Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Working through others


Why don’t you like to delegate your tasks to other people though coming in this world, growing up until you became an adult your parents were delegated to care you? Not only that but also you are delegated or you will be delegated to take care of your children later on? Why do you tell your children that now they are depending on your help but when they grow up should not depend on others help instead keep on working hard on their own?

For the activities and business you always run; to be succeeded you need to exercise working through others, normally you can’t manage to do everything yourself, what happens to people who like doing everything themselves is not accomplishing each activity and if accomplished then ineffectively because their focus is to make sure what they are doing is completed and not making it better.

Bad enough all who prefers doing everything themselves get tired early in their life, they become having a lot of energy at the beginning but as time goes on they become tired as a result they start becoming poor deliverers, being poor then they usually get frustrated and also stressed as everything they deliver seem to be poor and inefficient. The end result of these people is to get old before their age, acquiring a lot of psychological led diseases like diabetes, heart attack etc.

Why do people not preferring to delegate their activities to others.

1.      A sense of competition: you think if you are going to delegate him/her, such a person might do it better than you and all the rewards will go to him or her instead of you and then you will be defeated. This is very wrong, normally people like those who have good relation with them and also help them to achieve something. Your subordinates will always love you if you delegate them some tasks in a very good manner and they will promote you everywhere.

2.      Wastage of time: you also think that you are wasting your time delegating some tasks to people but for your information; delegating is planning, delegating is capacity building to your subordinates and delegating is investment because when you delegate you enable this person to be able to do such a kind of task for the rest of his/her future even when you are not there. Working thorough others it means you are making a plan of how you are going to achieve the goal through others so it is not wastage of time but instead is investing in the time you have. You can use 30 minutes delegating a task to others but you will have enough time to do other different creative works while these other people are working your tasks. Not delegating you couldn’t get such a time to spend in other important creative tasks.

3.      Others won’t do the way I want:  most of us think and believe that if we delegate a task to someone he/ she won’t do the way we want so we decide to do everything ourselves. This is also very wrong. Most of people who delegate and their subordinates come up with wrong end result are those who do know how to delegate. Previously I said delegating is a kind of training, if you just tell your subordinate to do an activity without instructing him/ her how you need it to be done then expect wrong results. Don’t be speedy in delegating, allow yourself to spend enough time until someone is well understood the process then allow him/her to continue. Let him or her ask all her questions during the delegation process and make sure you answer all questions clearly until he/she understand and become comfortable to start working. Allow your subordinates to use any approach which is good and makes them feel comfortable to achieve your goal.

Delegating does not mean working with your subordinates all the time, there are people who asks their subordinates to do something and all the time they are there correcting what their subordinates do. That is not delegation, if so is better you take such task and work on it yourself. Being there your upsetting and frustrating your subordinates they won’t be free to use other creative approach to achieve a goal. Delegating means you instruct someone the way to do and then you give him/her enough chance and space to do what you delegated also leave your door open for a subordinate to come and ask any relevant to the ongoing task questions.

Stop living in your old school kind of life where important people were those who are busy hard working, moving here and there in the office the whole day and not achieving any goal simply because they focus on activities which are not important and not goals to achieve the end result because they build their reputation to people’s eyes. Now days things have completely changed, team work is more encouraged and everyone is goal oriented what we want to see is deliverance, achieving end results and not your sweating due to a lot of unimportant movements in your office. 

Please let others do some of your tasks so that you can a bit relax and complete your few important tasks and get time to think and create new initiatives. Use a lot of the masterminds behind you, there is a lot of experts in town who seeks jobs, please use them to easy your life.

If you work through others under a very good built team, you will be sure of accomplishing a lot of your tasks in your office and this will result to the increase of production which mean you will be able to pay your subordinates/ employees and employ more masterminds to make you get more time to relaxing and do more important initiatives.

“Working through others will make you more efficient and effective in whatever you do than keeping yourself busy doing unaccomplished tasks”.

Good luck as you enjoys working through others.

By Erick Chrispin
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