Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to achieve your good goals?


If you are normally setting goals in your life you might agree with me that setting goals is not achieving them, these are two different processes which needs different commitment to achieve them though setting goals itself is a starting step towards achieving your goals because if you won’t set goals then you will never have goals to achieve so we can generally agree that the first important step to achieving your goals is to undergo their setting process.


My concern today is not to deeply discuss the way to set your personal goals instead I want to share with you what you can do to achieve your ready set goals, but in a nutshell for you to set goals you must take care the following tips;

  •  You first need to discover and create your personal vision which will enable you to recognize your destiny. After such a process
  • Then you can start  thinking of what you want to achieve in a couple of time as your way towards reaching your created vision/ destiny
  • Make sure your goals are specific so as to easy the execution process. A generalized goal cannot show you where to start hence reduces the level of your motivation and commitment.
  •   Also make sure your goals are measurable, speak out how much you want to achieve or to what extent after how long. This will help you to manage time and increase the level of your commitment
  •   After that make sure your goal is achievable; try to observe if your idea is viable, can it be tangible after your execution process? Try to assess it in relation to the available resources and to see if it can be achievable so that you can be motivated to continue with it.
  •  Then make sure your goal or goals are relevant; ask yourself a question of whether such a goal is relating to you and what other things you are engaging in, for instance if your goal is to expand a marketing level in your business company then it will be relevant. You need to set goals which will support indirectly or directly what you are recently doing, this will increase the level of your commitment and focus to it.
  •   And lastly make sure your goals are time bound; think of how long will such a goal take to be accomplished, it must have time limit, it can’t be done forever it must end up somewhere and be achieved. This time bound will increase the level of your commitment in its implementation as it will be working as a deadline for you to rush to it.


 As I said before the above process of setting goals do not mean that you have achieved them because that can be just a write-up, you can also forget it in your bookshelf in your office or at home and then it remains a story of past times.  Most of us use to set goals but we end up not achieving them. But it is real very possible to effectively achieve our goals by simply making a plan of how we are going to do it (action plan) and start working on them while taking care of the following;

1.      Creating your courage: you need to create yourself courage because most of us fear when it comes to starting working to bring things into reality, we normally start thinking that we can’t manage because our ability is poor, and we believe that there are other people who are able to do so than us. This is very wrong and false because the truth is THERE IS AN ABILITY WITHIN YOU which is very special and unutilized which every human being have and it is such an ability which those people whom you think they can do it  normally use and succeed. Therefore start believing in yourself great ability and start a first step to implement, I assure you that you are going to discover a lot of more ways to make the process continue successfully. If you won’t believe in yourself then you will never have courage and start implementing your good goals.

2.      Keep on motivating yourself: for you to start or keep on working on your goals, you need to be thinking of them most of the time. Your mind should be parked of the information relating to your goals most of the time so that you can be motivated to continue working on them. you need to seek and learn the things relating to your goals everyday because IN YOUR LIFE YOU NORMALLY DO WHAT YOU THINK so if your mind will be covered with the information relating to your goals it means that is what you will be doing in your physical world which will mean  implementing your goals. Read books, attend seminars, listen to audios and watch videos relating to such a field almost an hour everyday then I assure you the implementation of your goals will be amazing.

3.      Create a relevant relationship: if you think of building a commercial building you need to be interacting with those who have already built such kind of building for you to learn on how it is done and get inspired by them. If you plan to do this kind of activity and most of your time spent by you being with your old school alcoholic friends or street vendors, there is 99% to fail implementing and achieving your goals. This means that who you relate with matters a lot. you real need now to find friends and people who are relating to your goals i.e. those who think in your line, these will inspire you, they will also advice you how your can do it according to their experience. By being with them you will be motivated to continue implementing your goals everyday and your commitment to it will be so high. Normally your old school friends will keep on proving you that you can’t do such a thing because they know you for a very long time they will be discouraging you, please run from them fast but not hating them in an enmity way. By keeping in touch with your new relevant friends will push back your old school friends, they will start staying far from you. 

4.      Before you give up, try again: as you will be implementing your goals be aware that challenges will be there for you to solve them and not hinder you to continue, that is a work of challenges. They are unavoidable, just put in mind that they are normally create something for you to do so as to change your project for good. Without this understanding you will feel like giving up implementing your good goals but what I would like to advice you today is BEFORE YOU GIVE UP PLEASE TRY AGAIN you will end up achieving your good goals.

5.      Stay at it: it is very important for you stay focused all the time, you can keep on changing the approaches to reach your goal but never change your goal itself, never change your focus, stay at it till the end.

I real believe that by just concentrating in these few tips and implementing your goals through them you will end up achieving your good goals and arrive to your destiny/ vision.

It is possible to achieve your goals only if you will decide to start the important step one so that you can meet step two and so on. An important thing to remember is that you are the change you want to make and before you give up try again.

Good luck in achieving your good goals.

By Erick Chrispin

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