Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Overcoming your addiction


What is this addiction in me? 

It might be true that addiction has been consuming most of your time and energy to the extent of feeling stubborn and guilty sometime. Addiction is a great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time is devoted. As most of vulnerable people are those who are drug addicts then I can define it as a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug (Encarta dictionary).

Addiction is a grown habit in you; it starts with an experience by your body then your mind. Your subconscious mind accepts it from which it creates its permanent settlement, it is then in your psychological sphere. As long as the actions of your body are controlled by your thought and feelings or emotions, then that habit in your subconscious mind will now control you. You will become its slave; you will have to respond to it at the right time to the right place as it commands you. This slavery is what makes you feel stubborn of your addictions.

If you won’t take time to overcome your addiction then it will be growing and getting strong everyday and the result of this is for you to fail completely overcoming it. You will reach the extent of being aware that you are enslaving yourself but you fear to stop behaving that way because you believe you can’t, it is then in your blood. 

Varieties of addictions

There is a lot of addiction kinds though most of people are drug addicts like alcoholics, cigarette smokers but as the world is nowadays bringing in a lot of new stuffs in relation to technology development then people are even addicted by Internet products like facebooking, twitting etc. there are TV watching addicts, computer addicts, sexual intercourse addicts, food addicts, reading books addicts, masturbation addicts for both men and women, music addicts, and many more. People are normally not happy for these addictions but they do know how they can overcome them and set themselves free out of slavery.

The way to overcome your addiction

 Many people have been advised to start reducing the practice of their addiction slowly believing that after sometime they will automatically and permanently stop. OK, it might work for some of us but very few and it is very rare, for me I count this as a second phase of enslaving yourself process because by doing so you are testing yourself by tasting a thing which you like but you hate it for the sake of overcoming it, you will end up using it as whole, and the result of this approach is you to continue practicing it slowly for a very long time in your life without quitting because you everyday practice for the purpose of reducing. Most of cigarette smokers and alcoholics fall in this trap, they decide to stop by this approach and they at the end found themselves having a final smoke and drink everyday which is not ending as a true final.

Remember I said your addiction is a habit settled in your subconscious mind where things are settled permanently not easy to remove them though it is very possible. For you to succeed removing them there you need first to find something else to replace there. Such addiction can’t leave there an empty space; it must be covered all the time. Therefore before you decide to stop practicing your addiction let say smoking or drinking, you must prepare something different to replace there. The function of this new habit you are going to replace to, is to help you keep on practicing something else instead of your addiction and this will enable you forget your previous habit easily and later you will completely leave it aside. You might not forget it but you won’t be feeling to have it anymore, it will remain a history. 

What does it take to overcome your addiction?

To be honest this process of overcoming your addiction by onetime stoppage and replacing with another new practice which you like and it is beneficial for your life is a struggle. It is a struggle because you are trying to deny something which was built in you, for a long time it was representing you and you want to become a new person. This addiction will start acting as a sprit with great power to pull you back, the voice will be speaking in your mind every time to smoke cigarette if that was your addiction so is up to you to reject with a big NO! while doing something else, please don’t be idle in this state because by being so you will end up trapped and pulled back to your previous addiction.

It is enslaving yourself by reducing your addiction slowly.

Though this is a struggle but a good thing is that it doesn’t last longer, it will take short time depending on your intention and persistence to win. Never test to touch it again if you have decided to stop because a very small touch will make you stay at it forever. This means that for you to overcome your addiction you must make a VERY STRONG DECISION to stop and this decision need you to take a step to stop once not reducing it slowly.

Why you need to overcome your addiction?

There are lots of negative impacts to do with your addiction depending on the type of such an addiction. The first one which is general is your thinking and behavior change that you become a kind of person whom you yourself don’t like and also not fitting to your lovely people and society. Also a guilty within you as when you are aware that you are addicted and enslaved by it and mainly when you struggle to overcome it but failing and don’t know what to do so as to overcome it. You do not become free; you are not relaxing because of it. But there are also biological impacts out of your addiction in your body for instance, if you are cigarette smoking addict, you have a big chance to affect your health in terms of weight loss, affecting your lungs, poor sex conduct ability and many more, for more information on this please visit this site

Let today be the end of your addiction burden, decide to stop it completely from today, make a strong and difficult decision and start living your new life which will look like a struggle to you for a very short time at the beginning before you become a champion and winner. This is very possible, it is up to you to control your behavior and change your life from today.

Good luck as you are stopping your addiction today.

It is worth doing it today because you know nothing about tomorrow

By Erick Chrispin

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