Saturday, October 4, 2014


Do you know that the problem is not your behavior instead what determines the emergence and creation of that behavior? This is to tell you that there is something beyond your behavior and the behavior you experience having now is just an outcome of how your are programmed and conditioned before.

Many times we condemn our behavior and we do know that there is a philosophy that leads our behavior i.e. how we act many times. This is to say that for you to change the behavior you hate in you; you have to change the philosophy that leads your actions. Your philosophy is how you believe about different things and how you perceive, define and question them.

Asking wrong questions will bring wrong answers and the opposite is true. Assume if a thief has stolen your property and you ask yourself a question like: WHY ME? What answer do you get? By asking this way you mean this should happen to someone else not you. Do you know your emotional reaction to this kind of question? Okay, expect; groaning, crying, complaining and not solving a problem. But assume you ask a question like: what should I do for my property not to be stolen anymore? What answer do you get? It is obvious that solutions must flow from your mind and not groaning.

Never wonder…

Someone is always a person of complaints and lamentation probably is due to the fact that this person is wrongly asking questions in different events happen in his/her life. Try to ask empowering questions that gives you to do solutions, start with, how should I do?

However your social culture or family nurtured you to define everything in a negative perception, you still have a chance to change your paradigm. Socialistic states made people depend on government providing them all human needs hence people believed in government support instead of their power to influence their life success. A person of this background struggle to survive in a capitalist society, he/she is always complaining the government that it doesn't take care of him/her. Change your belief and philosophy, start believing that you are full responsible for your life and government to function well. Just by doing so you will wonder how your behavior is going to be transformed.

The point here is how you define and enter-prate things determine your current behavior. So if you have a behavior you hate now, dig deeper and find out how you look at things and you will immediately discover what causes you to behave that way. Just change that perception and interpretation and change your behavior.

All the best!

By Erick Chrispin

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