Thursday, December 18, 2014


In realizing high productivity, good customer relationship and the decrease of operational costs in an organization or corporation you need high and smart performance of your human resources. For this to happen exactly, your staff members or your human resources need to be led and managed in an effective way. This is to say you need effective leadership and management process.

Leadership and management

These are two different processes of working with your staff members or working team that performs to realize result in your organization or company. Though they are different on their meaning and how they operate but they always need to work together.


It is simply a process of showing your followers (for this case your staff members or subordinates) where you are supposed to go or what you are supposed to achieve out of your work or organization, a way to follow and how to go about. This is to say a leader is a person who knows well the vision of the organization service or business and he/she spend most of his or her time sharing with his followers this vision while motivating them to follow it until they achieve as it was planned.

A leader is not a manager for his/her work is not to manage people instead to lead people through the right way to the destiny. (We shall see the difference in the next paragraph).
In an organization you will always have two types of leaders; first are top leaders and second are middle leaders. Top leaders are those whom carry the general vision of an organization for instance a Chief executive Officers or presidents from whom the middle leaders are reporting to. Middle leaders are leading people in different organization programs, or departments, their work is a bit heavier than top leaders because they serve people on top of them (top leaders), they serve their followers (subordinates) they serve customers on the other side and they serve external stakeholders like sponsors etc. These people are like country directors, team leaders etc.

However for effective and productive leadership in an organization, both types of leaders need some skill set around effective relationship management, visionary leadership and styles, their personality mastery, organizational behavior and culture plus management skills for sometime a leader will have to manage his/her followers depending on the circumstance or advice his/her managers.


This is a process of assuring the execution of planned objectives of an organization by your working team so as to realize expected results. A manager here will be a person who is supervising people or staff members to work on their roles in day to day schedule. A manager is following the vision as it has been directed to him by leaders through supervising a working team engagement in executing their provided tasks.

In 21st century a manager must also be a leader to some extent because dealing with people is not like dealing with machines. In today’s working world people have a lot of stressing situations in their personal life which may affect their working ability hence a manager must be concerned with people he/she is managing for him/her to help when they face personal or family challenges.

Employees always leave their job badly due to ineffective managers; bad mangers always decrease organization productivity plus destroying customer relationship and organization reputation. What they need is training on management skills which will enable them to be good at; building up their teams, work delegation, communication and presentation skills, managing people’s relation in an organization, project planning, time management, quality assurance of production process and end products plus participating his/her subordinates in planning their tasks etc.  


For a leader to be successful he/she need successful and smart managers who will put into practice all his ideas. This is to say a manager is brought in an organization by a leader and they work together in motivating their subordinates to put into practice all the planned ideas.

Leadership and management in the 21st century rejects dictatorship and being bosses instead it needs friendship and good relationship between all participants of these processes i.e. leaders and managers against followers (staff members). They also need maximum learning due to the fact that with rapid technology development, situations changes every day, so regardless your talent in leadership or management you need to lean more skills which will make you fit into recent situation of your organization behavior and external forces.

Erick Chrispin

Dar es Salaam Tanzania

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