mind and healing your body.

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