Sunday, June 2, 2013


Are you aware that people are always smiling at you the moment you give them a smile? People love you by the moment you love them? People thank you after you have appreciated them? People come to your side as you go into their side and they give you something as a result of you giving them something relevant before etc.?
You may now start understanding what I mean here; if you want to get what you want from others simply give them what they want. This means that for you to get anything you must give first. This goes deeper into every sphere of life from observable to non-observable things. If you want people to laugh at you just lough at them and if you want people to give you money support be good in giving others such kind of support which is not necessarily the same people. 

We are living in a social network 

You may give something good to a person of different context from where you are living and your support is going to be appreciated by a person from another different context simply because our society is made up of social relation i.e. we relate to each other in different ways which makes us meet by different processes of life. 

For instance you may help a friend of mine who is living in New York and I am living in Dar es salaam Tanzania and without you knowing, this friend of mine share with me about what you did to him/her and as long as you visit Tanzania then I find a way to thank you by giving you something good which will show my appreciation to what you did to my friend. By this way you will obvious get what you want from other people (me) surprisingly and it will definitely relate to the help you gave a friend of mine in terms of its value to you.

This means that...

You may not notice that what you get from other people is an outcome of what you give them because it is not necessary you get it from the same person you gave something before. What you are going to notice is that as much as you are able to give is proportional to what you get from other people, therefore this means that for you to get what you want from other people you must develop a habit of giving. And this shouldn’t be giving with an intention to get because by doing so you might end up disappointed and frustrated by not getting what you want for everything comes to you in its right time and not your right time. What you can do now is to develop a belief in giving which will make you receive indirectly. 

This principle can heal your relationship challenges 

Don’t wonder why your wife/ husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, relative or friend etc. is not showing you a love you want, it might be true that you are not showing him or her the same love you want to see from him/her or you are showing it in a wrong way. The way you define love will determine the way you treat your lover and the way he/she is responding to your treatment. For instance if to you love is being jealous to your lover then don’t wonder why he/she is betraying and cheating you as she or he is searching for freedom from you. And mind you that this is just one factor which may lead your lover to cheat you but there are other factors which in reality are just response to how you treat your lover. 

One may cheat you because you are also cheating, cheat you because you are not giving him or her enough love to satisfy him or her, cheating you because you don’t care much the value of your relationship, cheating you because you haven’t agreed what it means by cheating between you two; may be to him/her cheating is just covering your absence and it looks normal  etc., at least you are a cause which makes you get what you deserve and for you to get what you want you must start giving such a thing to your people. 

This principle is very direct

What do you want now? Is it happiness with people? Then be happy with them, is it being loved then show a correctly defined love to him/her/them, is it being respected? Then respect them, is it quietness? Then be quite, is it being understood? Then try to understand him/her or them, is it financial support? Then be ready to support others in their problems in different ways, is it cooperation from others? Then be ready to cooperate with them, is it being listened? Then listen him/her or them and so forth. 

You can get whatever you want from other people simply start believing in giving what you want so that you can receive.

Good luck!
By Erick Chrispin  
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