Sunday, June 16, 2013


Assume you are owning a company which has been working for several years up to now and this time you are recruiting a new CEO and fortunately you have received two different application letters today. Reading them you found the following different information: in the first letter this guy started by introducing him/herself shortly though detailed with her/his carrier and competence information and then depicted to which extent he/she knows your companies mission, vision and values after following your works and attending some of the events you conducted before deciding to apply for this position. 

Out of such an experience she/he found his/her interest and passion to join you for his/her carrier can help to move forward your mission successfully and enable you to reach your company vision simply by giving him/her a chance to work with you.

And this next letter from a second guy is simply introducing him/herself with her age, citizenship and all the education he/she has pursued in a nutshell before she/he tells you to offer him/her a job as you have advertised. His/ her letter is short but not clear of his/her vision toward this job position and it shows he/she is desperate of life by the way he/she is begging you to help him/her so that she/he can get better life through a position you are going to give him/her. 

A question to you…

Which applicant between these two you are going to offer a job? You bet the first one, it is obvious that if you real need to expand your company you will end up offering a job to the first applicant simply because he/she seem knowing your company very well and shows you how her presence will benefit your company and she is aware of your values and seem ready to live according to them for the sake of your companies vision achievement.

If you want others accept your idea,

Simply show how you know and understand their mission and rules of their life and make sure your idea is telling them how they are going to benefit out of it, this only will start triggering their interest into your idea. And for them to not feel as if you are trying to trap their emotion make sure you also explain how this idea is going to even help both of you i.e. you also expect to personally grow your carrier and potential out of it. Let it show that there is Win-Win situation between you two however most of your presentation and explanation should explain to which extent this idea is going to benefit his/her mission whether it is his/her companies mission or any other personal life business mission.


Every person on earth has his/her values and rules that guides his/her life different from you however we are all human beings so for you to suit this person you must know his/her values and rules which guide his/her decision making, behaviors and response to different things so that you can communicate accordingly to understand and accept each other.

For instance when your rule says: to feel loved is when your wife respect and obey each and every command you offer, your wife’s rule for love may be: to feel loved is when my husband listen and take care of my opinions. If you both two don’t communicate and understand each other’s rules on what is to be loved, you are sure of quarrels, misunderstanding and fights everyday which may lead to the breakdown of your relationship.


Imagine if you could be aware of your wife’s or husband’s rule or interpretation of being loved before! Probably all the misunderstanding couldn’t rise for you could treat him/her accordingly and probably sit down together and agree on which rule you could together rely to live so that you both feel loved the same way. 

This is what you should understand from here…

If you want other people to accept your idea you must make sure you learn and know them in detail especially their values and rules which guide their life, their decision making, behavior and of course their vision and mission so that you can fit your idea into their perspectives and make them discover that you are also fitting in their kingdom. Out of this they are going to be your friend and convinced to accept you and your idea.

If it is a company or organization you want to sell your idea, take time to learn them through their website, social media links, brochures, visit their office and if they sometimes conduct some indoor or outdoor public events make sure you attend them just to know them, if is a single person let say a person you want him/her become your lover or friend in business try to interact with him/her and ask important questions which will enable him/her tell you how he/she define or interpret what you want to impose to him/her as an idea so that you can be able to shape your presentation according to him or her. 

Ask a person you want to propose her/him become your lover the question like, “what makes you feel loved?” what does love mean in your life etc., these kind of questions will help you understand which values and rules shape his/her behavior in terms of being into relationship and of course discover if you are fitting into her/him before joining your hand. 

Remember you will always be convinced with someone who shows to be familiar with you and his/her idea suits your life’s mission so do the same to other people you want to convince them accept your idea.

Good luck!

By Erick Chrispin
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