Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to create devoted customers in your business.


I hope you are aware that customers are the one who make the meaning of your business, there is nothing called business if there is no its customers, this means that if your business have many customers it grows and expanding in proportional to the level of your customers, vice versa   is true for any business with poor level of customers, it will also grow poorly or die if customers keep on decreasing. Customers are like your businesses’ food for it to sustain its life.

But your business as a kid and you a mother you are demanded to make sure its food is there always. You will have to go here and there seeking customers for your business to be ensured with its survival and also lasting life.

 Devoted customers have a lot of benefits to your business

Having many customers in your business is not enough for it to be sustainable, something more is needed, you must find its devoted customers, the customers who will have great experience with your business and high expectation of it always. This will make them fall in love with your business; they will never betray you and will keep on always spending most of their money to your business. They will be glued to your business and good enough they will be your ambassadors shouting about your business to many people in the world  to come and buy from your business after having great experience and high expectation from your service, they will be your devoted customers.

It is a process to make them devoted customers.

If your products or services look nice and attractive by appearance or at the first touch, they will automatically attract new customers to like them, and create high expectation to a kind of your business in their mind. They will be delighted by it, they will get surprised and may be congratulate you for that, also buy it fast, that is good on attracting customers: I mean having goods or service with high quality but put this in mind that THESE NEW CUSTOMERS ARE NOT DEVOTED ONE THEY ARE JUST DELIGHTED ONE because they have created high expectation in their mind on your business but still they do not have great experience about it, (Your business). This might not be enough to make them come again next time. For a customer to come again and again he/she must have great experience of your business with high expectations which will make them fall in love with it or become devoted in another explanation.

This means that by creating the delighted customers, you have succeeded step one in the process of creating your devoted customers and in fact for you to create them you must pass through this step where you will be receiving new customers who are to be made devoted one. This step involves offering them services or goods with high quality so as to influence their high expectation on your service/business.

A second step is for you to make sure these new customers get experienced with your services so that they become devoted to you because high expectation plus great experience equals to devoted customers.

It is you who matters a lot

It is only good customer care which will enable you create devoted customers, how you relate to your customer matters a lot because normally customers look at you first and second your products or service offered. If your relation will be good they will keep on buying your products regardless its slight changes in quality sometimes. Remember there are many places where the same service or products you are selling are offered but customers choose to come to you instead, this shows how you and your developed relation with your customer matters a lot.
  •   Try to receive your customers with positive attitude, smile, care and great respect to them.
  •   Make sure your customers are familiar with your service or business kind you offer, help them to understand on what they seem to like and explain to them if there is anything relating to them which can be important and answer all asked question in a well explanatory manner for them to clearly understand and get satisfied. Seek to understand them before you are understood.
  •   Ask them if they are satisfied with your service and if not please make sure you clear everything until they are satisfied
  •  Give thanks to them before they leave and have them a warmly welcome next time 
  •  You can also use your more inborn attributes which can help you to care them and convince them to love your service
  •   Apart from this remember to find a way which will make you in contact with your customers most of the time, you can use social medias, Phones, emails etc.
  •  But also giving gifts like cards during public holidays for instance Christmas etc can attract your customers
  •  Giving them brochures which states about your business helps a lot to make them get experienced with your business/services and at the end make them your devoted customers.

NB. These are just some of the things you can apply for you to care your customers but there are many more you can find out yourself.

The fact is if you will manage to offer good customer care to your new delighted customers who has just met your high quality business (products/services), they will get more interested and become devoted to your business. And becoming devoted they will glue themselves to you, shout much to the world about your business hence you will get more and more devoted customers who will be spending most of their money to your business. IS THIS WHAT YOU LIKE IN YOUR BUSINESS? Of course yes! So keep on creating your devoted customers and remember that this is not an overnight activity it is a growing process which should last, you will have to create devoted customers throughout your business lifetime.

Good luck as your are starting creating your devoted customers.

By Erick Chrispin

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