Monday, January 20, 2014


When life is getting so tough and challenging keep on working hard anyway. I am telling you this because I am pretty sure that your precious dream for success is right there waiting for you to pursue it. The situation may be discouraging you so much, almost everyone runs away from you but at least you can’t run away from yourself, you can still talk to yourself and creatively think, strategize and go on following your dream.

It can reach a point where you are financially block, no more motivation to work and earn income, please! The worthiest thing you can do at that point is keep on working hard as if you are about to earn an abundant money for if you stop working you will be stagnating the money making mechanism hence lose all hopes of living successfully.

Your boss can be discouraging you so much due to his/her personal reasons but that should never be a reason for you to stop working hard, remember when you  work hard and produce more you are not only doing it for your boss but for yourself too. You become competent in your career, other people see and like you most and they are the people who will value you and reward you with better job than what you have now plus big salary.

The dream you have in your life is 100% true and accomplishable only if you are going to commit yourself into doing it and working hard to achieve it. The amount of hard work you put into perusing your dream is equal to the achievement you are going to see or get. So if you want to get higher achievement it means you need to work harder than before. Work hard anyway coz that is going to realize your success at the end.

Jack Canfield the writer of principles for success once said if you work 45 hours a week is just for your survival but any hour you add on top of that every day is for your future success, is for your dream achievement, he also added that whenever you go to work, work don’t play with other time wasters for they are letting you down, they make you not achieve your intended goals and dreams. Work hard anyway.

Do you want to see your dreams come true! I hope so, please keep on working hard. Assume you are swimming and now you are deep into water struggling to come out for a little breath, you never give up struggling, that is like working hard to achieve your dreams, a lot of barriers on the way but you need to fight and struggle for a breath out of water coz it is 100% possible.

Work hard, work hard, work hard, work hard anyway and I am guaranteeing you abundant success afterwards!

All the best

By Erick Chrispin

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