Friday, February 3, 2012

A rich tanzanian part 2.

Takes an advantage of our cultural setbacks

“Whites are blessed & we are cursed”

                                                                 Is it? 

In A RICH TANZANIAN part 1, we learnt a lot from this guy on how he is taking an advantage of many people’s belief in poverty to enrich himself. We saw that many people believe that their country is poor so they are poor and may be they think if their country could be rich then they could also be so, they are now despaired of becoming rich in their life. If you didn’t read this article please go and read it before you continue to this new secret of this rich Tanzanian. (January 26th 2012).

Today a rich Tanzanian is coming up with a very popular saying and belief to many people in Tanzania and almost all citizens of the said underdeveloped/ developing countries like those in Africa. And he was telling me that there are also many people in the said developed countries who believe this way especially those who are foreigners in those countries from the said underdeveloped countries. Thought they leave in these said developed countries but still they have the same belief which pulls them back like those who remained in their countries for instance Tanzania. 

A rich Tanzanian introducing us the following belief and popular saying which is number two in our series:

2. Whites are blessed & we are cursed: “undersized thinking and an undermining belief”, this is how a rich Tanzanian started to view this saying and belief of many people. He decided to start analyzing the difference existing between white people and other colors like black people and colored people then he discovered that our differences in only in color, skin and generally culture (the way of life) which is truly determining our difference in life success in terms of getting rich and remaining poor.

He decided to stop believing that White people are getting rich because they are blessed by God and black people are remaining poor in terms of owning money because are cursed; with his guiding reasons which make him rich now.

First: he decided to believe that if he will dare learn Whites way of accumulating money and becoming rich, he will surely get rich because he is also a human being with the same body biological structure and mind like whites so he started following them by reading a lot of books written by many rich people in the world about their secret of being rich, he started listening to a lot of motivational speaking of successful motivational speakers in the world, attending their seminars and in doing so he found a number of black successful rich motivational speakers like Les Brow this made him completely change his belief and feel sorry for all who are still believing that we are cursed and Whites are blessed.

Second: he decided to define the word blessing so that he cannot be confused with a lot of dogma which religion put into people’s mind. Then in his view he decided that blessing will be a lot of success and return he will be getting out of working to get what he want in life, which is richness to his case so he started doing business following the opportunities he was discovering and grabbing them while becoming happy with every increased income and return in any kind, believing that those were blessings so he was blessed too and not cursed.

Third: he decided to think of the difference between whites and us in God’s perspective: then he discovered that God created a human being and not Whites or blacks or colored, this mean that we are all equal to God all of us have the right to be rich it depends on ourselves to use this gift of being in the world by God. Everyone can be blessed if he or she wants. So he created his own view and didn’t see any difference when seating with whites at the same table planning and discussing different stuffs, he started doing business with them and in doing so he found a lot of Whites who are economically poor like other people in Tanzania and they are striving the same to find richness. He was amazed to find a number of beggars in the said developed courtier’s towns like the way they are in Tanzania so he decided to take all the blessings from God and get rich.

Fourth: in his learning the Whites rich people secrets he discovered that they have an important value in their culture which most of us do not have and this value is used by their government leaders to individual level. This is a value of ACHIEVEMENT, we do not believe in achievement and most of rich people believe in achievement and this become a motivational value to make them keep on working and making good strategy to get rich. A rich Tanzanian decided to change his belief from being cursed by God to seeking achievement in life and he is now very rich, he is always achieving what he want.

The last reason he told me as time was not allowing to continue with our conversation is the focus to learning which is to many successful and rich whites and also blacks. He said almost all of them are investing much in learning through research, going to classes, reading books most of the time, he gave me an example that if you go in their countries is common to find people reading books as they are travelling in buses, train etc, they learn, learn, learn and learn most of their time this helps them to develop their mindset and find a lot of opportunities around them from which they do business and become rich.

So a rich Tanzanian is also learning a lot, he is using whatever learning opportunity occurs in front of him as long as it favors his purpose of getting rich then he grab it and real he is growing rich every day. He said our governments do a very big mistake by not investing in education. They are setting their own bomb to be exploded in future; he is suspecting our governments to remain successful beggars in future, very dangerous.

“It is not true that we are cursed, we have to work and earn what we want in life then we shall also look blessed, let us think positive and believe in ourselves to get rich and success”.

Please don’t miss the next rich Tanzanian secret of him being rich.

Good luck!

By. Erick Chrispin

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