Thursday, October 16, 2014

LET IT GO, FORGIVE ‘EM (Nchi ya ahadi taught us today)

Luckily this Sunday I worshiped at Nchi ya Ahadi church in Sinza Dar es salaam. I was totally consumed by their monthly theme FORGIVE, so powerful and I do not regret spending my 4 hours at this church today for my mind was unleashed and I felt so easy. I think this is actually what you need for you to succeed in life.

The teacher said FORGIVE and believe that your promise to get is constant just a matter of time and your persistence to wait will award you more blessings in whatever you need in life. Are these not good words to hear in your life? I bet they are and you real need them, next time joins this kind of churches you will probably meet what I met. FORGIVE ‘EM TO LET IT GO FOR YOU TO RELAX IN LIFE.

In my life I have realized that one among the major things that hinders my creativity level is walking with my anger in me simply because I haven’t forgiven someone. I discovered that before sleeping I must think about this person, when I wake up in the morning this person must pop up in my mind first, I will keep on thinking about this person even when I am working on something important. The bad thing about these thoughts is that I negatively think about him/her hence I feel the pain and some kind of shocks every time. It becomes very hard to let him/her go and leave me free if I haven’t forgiven.

Just imagine this is only one person who burdens me heavily, how is it if I am angry to two or three people and I haven’t forgiven all of them? I will probably go crazy and they will take all my time which I could create new things, which I could meditate and come up with new ideas and which I could enjoy my life with other people and whatever I have. This is to say that will be a grave of my success in life.

You will never have true joy until you let it go...

True joy or happiness comes from free and relaxed mind. And for you to have this state of mind you have to forgive everyone in your life. The easiest way to forgive someone is to do that to every human being before he/she has wronged you. This is due to the fact that we are differing in personality and perception on different things which assures imperfection to each other.  This means that it is obvious in life that people will do something wrong to you, they will offend you as long as we differ. You will also do something wrong to them unaware thinking that you are doing the right thing. It be your wife, your husband, your parents, your children or lovely friends, they will always wrong you somewhere so you better expect this and forgive them permanently so it is easy to handle your angle the time they do so.

When someone do something wrong to me, as my anger rise up I just remember and talk to myself that this colleague is struggling to make his/her life better by doing this wrong things, and he/she think is the right way though not to me but let him/her discover the truth as he/she continues. I have forgiven him or her though I will tell him/her know what I think is right about this, if he rejects I will let him continue until he discover the truth by himself for the truth never change. After talking this way to myself, positive energy with love feeling embrace my mind and I become happy and able to continue with my happily life.

After the teachings in church…

I could feel relaxed, I just prayed for those whom I was not okay with them by that moment and forgave them. Our pastor Haris Kapiga was the first person to confess in front of us that he has forgiven all people who had wronged him. He decided to delete these anger in his mind and let it go, I could feel his freedom as he was talking by that moment, then I was wondering how the teachings has been so powerful to transform someone’s life in few hours.

Do you want to excel in your life and businesses?

Simple! Forgive and let it go.
Since it is 100% possible I then wish you all the best in forgiving your people.

By Erick Chrispin

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