Sunday, January 26, 2014


I know you have a brilliant idea and dream to achieve in your life. That is a dream from which if you truly achieve it then you are sure of a good life you want in your life but unfortunately you never act upon it so it shifts from being a dream to something concrete, to something material WHY?

Someone who was a good guy told you that; for you to achieve your dream and goals you must set a plan of action and write it on paper which is very true and important but still you are not acting upon that plan you set and your dream is dying WHY? You now feel guilty whenever you remember your dream and a voice speaks in your mind asking you to do it but you FEAR to start doing it, why do you fear?

Anyway, fear is natural, everyone have fear but for you to achieve your dreams you must do something to defeat your fear. Remember FEAR means, “False experience appearing real”, always you fear about things which hasn’t happened yet, you are just imagining that they will be that way while you haven’t yet seen them in the real world. Fear is just a negative imagination which you build within your mind which is actually not real. YOU CAN STOP THIS BEHAVIOUR FROM TODAY and start creating positive imaginations in your mind which will help you defeat your fear. Instead of imagining that people will laugh at you, now imagine that people are going to applause and need your service ever. When negative imaginations of fear keep on coming to you, you also have to keep on reflecting on your positive imagination until you win it.

Action is a powerful healing

Have you ever noticed in your life that as long as you hesitate and delay to put your idea and plans into action is when your fear of starting it grows more? This is true due to the fact that your mind has two voices speaks to you every time, let say voice A is always telling you, “this is possible just do this way and you are going to achieve” this voice keep on giving you creative ways you can employ to achieve your dream and idea. As an opposite, voice B is always telling you, “ this is impossible, if you do it you are sure of falling down and fail, never try it” this voice keep on giving you negative thought in a form of images on how you are not deserving to do and achieve your dreams. This is a false voice which if you do not indulge yourself in voice A it will keep on growing your fear until you quit your dream.

What are you supposed to do?

Simple! Make sure you are always positive, believe in possibility in everything and ACTION should take a lead in your life, don’t wait to act because whenever to do something in action, the results will inspire you, will give you a reason why you should continue doing without fearing, it will activate your voice A to keep on giving you more techniques and opportunities to expand your dream. Action will end up permanently killing your fear to start any dream and idea you have and this is how you can start.

Start acting now, don’t wait to put that idea into writing now, don’t wait to write an action plan of your idea now, please go and meet those people whom you think can help you today, start acting that is the only way you can confront and defeat a fear you have in you, you are right there at the success point only if you are going to start acting upon your dream from today.

All the best

By. Erick Chrispin   

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