Friday, July 20, 2012

Setting your achievable goals creatively.


Do you know why most of the time you set good goals and fail to achieve them? You may have a lot of good reasons but the truth is that most of the goals you set are not inspiring you to achieve them due to their nature of not changing anything in your life or work. And this nature is normally created in a process of setting those goals.

Do you know that a big aim of setting goals is writing a statement of action which will make change in your life, work or any venture concerned? Worry not I am going to share with you a working process, step by step of setting achievable goals which brings change at the end. 


A mistake we do always is setting goals from what we know i.e. what you know become your goals, there is nothing new from what you know so if what you know become your goal then you won’t make any change out of it because you are just doing your experience which do not inspire you to pursue it most of the time. So lacking inspiration from your goals makes you delay or stop doing it hence you won’t achieve. We normally work more in what inspires us and something new is usually what inspire and motivate us to deal with it effectively.


This is a second level of our goal setting behavior. After failing to achieve what we know we then decide to set goals of what WE THINK WE CAN DO. This means that we are not sure and ready to practice these goals because we just think we can do so again we are not inspired by them as a result we get bored and decide to go back to WHAT WE KNOW. Going back to what we know the game continues we turn back to what we think we can do, again and again until we stop permanently working on those goals. So by this step our goals are not achieved.

Remember normally you become inspired by goals which make change in your life, pursuing what you know (no newness in it) and what you think you can do de-motivate you to continue doing it because you are not sure of it that’s why you do not achieve your goals.


A third and important level of goal setting is focusing on WHAT YOU WANT. What you want is normally not there in your presence so it must be something new, something that will realize change as you get it in your life. Not being there while you want it inspires you to work on it effectively for you to get it.

First of all you have to enter the world of FANTASY where you will visualize what you want in your life or work, by such a meditation process you will see it in your mind, and you will get its taste and feel the newness or great change it is going to bring in your life WAW! Now let you write down this picture which is what you want as your powerful goal. You are now inspired to get this new vision you have seen. 


As long as you have already seen what you want then believe it because we normally believe what we see. Just believe it because you have seen it by you powerful and true third eye which is your subconscious mind, this is a creative part of your mind.


We normally do well what we believe so because you are now believing what you have seen that is what you want then this is the last step of you start doing it. For you to easily starts doing it make sure you start by listing down all the tasks you are going to do and how you are going to work them so as to accomplish such a goal you have set which means WHAT YOU WANT. From there make sure you everyday do something about it, doing so you will end up achieving your whole goal in the time bound.


The process starts from visualizing what your want then writing down a picture you get as your goal which automatically starts inspiring you to achieve it. The process goes on by believing on what you have seen then strategizing a way you are going to pursue such a goal by writing all the tasks and how you are going to practice them every day until you achieve your good goals. 

“Your goal to be achievable must be something new which will bring change and inspire you to pursue it”

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin

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