Sunday, April 22, 2012

It is possible just do it!


Everything is possible only if you just do it. Today I want to encourage you by assuring you that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING and POSSIBLE IS SOMETHING because when you dare do it, you will make it happen and become something, if you keep on thinking that it is impossible then you will get nothing because you will not do anything, therefore, nothing will be materialized.

Why do you think and believe that it is not possible? I know it might be due to the fact that you had never done it before in your life but please try observing from other people you will find it done by them and It is possible then why not to you? If what you want to do is a very new thing and you think it hasn’t been done by anybody then don’t fear because of its newness, it is possible as long as you can visualize and see it in your mind or imagination, everything you see on earth started from there (in imagination then in reality after being done)

The hypocrite of your FEAR. 

Fear is what makes you don’t start doing it and fear is always convincing you by its hypocrite voice in you with seems to be good reasons to show you that it is impossible. It is like a spirit speaking with you, it tells you that those who have done are special, born to do so and you are not, it assures you to fail if you dare do it, “it is impossible for you to do this because it is over your ability” that is how FEAR tells you.

Accepting this lies from within you will never give you a chance to change your life according to how you dream about. You will remain dreaming because dreaming is charged free. The problem of too much dreaming without realizing your dreams will end up making you feels guilt for being irresponsible.

There will never be step two in your life if you will not start step one

My dear, it is possible just do it, I normally say there will never be step two in your life if you will not start step one, and a good thing of step one is that, it is the only position where you will learn the right way to do what you are doing because the situation and process will show you where you have not done it properly for you to start afresh or improve more. It is in this step where you will start seeing the possibility of what you are trying to materialize, you will start seeing the true picture of what you want to make it happen, so step one I can say is the opportunistic step in doing what you want to do and these opportunities are coming out of a number of challenges you will be encountering in the process, here is where you will discover the importance of challenges in your life development and I just encourage you to never see those challenges as problems in this stage, just enjoy their presence by having a positive attitude towards them, taking them as your learning platform for you to move on.

Everything for it to develop must grow.

You have to know that nothing in the world starts from bigger to lower size in terms of development, everything for it to develop must grow, it must start like a seed and then something to make it grow must be done and slowly it will be growing until it becomes bigger and bigger than how you expected, it depends on how you put your effort to make it grow. 

You have a thought or an idea that is a seed to start with. A seed do not need a lot of big equipments and tools to make it grow, it can just start being planted by a hoe before using big tractors if they are not there, as it grows then it will itself demand you to find big equipments to make it grow more. What I mean here is that as long as you have an idea then start with what you have in hand to implement it, try to see and what and who you do have around you who will support you to make it happen, how much do you have by then and how you can put it as a start up capital in your business just start by that then it will attract the rest.


If you will start doing it now then it will be possible and impossible is nothing, the word development refers to something starting from somewhere very small to big one so just do it in its smallness it will grow to where you imagine it to become like.

If you want something to be, just do it. How do you think it will be the way you want it to be if you won’t do something? Action is what changes ideas into something material so you are responsible to do it, just start, never wait because nobody is there to do it for you, everybody is busy doing their projects so you are there to do yours please just start today never wait unavailable help.

It is possible just do it, impossible is nothing.


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